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As the last heavy thud echoes throughout the empty theater, the lights dim to an icy, concentrated glow. This is the magician, and this is his art. The bearded and heavily tattooed year-old paid homage to this childhood hiding spot in his latest album released online in January called "Petit Garage". We forgot all our sorrows, the war and the bombs. Once restored in Britain the Citroen has been much used in film and television about the WW2 period in France.

When the truck was recovered and brought to the UK in the early nineties it was restored The wreck came with an intriguing story that slowly emerged during a long wine tasting session at the vineyard where it was found. The Citroen car had been converted to a light truck to ensure a petrol supply from the German occupiers During his year tenure he has facilitated scores of new scholarship gifts and worked with hundreds of dedicated alumni donors and volunteers.

He has been a member of Knight, Jr. George H. The one-page typed is signed "George," personal letterhead, October 18, Letter to former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, in full: "Even though I could not be with you tonight, I wanted to help welcome you to the great state of Texas.

I know our good friends at the Johnson Library will make you feel right at home. At age 87, I forget more things these days than I remember. There is no doubt in my mind that history will judge you one of the great leaders of the 20th Century. I hope our Andrea Gardner, who served as director of collections, is now senior director of curatorial affairs; and Mike Deetsch, previously the director of education and engagement, has been named the Emma Leah Bippus senior director of learning and interpretation.

She was promoted to director of collections The last few years have The Artist Project: Alexis Rockman. On a day like today, English photographer Henry Fox Talbot, was born. February 11, William Henry Fox Talbot 11 February - 17 September was a British scientist, inventor and photography pioneer who invented the salted paper and calotype processes, precursors to photographic processes of the later 19th and 20th centuries. His work in the s on photomechanical reproduction led to the creation of the photoglyphic engraving process, the precursor to photogravure.

ArtDaily Games. Puzzles WordSearch. Dear User, please complete the form below in order to recommend the Artdaily newsletter to someone you know. Sending Mail. Sending Successful. The First Art Newspaper on the Net. Friday, February 12, Exhibition focuses on Greek art created during the Geometric period.

Jazz legend and fusion pioneer Chick Corea dies of cancer. Christie's to offer rare illuminated manuscripts from the Collection of Elaine and Alexandre P. John Scollay. John Singleton Copley , Mrs. John Scollay Mercy Greenleaf , Image courtesy Shelburne Museum.

George and Martha Washington's hair among Presidential memorabilia up for auction. Exhibition presents some forty essential works by Mark Tobey. Mark Tobey, Space Rose, Tempera on paper,, 40 x 30 cm. Photo by Alex John Beck. Britain's brass bands fear being blown away by virus curbs. Forgotten at home, Italian comic strip enjoys cult status in ex-Yugoslavia. Serbian novelist and musician Marko Selic poses with the "Alan Ford" comic book, in a comics shop in Belgrade, on January 28, Berlin film festival to spotlight pandemic-era movies.

Leslie Robertson, who engineered the World Trade Center, dies at In this file photo taken on February 16, The Berlinale Bear, logo of the Berlinale film festival, is pictured prior to a press conference to present the film "The Heiresses" Las Herederas. Leslie E. Robertson in front of a model of the lower Manhattan area where the World Trade Center was being built.

Quote Art is all that cannot be supressed. More George H. Visit AdvancedWriters. The exploratory, disjunctive anatomy of New Tropics mimics the diffuse nature of its subject matter, and echoes the alchemic forces of imagination and desire that first formed the idea of the tropical, and through which it continues to be mined today. Across centuries and continents, cultures and climates, the perceived exoticism of the tropics has been leveraged as a golden ticket to justify irreversible acts of violence upon ourselves and the planet.

Able to provoke envy, fantasy and desire with a single flash of a wafting palm tree or aquamarine bay, the symbolic image of the tropics crops up everywhere from billion-pound architectural projects to niche internet subcultures. It commands bloated checks at art fairs and steps into the streets on jazzy reusable shopping bags.

Seeming to declare a new richness of life, entertaining the fantasy of a Rousseauian 1 1 return to nature amidst an era of rapid deforestation and environmental meltdown, the tropical imaginary creates a simulated safe haven that is both exotic and familiar, luxurious and simple, removed but always available. For as much as the tropics represent a far off world-an imaginary utopia somehow freed from the political and environmental turmoil of the present-their image is synonymous with paradise, a vitamin D-soaked fast track to the good life.

This illusion has become particularly lucrative through the logic of late capitalism, in which the self-care economy, cults of personality, and technology-fuelled escapism drown out our concern for any real danger. A noted contributor to Enlightenment-era political philosophy, Romantic thought, and French Revolution zeitgeist, Rousseau's most well known text, The Social Contract, advocates for an intellectual "return to nature".

Although Rousseau never in fact intended for it to be taken literally, this drive has been picked up today by a variety of poets and artists as well as new age health circles seeking a deeper spiritual connection with the Earth. Just as the iconic plastic flamingo materialised in a moment of cultural implosion, serving as a plastic Prozac for the crumbling postwar American psyche,1 2 a new layer of tropical kitsch has enshrined the present, keeping us comforted in our domesticbliss of palm tree print wallpaper and retro houseplants.

The dawn of the Internet opened a new frontier-entering one's deepest desires into a search engine the modern equivalent of setting out on high seas for unknown territories-and with the popularisation of Google Maps and other satellite geography, the most mysterious corners of the world could be explored without ever leaving one's bedroom.

For networked teens who came of age on Tumblr, Reddit, and other Internet forums in the early s, this brave new digital world collided with the hangover of global financial crisis and the first tremors of the alt-right 3 rising that would soon overtake the West.

Searching for stability amid this shifting geopolitical landscape, they birthed net subcultures such as Vaporwave, an online music movement which later developed into an independent aesthetic partially inspired by the appeal of topical landscapes, as well as a deep sense of nostalgia for an earlier time where far off corners of the world still remained unknown.

Conceived as a self-governed community conveniently unaffected by the rising sea levels that threaten to swallow up much of the actual tropical and subtropical areas of the Earth, seasteads are floating islands occupying Special Economic Zones SEZs 4 within inter- 2The pink plastic lawn flamingo was invented in by Donald Featherstone, a designer for Union Products in Massachusetts. A fluorescent symbol of modernity, Featherstone's creation changed the post-war American suburban lawn forever, contributing in the same vein as Elvis novelty shirts and flash-frozen food to a grown-at-home aspirational optimism that coated the nation after World War II.

Spencer in , when he launched The Alternative Right webzine to disseminate his ideas. The idea was first put forward a decade ago by technology billionaire Peter Theil, and as the first seastead off the coast of Thailand becomes occupied as of March , the seasteaders inch closer to their goal of total governmental and economic autonomy.

Peeling back the gilded surface of Miami Beach's pastel deco or the glitzy renderings of future seasteads, we discover the new tropics aren't a physical place but a state of mind: a supersaturated sedative to counter our increasingly troubled present.

Yet there is a dark truth lurking beneath this escapist fantasy: the genesis of a tropical imaginary and its contemporary manifestations, seen reveal our fundamental escapist fantasies, and our habit of conflating fact and fiction to create an idealised alter-reality.

PALM TREEThe ubiquitous sign of the tropics, the venerable palm tree holds strong roots in human civilization: the date palm enabled us to migrate into the desert some 4, years ago, while colonisers of the new world conjured its spectacular image to rouse a national hunger for new territory that justified their actions. Even today, cities like L.

More than anything, the palm tree has come to symbolize a tantalizing, imaginary paradise floating just beyond the horizon's edge, forever on the verge of being proven a dream. Transfixed with the beautiful Sina, the King of Fiji transformed himself into an eel and waited for his chance at a love that never arrived. At the end of his life, he asked her to bury his head in the earth, from which sprouted a palm tree.

To take a drink from the coconut is to kiss the eel. Early one morning, while the princess was watching the spot where Wata's head was buried, she saw a tiny plant growing from the ground. It rapidly grew into a tree and reached the height of the window where the princess was sitting. It produced a round fruit the size of a man's head, with two eyes and a mouth that seemed to stare, dark and hollow, straight at her.

The largest inhabitable pineapple in the world is in a Scottish garden. Standing at It sits atop the greenhouse of his estate near Erith and has been turned into an exclusive hotel. In the mid 17th century up until the early 20th century, when Europe and America began to develop pineapple plantations in countries they had colonised, pineapples were grown in hothouses that mimicked the warm temperature and humidity levels needed to produce the fruit. These hothouses were predominantly found in the Netherlands, which had perfected the architectural device, as well as in the private gardens of British nobility.

With his 3-acre Hawaii-based plantation, Dole helped make the spiky fruit a treat for the masses. For almost three-quarters of a century, Dole produced more than 75 percent of the world's pineapples; 1 that title has now been ceded collectively to Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines. Not one to give up the spotlight so easily, Dole retaliated by constructing a gargantuan pineapple-shaped maze in ; the largest plant-based maze in the world, it contains over 14, plants, and stands as testimony toward the fruit's proclivity for excess.

Both ultra-exotic and a symbol of domesticity, the pineapple was a perfect distillation of the same paradox entertained by the tropical imaginary today. To ensure it received the admiration it deserved, the pineapple was always given the tallest spot in the dinner spread, often resting atop its own podium in the centre of the table.

Those unable to afford the steep price tag of the prickly fruit were able to rent a pineapple for the day, thanks to an extensive pineapple lending market that ran throughout the southern colonies of the United States. Visitors to the Jewel will encounter a sea of stacked terraces filled with species of plants surrounding the waterfall, known as the HSBC Rain Vortex after its corporate sponsor, in an area called the Forest Canopy.

The Canopy also offers walking trails that enables passengers enduring a layover to stretch their legs amid the lush scenery. Manulife nets are suspended from the ceiling and offer a dynamic exercise opportunity for more ambitious jetsetters.

Meanwhile, four floors of commercial offerings stretch out beneath the park sanctuary. At night, the continuous downpour of the Rain Vortex becomes a liquid screen, with a degree light and sound show projected onto it. Non-places: introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity. London: Verso, Allegedly borne from a collaboration between a certain real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, and top UAE developer, Nakheel, circa , the project since morphed appearances and investors, taking on a seemingly infinite stream of alter-personas.

As construction closes on the real deal, a loose compendium of the golden tower that never was continues to haunt the internet. It seems to relish in its own metaphorical design: a rare desert flower bulb about to blossom, "as though drawing life-giving nourishment from the sparkling waters of the surrounding canal". Although many nations are guilty of using tropical imagery in development projects, mining its shared symbol of fertility and exoticism, none has gone quite as far as the UAE, whose palm tree-shaped artificial island, Palm Jumeriah, can be seen from outer space.

Designed for vacation-hungry Germans unwilling to leave the motherland, the ambitious resort, which opened in , features such joys as a tropical lagoon, a rainforest featuring some 50, plants, and a concert venue, spread across its sprawling 7 hectares. It also provides overnight accommodation for families eager to keep the vacation going. The park remains a popular holiday resort today, and has gained a cult following in the art world for its surreal aesthetic qualities, which are frequently mined by the keen eye of photographers.

A personal favourite is the series that Paris-based photographer Maciek Pozoga shot for Vogue in See also: Singapore Changi Airport Jewel Rainforest, Palm Tower, Tropical Modernism 1Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, sci-fi author, designer, and inventor whose awe-inspiring geodesic domes are scattered around the world like futurist fossils.

Out of the 75, palm trees that line LA's cinematic boulevards, swish next to boardwalks, and frame those blazing SoCal sunsets, only one species is native to the city. The rest have been imported throughout the centuries, with origins stretching from Colorado to Mexico. Franciscan missionaries in the 18th century were believed to be the first to plant palms as decorative features of LA, and this tradition grew into a fullblown urban planning initiative in the early 20th century as the city went soul-searching for an image.

And now the trees are dying and they largely won't be replaced 1. Planted in bulk in the 50s and 60s, today they topple en masse from old age or meet their demise prematurely through two menacing foes: the South American palm weevil and a fungus called Fusarium. Deemed by the city to be too costly to replace, and statistically proven to be the least efficient tree on the market, the tree is an unviable symbol of LA's obsession with surface beauty over substance-and serves as a powerful icon of the collective hedonism of recent human affairs.

As the palms die off, they will be replaced with over a million trees of varying types including sycamores, crape myrtles and other trees indigenous to Southern California. Exceptions will be made at spots where the legacy of the palm tree has simply cut too deep, like Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, where luxe silhouettes of wafting palms still lure tourists towards an imaginary tropical mecca. For more information on the types of plants and animals that call these areas home, see the Office of Environment and Heritage website.

Sitting on the active San Andreas fault, the manmade palm is comprised of codified materials-glimmering plastic, a mid-century modern chandelier, and what resembles Victorian era greenhouse glass. Ethereal and poised on the brink of destruction, the sculpture is a provocation that's made complicated by its toxic appeal. For that same reason, it serves as a damning statement towards our own inevitable self-destruction and the comparatively short-lived pleasures guiding it.

When the City of Santa Monica attempted to scrap palm trees from its future urban landscaping projects in , citizens showed up at a public meeting in protest. Ultimately, the City agreed to designate certain "palm alleys" in the city where the spindly trees would be continuously replaced. They became an oasis for the city's imaginary identity to be re-asserted, frond after frond. Billing Fyre Festival as a once in a lifetime opportunity to party into oblivion with an equal pack of impossibly beautiful, impossibly wealthy young creatives on a private island, Mc-Farland was able to lure some 8, individuals to buy into the dream of their best selves.

When the first guests began to arrive, however, the tantalising dream of clear blue waters, untapped wilderness and luxury debauchery quickly gave way to a horror story of rain-soaked mattresses in refugee tents, meals of cheese slices on bread and no way home. With the whole ordeal tracked forensically over Twitter and Instagram, the rest of the world looked on with a smug sense of satisfaction as these influencers supposedly got their comeuppance.

In the wake of this dichotomy, the impact of the botched festival on the local economy went largely unnoticed. This idea lost traction with the logical fracturing of postmodernism, but has also received rightful criticism from Marxist, feminist and other anthropological circles for a number of shortcomings. These include its ahistorical, sexist, and alliance-oriented foundation, Levi-Strauss's tendency towards cherry-picking examples that best suited his ideas, and the overall unverifiability of structuralism.

The English painter's pastel dreamscapes of gangly palms and modernist bungalows has flooded popular imagination of the city, an iconicity relished as much by residents who may still claim they hate it as tourists dreaming of an urban paradise. His picturesque renderings conjure a false sense of an orderly LA, where the city's monstrous underpasses, sprawling strip malls and rampant poverty are conveniently omitted.

Hockney's pictures aided in the construction of LA's false identity complex, which remains buoyed up by influencer channels on social media, contemporary cinema, and not least, the art world, which continues to profit from the city's fabricated image. See also: Alex Israel, Jules de Balincourt, LA's Palm Trees Are Dying The palm court marked the transitional phase between private collection to public museum: a leafy genesis of the standard museum protocol of transferring the ideologies and tastes of the wealthy onto the public under the name of cultural education.

Decades before criticism of these practices became mainstream, Broodthaers understood and critiqued the banal bias of museum culture, drawing a comparison between the highly subjective and singular narrative of the institution, funded and enforced by the European elite, and the historical action of colonial conquest.

In Broodthaers' iconic installation, there is an impending sense of ennui toward this condition. Broodthaers creates a modern museum space that appears already obsolete: in one corner, a monitor shows a film recorded by CCTV at that moment, the technology was not yet popularised en masse.

Drab lighting, framed natural history illustrations, and rows of chairs together transform the once-exotic space of a palm court into a banal and clinical waiting room. Try as it might, the work cannot escape its own museum-ification, in an era where museums are eager to feign acknowledgement of their problematic nature and reap the rewards of this pseudo-enlightenment.

Melting together the country's most dramatic geographical features into a singular picture plane, the Hudson River School's work called out to a romantic nationalism of a country drunk on a young history of discovery, exploration and settlement. The paintings depict a pastoral, idealised utopia akin to the canvases produced by painters of the European Romanticism movement, whom the Hudson River School idolised. There is an undercurrent of religious fervour embedded within the artworks, which are also considered examples of Luminism: a parallel painting movement in 19th century America that emphasises tranquillity and appears to radiate with an inner light.

The scenes are unapologetically impossible: dramatic desertscapes populated with palm trees and lush rainforests that dramatically swoop into a pristine lake are common scenes in the Hudson River School tradition. But it's precisely because of its almost-satirical yielding to audience desire that the Hudson River School carved out such a significant spot in American art history and popular imagination.

Though parodied at the beginning of its life, the movement stirred an undeniable admiration among its audience, for whom such a lush and Edenic representation of their fledgling country proved irresistible. She often works with natural materials; several of her projects include palm trees, but you' d be hard pressed to recognize them.

InGegenwartsdauer, the artist utilised 2 tons of fossilized palm tree trunks. Robert Grunnenburg, the author of Paradise is Now: Palm Trees in Contemporary Art, took a particular fixation with this work, understanding Kwade's deconstruction of the tree as a powerful symbolic act: "By presenting a palm tree's trunk as material ready for processing and stripping off its complexion as an evergreen tropical plant, she undoes its metaphorical potential. They made paintings by the dozen and hawked them straight from the trunks of their cars while still glistening with wet paint on highway US 1; their dramatic landscape scenes indulged the state's idealised image of itself as an Edenic tropical fantasy.

In the characteristic Highwaymen style, shared between 20 odd painters, blazing red sunsets careened over lush banyan trees as herons frolicked in the perfectly reflective swampland. Bristly mangroves filled the picture plane with more hues of green than one ever thought possible. The work of Brooklyn-based painter Jules de Balincourt can be characterised by a supersaturated and hypnotic color palette that conjures a haptic alien world.

Abstract splotches of semi-transparent paint plunge to deep depths or soar to great heights; a sparse smattering of humans populate these quasi-landscapes, which appear to be out of a dream. They are lush but prickly, stimulating but carry a trace of melancholia. Empty pools with radioactive waters make a mess of our sense of desire, while moonlit scenes of the ocean appear blissful on first glance but grow threatening the longer you linger. De Balincourt offers a world of tropical abundance that lures you in and jostles you around; its spikes give off the sweetest of poisons as you float into another plane of existence, asking no questions.

See also: David Hockney, Art Basel Miami Beach Splender's virtual reality work is a trippy, soul-searching video that speaks to a desire for origin in a world that grows increasingly removed from nature as reality. A fictional approach to the collective mood of the present, it delves into a lush and glitching alter-reality where pixelated and silhouetted palm trees, rainforests, and isolated beaches fall in and out from the camera's gaze, occasionally dissolving into thin air.

Referring to the work as a "mental experiment", Splender's video piece gestures at the popular concept of the tropics as a space for discovery, but also as a place capable of unlocking a deeper, truer self. Slick surfaces and hyper-saturated palettes fuse with toxic materials and a serious ambivalence towards the artist's own privilege.

Israel is known for his Hollywood aesthetics and unapologetically capitalist means of production-whether that's directing renditions of Baywatch or buying stock images and transforming them into ambient, washed-out monuments to contemporary LA apathy.

Invented in by Donald Featherstone, a disenchanted designer for Union Products in Massachusetts who had grown weary of his assigned task carving wooden mallards 1 , the plastic lawn flamingo is the veritable icon of post-war American unease. A fluorescent symbol of modernity, Featherstone's creation changed the post-war American suburban lawn forever, contributing in the same vein as Elvis novelty shirts and flash-frozen food to a grown-at-home aspirational that coated the nation after World War II.

But the artificial cheer of the flamingo and its unavoidable ubiquity also spoke to the superficiality of this optimism and the darker soul-searching of a crumbling nation hidden underneath. The typology spread globally, speaking a universal design language of wooden tiki masks and carvings, large tropical murals, live plants or palm trees, blown pufferfish lamps, and the use of rock and lava stone, as well as indoor fountains and lagoons in the more extravagant outposts such as the Fairmont Hotel's Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar, erected in and subject to many a facelift since , and now-infamous rum-based mixed drinks such as the Mai Tai and Zombie cocktails.

Resurrected from its 70s heyday minus its partners in crime, lava lamps and shaggy carpets , the intensely tropical Monstera Delcisiosa is back in a big way, with over , monstera posts and counting on Instagram. With big, waxy, hole-riddled leaves that are practically impossible to kill, Monstera's return to fame can be chalked up to its photogenic appearance and illusionary capacity: its wild appearance lends the impression that any place is plant-packed, making it a perfect choice for the surface appeal of the present.

Add ice and mix for 15 seconds. Serve in a ounce glass and garnish with fresh pineapple and a cherry. Allegedly coined by French sociologist and philosopher Jean Baudrilliard in his book, Simulacra and Simulation, the notion of hyperreality is a postmodern condition wherein advances in technology prevent us from being able to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.

The real and the fictional, the physical and the vertical all meld together into a seamless faux reality whose every fibre stems from artificial scenarios and means of evaluation understood as real. Combining eclectic interests in early computer graphics, Japanese culture, Classical busts, holographic color palettes, 80s synth, smooth jazz, elevator music, and a permeating feeling of profound nostalgia for a time unlived, Vaporwave was almost entirely led by teenagers who utilized the Internet as a means of connecting with like minded strangers while never having to leave their bedroom.

Harmony Korine's film Spring Breakers took the eponymous American holiday to its bacchanalian extreme. Taking its departure from real recordings of alcohol-infused day raves on sun-spattered tropical beaches that introduce the film's title, Korine added the darker elements of drug trade, gun violence, and gang warfare as anchors to the plot.

The film has a vaguely spiritual, almost transcendent element-perhaps due to the camera techniques and lighting, as film critics including Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian have pointed out, as well as the ethereal, essential role of Selena Gomez's character, Faith, who has been compared to a sort of patron saint amid all the carnage of sunny Florida. These layers complicate the traditional "trouble in paradise" trope used by Steven Spielberg 's Jaws For the second season of the FX true crime series American Crime Story, director Ryan Murphy quickly abandons its titular premise, giving away its ending in the first episode.

The season spends the rest of its time zooming back into the troubled life of Versace's murderer, twenty seven year old Andrew Cunanan, for whom Versace was both an idol and rival.


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Tax authorities are becoming increasingly savvy about cryptocurrency, and back in , the IRS gained access to user information for specific high-transaction customers who used the platform in Depending on your state, you may even be able to pay business taxes in cryptocoin: Ohio implemented this in December You could get into serious trouble and incur a hefty fine by doing so. These include:. Bryce Welker is an active speaker, blogger, and tutor on accounting and finance.

Skip to content. When Bitcoin is Treated as Income If you pay for goods or services in cryptocurrency, you should convert the value of the cryptocurrency into US dollars at the date payment is made. In a word… yes! Again, yes. These include: Turning cryptocurrency into dollars, or any other fiat currency legal tender, with the value backed by the government that issued it.

Trading one cryptocurrency for another. Spending cryptocurrency for goods or services. The earnings of crypto miners are also taxable. However, there are no taxes if you are buying or holding cryptocurrencies. However, if you lose money while trading, you can claim a loss. This allows investors to save a significant amount of money on capital gain taxes. The last update on cryptocurrency taxes came in Although a lot has changed in the crypto world, the rule that tokens are not subject to federal tax laws still exist.

Tokens are cryptocurrencies that represent an asset or a service, but not a currency. The IRS says that taxable crypto is virtual currencies that are equivalent to real currencies. But it is always wise to consult with a lawyer or certified accountant whether to include or exclude them from your crypto tax files. Paying cryptocurrency taxes is similar to your income tax or capital gains tax.

It is not as complicated as many think it is.

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