did people really bet on who shot mr burns

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Did people really bet on who shot mr burns bitcoins value 2009 macbook

Did people really bet on who shot mr burns

The Simpsons had already appeared in one commercial for the service, but this tie-in was much bigger in scope. Fans who used the service between the season finale in late May and September 10, the week before part two premiered, would have the opportunity to guess who they thought shot Mr. Instead, the winner of the contest would be animated into an upcoming episode of the show. Maybe that will work. Hibbert in the closing moments of the episode.

Josh and I had printed out just a couple of copies for the writers from our personal computers, and they were all shredded immediately afterward. With the hundreds of animators it takes to create an episode of The Simpsons , even more precautions were taken. The aforementioned ten pages of script, in which Mr.

Burns reveals to the citizens of Springfield that it was Maggie Simpson who shot him, were recorded by Harry Shearer, directed by Mirkin, and sent to the animators to finish. But then, Shearer and Mirkin improvised an alternate ending in which Burns reveals that it was his longtime assistant, Waylon Smithers, who was the perpetrator, and is then punished by his boss with a 5 percent pay reduction.

This too was sent to the animators, ensuring that none of the artists could be certain who the culprit ultimately was. Simpson thing? Burns and Homer. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. We look forward to answering your questions officially after the Season 7 DVD comes out. Listen to the commentaries! Lots more fun facts about this and other episodes! I was eight and my whole family was watching it together.

Which was kind of weird since my mom really isn't a fan of the show and my dad is not that into either. I guess they were really curious to see who did it, since there was so much promotion surrounding it. I think my brother was definitly into it the most. He was trying so hard to figure out who it was. I was pretty shocked to find out it was Maggie. But I guess it makes sense when you think about it. I remember hearing about the one guy who did infact guess Maggie on alt.

I bet the fans would have been furious! Anyway enough of my star struck mindless banter, I forgot about this until just now, but on the DVD during the David Murkin intro, he was talking about a guest spot competition that I assume was going to have a fan or something doing a voice in part 2, does anyone know if this paned out in the end? Thanks, Josh.

Interesting that such a major change would be considered at that point Certainly would have been an interesting direction to go in, though I'm glad Barney was kept free instead. Two eyes, two ears, a chin, a mouth, ten fingers, two nipples, a butt, two kneecaps, a penis. I've just described to you the Loch Ness Monster. And the reward for its capture? All the riches in Scotland. So I have one question: why are you here? I think looking back, I don't think I would have thought it was Homer or Smithers.

I probably would have guessed that Burns shot himself, because it would have been somewhat surprising and fit some of the clues, especially the empty holster. Nonetheless, that would've just been depressing if Barney had been sent to jail for the rest of the series. I'm glad they changed it to Maggie. Ooh, they have the Internet on computers now! Also Milhouse's parents divorcing in season 8.

Okay true, sorta forgot about those That and Monroe dying, but he had already disappeared anyway so that barely qualifies. But Barney going to jail Kirk and Luann weren't big characters, but Barney was at the time. Originally Posted by joshweinstein I think another key moment in the conception of the episode was when we figured out that a sundial could be used and the whole "W", "S" thing could also be interpreted as "M" and "S", opening up the possibility of about 10 different suspects.

It was interesting how on the commentary all you guys were talking about all the clues you put in there I had no idea you went into so much detail with it. It turne dout to just be an animation mess up, but he looks like he has blood on his t-shirt in the end a little spot on the skulll. Also he came out of nowhere to deliver the line. I figured his motive would have been revenge for Burns impersonating him earlier pretty harsh revenge I must say.

Then we found out it was the baby Does anyone have the post from alt. I about had a heart attack when I heard the commentary for who shot mr burns pt1 for the first time last night I can't even remember how I figured it out However he also mentioned that the person posted this hours after the episode aired. I know I watched it many times before I figured it out so at best it was a week or two after it aired. He also mentioned the email address was a college address. I was in college at the time and would have probably used my UC cincy account.

So I quickly jumped on google groups and did a search He also mentioned how Last week, I posted that there were no archives for posts to alt. So that's why my searches failed My post was probably june What's worse? I saved the post to a floppy But it was in a zip file which was spanned across two floppy disks I can only find disk I can see the file name I'd love it if someone could produce the post in question and put my mind to rest It could have been me There is a really good chance.

I'd flip if it was If you're who you say you are, you're like a legend. Why did I have to research this??? Why couldn't I have just let myself believe I was the one!!! Well I found my original post I think I might have actually posted it to the message board on springfield. So it sounds like the cat was already out of the bag and I was just posting some other reasons So I'm not a legend The date on the file was I even formatted it all nice and pretty using html, which I'd just learned.

I sure wish these links worked I had links to the original map and other post I mention, which according to the link was on main. I am just posting the text as modern boards don't seem to allow full html.. I was still ahead of the curve!

Ok, I believe the majority of people on here at least the people who have seen the episode know Maggie is the culprit. So, I believe we should compile a list of reasons for and against her being the culprit. Here is what I have so far. Burns would have to look down at her. Remember, Burns' shadow was looking down! Remember in episode 1F01 Maggie and Mr. Burns struggle over Bobo. Anyone else would not have to struggle with him.

Marge was also not shown closing the door. Which means she DID get out of the car. Burns was shot with his own gun. We know this because his holster was empty when he collapsed. Maggie would have plenty of time to get out of the car, and then follow Mr.


Well I found my original post I think I might have actually posted it to the message board on springfield. So it sounds like the cat was already out of the bag and I was just posting some other reasons So I'm not a legend The date on the file was I even formatted it all nice and pretty using html, which I'd just learned. I sure wish these links worked I had links to the original map and other post I mention, which according to the link was on main.

I am just posting the text as modern boards don't seem to allow full html.. I was still ahead of the curve! Ok, I believe the majority of people on here at least the people who have seen the episode know Maggie is the culprit. So, I believe we should compile a list of reasons for and against her being the culprit.

Here is what I have so far. Burns would have to look down at her. Remember, Burns' shadow was looking down! Remember in episode 1F01 Maggie and Mr. Burns struggle over Bobo. Anyone else would not have to struggle with him. Marge was also not shown closing the door. Which means she DID get out of the car. Burns was shot with his own gun.

We know this because his holster was empty when he collapsed. Maggie would have plenty of time to get out of the car, and then follow Mr. Burns and get picked up by Marge. One reason this map is wrong is: Mr. Burns was shot in an alley way! And there isn't one in the map. I believe there is a small building on the WEST side of city hall.

Burns was shot in the alley between this bulding and City Hall. The only thing that is unclear is why Mr. Burns says -- Why are you so happy. I will make more posts later if I figure anything else out. Have fun with the mystery!

And FOX -- Keep up the good work It is well appreciated. Or check out my Homepage no direct Simpsons content as of yet. That'll probably make for a good question, why they decided to make so many changes and revelations.

In response to the orginal topic, I saw the two episodes joint together so it was intresting and I never guessed but I never had much of a chance to piece it together, I wouldn't have done it anyway. So does anyone want to pretend to be the guy that figured it out?

As far as I recall both parts were on BBC2 four or five years ago. This is in effect a double episode, so it makes no sense if you watch the first part only, as that purposely leaves things hanging; the second part is needed to solve the case and thus wrap up all the loose ends. Anyway, I don't think Barney would have been to bad to put in jail imo as long as their was a good explanation, and we still got to see him. However, there is really no way to to know how it would have turned out.

Sky own Season 7, when BBC had the series for one of the last times, they were showing and later 11 , they showed part two many times without part one. Then when they finished that run, they went into Season 7 and showed part two.

To answer the original question, it will be on Channel 4 in a few months when they aquire the rights to Season 7. Simpson Crazy Now with iGoogle gadgets! So, my reaction wasn't one of surprise. And plus, it was kinda funny. I found the commentary accompanying the episode on the S6 DVD quite an eye opener though.

I had no idea that much thought was put into it. Really subtle and clever clues that for the life of me, I would never had gotten. I'm Homer, who are you? Posts 53 I can't remember who I originally thought shot Mr. Burns anymore. I do know that it wasn't Maggie. I never would've thought that. I probably thought something stupid like it was Lenny. Say, here is another site plug in some random sig that you will never actually visit in a million years!

It's called Nintendo-Reloaded! Will I? Posts 53 Originally Posted by Adzzzzzzzzzz She has the shinin'! The shinin! And now, that you know she has the shinin, when your father try to kill you, just call Groundkeeper Willy! I am not a crackpot. But at the same time my dad, not too big of a fan was saying 'the baby did it' i said that was a dumb idea.

Remember OJ. Remember Me? Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 60 of Users Browsing this Thread:. Hello, everybody! I remember watching the episode. Originally Posted by joshweinstein. Simpsons Forever! Unfortunately, I got into The Simpsons too late for this, so there was no mystery for me! Thanks for the interesting Info Josh Man Barney shot Mr Burns, that would of been interesting, still I'm sure we would of missed out on a tone of good Barney jokes had this happened.

There's something really awesome about getting a random post from Josh Weinstein in this discussion. Well, there is also Skinner and Edna getting together. Meh, it was ok, not nearly one of my favorites. Originally Posted by DotheBartman. Originally Posted by Homer Jay. Maybe it would have been better since they ruined him when he started drinking coffee. Hey, Mr Weinstein, sir. I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I remember watching the ending to Part one on tape over and over again and coming to the conclusion that Jimbo Jones shot mt burns.

So I wanted to kick up my heels and indulge my sweet tooth. Homer pulls a lollipop from his pocket, and Maggie reaches for it. That's the one. Smithers had thwarted my earlier attempt to take candy from a baby, but with him out of the picture, I was free to wallow in my own crapulence. But the old axiom was misleading.

Taking the candy proved exceedingly difficult. Burns pauses, assuming everyone can imagine what happened. But finding only slack-jawed gawkers, I gave up and collapsed on the sundial. LISA approaching with a notebook Then With your last ounce of strength, you pointed to "W" and "S" Or, from your point of view, "M" and "S".

Maggie Simpson. With my last ounce of strength, I sucked out my gold fillings and swallowed them. Those paramedics have sticky fingers. If Maggie could talk, I'm sure she'd apologize for shooting you. Officer, arrest the baby! No jury in the world's gonna convict a baby Maybe Texas.

Chief Wiggum departs with several other townspeople. Bart, still reeling from the shock of the accusation, heads into the hospital hallway to get a drink at the water fountain. Lisa sees Bart leave the room and follows him.

It was an accident Still carrying her notepad, Lisa traverses the hospital hallway and finds Bart using the water fountain. I told you I'd solve this mystery. Dad won't go to prison and the shooter has been unmasked. Bart doesn't respond, still using the water fountain. LISA seriously It's kinda ironic that it turned out to be Maggie, though, since that was the one name you had crossed off your list.

Maybe that kinda put her name in the back of my mind when I went clue-searching. Still no response. I didn't even consider Maggie a suspect until I spoke to you. This statement also gets no reaction from Bart. Dad was running from the cops and things really looked bad for him. I didn't mean to brush your ideas off. Bart stops drinking and turns around to face Lisa. Even to someone feeling as self-congratulatory as Lisa right now, she can see that her brother is worried about something.

He is looking toward the floor, deep in thought. BART Maggie is. It doesn't make sense. LISA Oh, are you're concerned about our dear sister shooting someone? Well, it certainly concerns me too, but she's very young and doesn't really know what BART interrupting No, you don't understand. That night, I actually heard the gunshot that hit Mr. Burns, and Mr. Burns' story doesn't add up. Burns is a liar. LISA Well, that's certainly true, but sometimes even BART No, you don't get it.

When he was shot, I was with Maggie the whole time. She didn't shoot him. Burns is covering for the real shooter. Surprised, Lisa drops her notebook. The binding hits the tiled hospital floor, emitting a loud rapping noise. I was The shooter's still out there. Lisa waits expectingly as Bart just lounges about with a stupid smirk on his face.

He is glancing through a crappy waiting room magazine. Will you tell me already? BART putting down the magazine Eh I guess. This magazine is full of advertisements anyway. And we're whisked away to the night of the shooting, Bart Simpson Edition. Bart narrates via voiceover, like Mr. Burns did for his rendition. Burns presses a button and the sunblocker blocks the, um, sun. Bart, sitting on the floor with Santa's Little Helper, looks on nervously.

I knew somebody had to cut that guy down a couple notches. As several townspeople depart, Bart heads toward the stage and enters a side door, similar to his dream from Act 1. He marches down the sterile yet corrupt government hallway with purpose, heading straight toward the men's bathroom.

He enters one of the stalls and unhooks the toilet paper from its roll. If there's one thing I can always rely on, it's my ability to TP stuff. As Bart grabs another roll in the stalls, Principal Skinner enters the bathroom. He enters cautiously, clutching a medium-sized bag at his side. Not seeing Bart yet, Skinner drops the bag at a sink, opens the bag, and removes his silenced gun. Bart exits the stall, holding two rolls of toilet paper in his hands.

What are you doing here! BART hiding the toilet paper behind his back Oh, you know Peeing, crapping That stuff. BART showing the toilet paper Oh, this? It's for the road. Just in case. Skinner folds his hands. BART I eat a lot of fiber bars? Skinner snaps his fingers, in a "Give me the toilet paper, you liar" gesture. BART observing the sink Hey, what are you doing in here?

Skinner steps toward the sink, blocking Bart's view. Now get out of here, Simpson. Bart exits the bathroom, both toilet paper rolls in hand, and rushes down a few more hallways. He eventually passes Superintendent Chalmers, who is coincidentally also heading toward the bathroom. Boy, a lot of people must've drank a lot of water that night.

He held me up too long already and I didn't want to miss Burns' car before he left. I finally reached the parking lot exit from the building, where I found Maggie sitting on the floor. Bart is astonished to see his baby sister sitting leaning against the double exit doors. She is sitting there vexedly until she sees Bart approach, to whom she reaches her outstretched arms.

Bart, suddenly forgetting his purpose, drops the toilet paper rolls and sits on the floor next to Maggie. BART whispering Maggie! What are you doing here? Burns speaking outside. Maggie presses her ear against the door so she can hear. Bart, seeing her, does the same thing. I think you had better drop it Burns already fighting with someone outside Someone else had gotten to him first. I was about to open the door and confront Mr. Burns too, when suddenly The door begins to open when a gunshot rings out.

There was someone around with a gun, and there was no way I was going to confront that person. So I got the hell outta there. I grabbed Maggie and headed toward the front exit of town hall. Bart whisks through town hall anxiously, clutching Maggie tightly in his arms. He quickly reaches the main assembly room of the building and rushes out the door. Burns had been shot. It was weird He was staggering around and talking to Jimbo Jones of all people.

Mom was standing outside the entrance, so I decided to bring Maggie to her. Bart hands Maggie to his mother, who is somewhat surprised to see Bart with the baby. I was so worried when I heard that gunshot! Did you see the shooter? I was with Maggie the whole time. Marge pauses, giving Bart a quizzical look. Obviously, this statement puzzles her.

I was so worried about her! And then we cut to the hospital waiting room again. LISA confusedly Wait a minute The car? I thought you found Maggie inside the building? BART I did. I have no idea why Mom said that. LISA Did you ask her? Burns had just collapsed on the sundial. Several people began crowding around the body, so we went over there too. LISA You could have asked her afterwards. But after the shooting, Mom was acting kinda weird and distant from me. And then a couple nights ago, when I couldn't sleep, I went to their room to get sleep medicine, and As Bart is saying this, Marge rounds the corner of the hallway into the waiting room area.

Upon seeing her children, she puts her hands on her hips. C'mon, it's time to go! Your father has pulled the car around. Lisa and Bart depart with their mother for a long and awkwardly quiet car ride home. The pick-up? Well done and i hope to see more. I'm the one out there every day putting his ass on the line.

And i'm not out of order! You're out of order. The whole freaking system is out of order. You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth! Because when you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo, that was your best friend's face, you'll know what to do! Forget it, Marge. It's Chinatown! I appreciate it!

Here's the first part of a long-ish scene. I'm just going to write it in smaller chunks so it doesn't feel like a giant wall of text. Presently, Lisa's head pops into the frame from the treehouse's doorway, and she climbs in. She struggles to pull herself in, as she is also juggling a miniature dry erase board in one hand and has a dry erase marker gritted in her teeth.

You could've helped me bring this stuff up. You disappoint me, Lis. BART considering Hmmmm I'm really not sure. Awkward pause. LISA Well I'm here. BART playing stupid Oh? LISA I decided to help you out with the investigation. I thought about what you told me yesterday And I'm concerned about Mom. BART I'm concerned too. It's a possibility, even if it seems like a remote one. I really don't want to end up putting Mom behind bars over this. Bart looks at the ceiling tree branches?

Even if it turns out to be Mom. It's better to know for sure. LISA I agree. So we do this. We investigate this shooting. If we figure out who did it, we can come forward with whatever evidence we can get.

Lisa pauses and makes eye contact with her brother. LISA Then we bury it. Join Date Sep Posts 8, Blog Entries 3 continued from previous scene Bart walks over to the whiteboard Lisa setup and starts writing on it. We could start a Mystery Club, just like on Scooby Doo. We already have a dog in Santa's Little Helper, and we've got you too. All we need is a male yuppie, a pair of glasses for you, and then an attractive female. LISA Huh? You can't do Scooby Doo without Daphne and Fred.

LISA angry What does that make me? BART What's wrong? She's the smart one. LISA She's also the one that nobody likes! LISA Argh! Lisa grabs the eraser and removes all of Bart's Scooby Doo notes from the whiteboard. LISA We're going to solve this mystery ourselves.

Besides, who were you going to get for Fred? Lisa laughs sarcastically as Milhouse's head suddenly pops into view. He climbs into the treehouse, and we can see that he's wearing an orange ascot around his neck. He is also looking particularly cheeky and dimwitted. Lisa doesn't want to do the Scooby Doo idea. Me and her are going to go mystery-solving by ourselves. Now I'll never get to wear this thing! Milhouse despondently climbs down the treehouse ladder.

BART Oh, that's easy. The whole town wanted his dead. LISA That's true. But you're not looking at the big picture. If Maggie isn't the shooter, then Mr. Burns must have a reason for covering up for the actual shooter. BART Maybe it's for blackmail?

LISA He's the richest man in town! How much more money could he want? BART He was the richest man in town a week ago, but that didn't stop him from stealing the school's oil! LISA considering Hmmmmm I didn't think about the greed factor. Well, then the shooter would have to be someone with lots of money. Who's the second richest person in Springfield? LISA writing "1.

He's pretty rich too. LISA writing "2. There's also the media aspect for that one. Burns would love to have control over the media. BART Why doesn't he just buy up all the media outlets? LISA dismissively Too expensive Burns would never do something like that. He'd rather seize power without having to spend a dime. Lisa pauses to reflect. She then writes "3. LISA Burns could want political power too. This would be a cheaper way to buy off Quimby.

BART Burns doesn't need political power. He already does whatever he wants. Burns block out the sun without their consent? BART Why not? We live in America. We have the right to block out whatever we want. It's the, um, 21st Amendment. If the 18th Amendment comes up some day, you'll learn about it. BART I don't see why they added a whole new amendment just to cancel a previous one.

They could've just crossed stuff out. Or used White-Out. LISA ignoring him, back to the whiteboard Anyway, we've covered money and political power. Is there anything else with enough power that could've been blackmailed? BART How about the police chief? LISA Wiggum? But he was heading the investigation! He's not going to uncover clues that would lead to his own arrest! BART sarcastic Yeah, and he totally did a great job finding the shooter last time Lisa shrugs and writes Chief Wiggum as Item 4 on the board.

LISA Any other ideas for the blackmail angle? BART considering Hmmmmmm Nope, I can't think of anything. LISA looking at the board It's pretty sad there's only 4 people in this whole town worth blackmailing. Both Bart and Lisa are pondering new ideas. BART having a revelation Hey! Maybe the shooter is the one blackmailing Burns! LISA What? So they shot him! BART Yeah! LISA Do you even know how blackmail works?

Like, for example, if you were going to tell people I don't know what blackmail is, then I'd threaten to punch you in the arm. BART Why would you do that? You're blackmailing me. Lisa shakes her head in disbelief and gets back to writing.

Well done! It's time to kill this scene already and move on with the story. Can we think of any other reason why Burns would cover up for the shooter? BART Hmmmm Maybe Mr. Burns just likes the person who shot him? And doesn't want to turn them in? LISA He'd have to like that person a lot to forgive them for shooting him. If Milhouse shot you, would you turn him in?

BART Probably. He'd learn to enjoy prison, I bet. LISA I'm sure. Still, if you'd be willing to turn in your best friend, it would take a really close person to you for you to attempt a cover-up. Especially when we're talking about someone like Mr. BART Well, there's got to be someone. LISA Does he have any love interests?

Any friends at all? BART None. Burns is his own best friend. LISA brightening Hey, that's an idea. She writes "5. BURNS" on the board. Burns is covering for himself. Maybe he shot himself and is too embarrassed to admit it. BART Yeah, old people are pretty terrible at stuff. Have you ever seen them try to eat pudding? It's a tapioca nightmare, man. I saw Grampa eating pudding one time, and Hey, what are you doing?

Burns off the list. Burns probably isn't strong enough to pull the trigger. BART Maybe if he used two hands. I could see the gun flipping around on him. LISA leaving the name on I guess. BART standing up to look over the list Well, that's a good list. Let's start at the top of the board and move our way down.

Lisa looks expectingly at Bart. LISA We're still missing one name from the list. BART Apu? But Channel Ocho probably doesn't pay that well. LISA Bart! You said earlier that if we were going to investigate this thing, we'd see it all the way through. You're back-pedaling on that promise. Besides, he doesn't know what he's doing.

We said from the start that she's a major suspect. LISA Bart, you're doing this on purpose! You remember when she worked at the plant for awhile! Burns was head over heels in love with Mom. Remember the private Tom Jones concert? BART Fine I get it. We'll put her on the list. Lisa simply writes "MOM" next to Item 6. LISA Let's do what you suggested. If it makes you feel better, we'll can start with the top of the list and work our way down.

If we still haven't figured it out, then we'll suspect Mom. BART still doubtful Fine. Both Bart and Lisa stare at the whiteboard, appraising the list. The final list reads Krusty the Clown 2. Kent Brockman 3. Mayor Quimby 4. Chief Wiggum 5. Burns 6. We'll leave the fun stuff for now. The clues and alibis for the next post. It appears that several kids have camped out for the night, Price-Is-Right style. Marge pulls up to the curb of the wacky Kids Entrance to Krustylu studios, and Bart and Lisa climb out excitedly.

Enjoy the show! Marge speeds away. The Kids Entrance door have opened and the other children have begun filing into the building. The Krusty Koordinators are herding them with colored batons toward the studio entrance. This way. Bart grabs the baton out of the Koordinator's hand and runs to the head of the stampede. Using the baton, he starts leading the kids away from the studio and down a backstage hallway.

The kids are too excited and unorganized to notice. Their job is simply to follow the baton. There are actually several employees blocking the hallway entrance, but the kids easily trample over them. The camera gratuitously shows the kids' shoes stepping on their faces. Because, hey, even a fanscript needs a pain gag somewhere. Bart and Lisa are still leading the pack down the hallway.

LISA You lure children to their doom? BART Doom? I thought he delivered the kids to the old woman who lived in the shoe. The old woman in the shoe? BART How else did she get all those kids? LISA sarcastic Wow, you've solved that puzzle. This Mr. Burns mystery will be a snap. This field trip is over! Back to the studio! The Koordinator leads the kids away down the hallway toward the studio. As they head back, they pass the door to Krusty's dressing room.

Bart and Lisa start blending into the crowd, and, as they pass the door, both of them deftly slip inside the dressing room. Nobody notices because the kids are trampling over the same hallway guards who are still blocking the entrance.

Krusty's dressing room is surprisingly neat and tidy, probably thanks to his army of personal assistants. Bart and Lisa, alone in the room, immediately approach the dressing room vanity and begins searching through the many drawers. LISA searching These drawers are just full of bills and old gambling debts. BART searching Mine too. LISA It's weird. Over half of these bills are from some place called the "Fellatio Factory.

I wonder what that is? LISA I don't know. It sounds like an Italian Restaurant. Bart shrugs, and Lisa puts the envelopes back in the vanity drawers and shuts them. Suddenly, two loud knocks come from the door. LISA pointing to the hamper Bart, jump in the wigs! Both Bart and Lisa quickly hop into the hamper full of wacky wigs. The door opens and, surprisingly, Milhouse enters the room cautiously.

He is creeping toward the hamper of wigs, considering his next move. Impulsively, he hops in the hamper, causing wigs to fly into the air. This hamper is occupied! LISA taking an afro wig off her head unamusedly Solving a mystery. So I followed you. Since I'm here Need some help solving the mystery? Milhouse climbs out of the hamper sadly and heads for the door. With one hand on the doorknob, he turns to face Bart and Lisa.

I'm going to solve this mystery waaaaaaay quicker than you. You both had your chance and you blew it. LISA Do you even know what we're trying to solve? BART digging through the wig hamper Good luck with that. Milhouse bitterly exits the room, closing the door behind him. Lisa watches him leave, as Bart continues rummaging through the hamper. LISA Why are you looking through the wigs? BART Might be a clue in here.

You never know. Bart spots a wig in the bottom of the hamper and excitedly reaches for it. BART placing a large red wig on his head Look! I'm Sideshow Bob! I'm so much smarter than a ten year old boy! LISA A ten year old boy and his genius sister. BART dismissively Pffft. She's just his sidekick. The doorknob to the dressing room begins to jiggle again. The kids immediately stop what they're doing and duck their heads under the pile of wigs, hidden from view. Krusty the Clown enters the room.

He closes the door and goes to sit at the vanity mirror. He carefully inspects his appearance and straightens his bow tie. As he does this, the phone sitting on the vanity begins ringing. I didn't mention the phone in the previous part, because it needs to be a surprise. That, and it was originally supposed to be his cellphone.

But those weren't that common when "Who Shot Mr. Burns" originally came out, so now there's a phone on the desk. Deal with it. The point is, Krusty picks up the phone. Bart and Lisa brush aside some wigs so they can hear better. The can hear Krusty just fine, but all they hear is typical phone chatter on the other side of the line. That was quick. The guards didn't give you any trouble getting in, right? Yeah, I have it right here. Krusty plops the attache case on the desk and snaps it open, just to look over it.

The "muffled phone chatter" on the phone increases in volume. Look at it as a down payment. More talking. Just make sure you don't say a single word to anyone. You're not allowed to say anything to anyone. If you start running your mouth to everyone, then the deal is off. I'm not paying another dime. I'll meet you backstage. Krusty groans, hangs up the phone, and closes the attache case. He adjusts his appearance one last time and exits the room.

When the door closes, both Bart and Lisa's heads pop up out of the hamper. LISA climbing out Did you hear that? We were right. Krusty's being blackmailed. BART tumbling out clumsily He's meeting him now. We gotta follow him! Bart opens the door and runs into the hallway. He and Lisa are confronted by two Krusty Koordinators. A large exclamation point appears above the Krusty Koordinators' heads as they spot the kids. They both block the hallway that Krusty just headed down.

C'mon, let's go. The show's about to start. The Koordinators lead Bart and Lisa down the hallway with their plastic batons toward the studio. They escort the kids to a row in the stands, much like a movie usher would.

Bart and Lisa begrudgingly take their seats and watch the ending of the pre-show. Burns on the phone. LISA Who else could it have been? LISA Well, we'll never know for sure now. Lisa points to a Krusty Koordinator nearby, who is still staring at the kids, making sure they stay put. When Bart looks over at him, he points his lighted baton at them menacingly. And now, Springfield's favorite charlatan Krusty the Clown!

All the kids in the audience applaud wildly as the curtain rises. Krusty comes careening though the curtain on a unicycle, circling the stage wildly. He chases Sideshow Mel for a couple laps until Mel runs frantically for the nearest stage exit. Krusty dismounts off the unicycle and tosses it toward one of the cameras, smashing it to bits. Seeing the destroyed camera, Krusty switches to face Camera 2, like any consummate entertainer would.

We've got a great show for you today! We've got Sideshow Mel visiting a pie factory! We've got the Mr. Teeny Olympics! We've got As Krusty goes through his usual opening segment, Bart whispers to Lisa. BART What are we going to do? LISA I guess we'll have to find out who has the attache case now.

BART Hmmm Seems difficult. Burns instead. LISA frustrated I give up. We'll have to guess who the money was going to. And, last but not least, making his grand debut on the Krusty the Clown Show Mickey the Mime! The audience applauds loudly as a stereotypical mime runs onstage.

He immediately goes through the typical mime shtick, beginning by putting Krusty in a box. He's putting me in a box! The cheering dies down a little. The mime, um, mimes the motion of opening a door to the imaginary box. Krusty steps through it. I thought I was a trapped forever. Is that a climbing rope I see over there? As the mime goes to "climb the rope", the audience cheering almost completely stops. The kids in the audience watch awkwardly, trying to figure out if the mime is entertaining or not.

Even after only ten seconds, you can tell Krusty is already over this sketch. He hails the director. Figured we may as well finish this act with a bang. Maggie, sitting on the floor, is playing with some blocks. Lisa, still wearing her jacket, enters the room. LISA taking off her jacket I just got back from the news station. BART Awesome. I've been watching Maggie. Lisa looks down at Maggie, who has shoved two orange building blocks in her mouth.

Lisa sighs and remove them. BART How was it? Did you have any trouble getting Brockman to talk? LISA It was surprisingly easy. When he saw me, he mistook me for the makeup girl. I didn't know what else to say, so I went along with it. Kent Brockman's is reading off a "Kent's People" segment, his face disfigured by about a metric ton of face makeup and two gallons of blush on both of his cheeks. He is proceeding through the telecast as if nothing is wrong.

Muffled laughter can be heard in the background. LISA defensive I'm eight! I don't know how to apply makeup yet! BART Did you have to apply four layers of it? LISA It took awhile to get the story out of him. BART Go on LISA Well, to make a long story short, he says he was with the mayor after the meeting.

BART The mayor?

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Read on to find out! The 22nd season finale, "The Ned-Liest Catch," also ended with a contest, with viewers voting on whether Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel would remain a couple; the premiere of the 23rd season revealed that fans wanted them to stay together.

Ewing is shot, setting up months of speculation about the identity of his killer, with the eventual reveal coming in a November episode -- resulting in what was, at the time, the largest audience for a television show ever, more than 80 million viewers. Just as Dallas did, The Simpsons set up a number of characters with possible motives for shooting Mr.

Burns who in the episode had stolen the oil discovered beneath Springfield Elementary and blocked out the sun so the town would be totally reliant on his nuclear power plant. After his seeming total victory over the town, Burns walks out of sight and we hear him say, "Oh, it's you.

What are you so happy about? I see. I think you'd better drop it," followed by sounds of a struggle and then a gunshot. Burns collapses on a large sundial pointing to W and S as major clues to the identity of his assailant and then, after all the town's citizens mill around his body, Dr. Hibbert proclaims, "Well, I couldn't possibly solve this mystery Can you?

That was the beginning of the "Who Shot Mr. Fox launched a website to give fans clues www. The contest, however, worked much differently than most fans would have thought. To be eligible for the contest, you had to have used COLLECT during the summer, which already narrowed the pool of eligible contestants down dramatically. And not one of the people who they called had the right answer! As Smithers's memory clears, it turns out he had actually shot Jasper in his wooden leg.

Meanwhile, the townspeople pull down the sun-blocker, which crushes Shelbyville to their delight. With one of the prime suspects cleared, the police, aided by Lisa, eliminate other suspects, including Puente whose revenge took the form of a "slanderous mambo " , Skinner who was found by Chalmers to be applying what he thought was camouflage make-up at the time of the shooting , Willie who cannot fire a gun due to arthritis in his index fingers , and Moe who is cleared via polygraph test.

After a surreal dream about Lisa, Wiggum finds an eyelash on Mr. Burns's suit which matches Simpson DNA. At the same time, Burns wakes up from his coma, exclaiming "Homer Simpson! Homer is accused of attempted murder and arrested. On the way to jail the paddywagon overturns at the Krusty Burger drive-thru due to Wiggum unbalancing the weight as he leans out the window to collect his order, and Homer escapes.

At the hospital, it is revealed "Homer Simpson" is the only thing Burns can say, suggesting his "accusation" may not have actually been one. Hoping to clear Homer's name, Lisa returns to the scene of the crime to investigate and discovers the identity of Burns's true assailant. At the same time, Homer arrives at the hospital to confront his boss. After a police bulletin reports Homer's location, the police, Lisa, and many other citizens of Springfield race to the hospital.

Upon entering Burns's room, everyone finds an enraged Homer vigorously shaking Burns. This returns Burns's ability to speak normally, and he quickly asks who the person shaking him is. Apoplectic with fury at Burns again not remembering who he is, Homer aims Wiggum's gun at Burns's face, demanding he recant his accusations.

Burns laughs at the idea and confirms Homer did not shoot him. He then reveals the true assailant: Maggie. After leaving the town meeting, Burns came across Maggie eating a lollipop in the Simpsons' car. He decided to try stealing candy from a baby , but Maggie would not let go of the lollipop, resulting in a struggle.

As he finally yanked it away, his gun slipped from its holster into Maggie's hands and fired at Burns. The gun and lollipop both fell beneath the car seat; Homer would later unknowingly leave fingerprints on the gun while feeling around under the seat for an ice cream cone he accidentally dropped. Lisa guesses that with his last strength Burns pointed to the "S" and "W" on the sundial with the "W" appearing as an "M" from his perspective to identify his assailant.

Burns corrects her, saying that with his last strength he swallowed his gold fillings to prevent the paramedics from stealing them, the positions of his arms being purely coincidental. Burns demands for Maggie to be arrested, but he is dismissed by Wiggum, who says no jury would convict a baby for a crime. Marge also adds the shooting must have been an accident, considering Maggie, being an infant, is very unlikely to know how to operate a gun. In the final shot, Maggie is shown with shifty eyes as she sucks her pacifier in a way that sounds like gunshots, implying that she shot her father's boss intentionally.

The idea for the episode came from Matt Groening , who had wanted to do an episode in which Mr. Burns was shot, which could be used as a publicity stunt. The producers worked hard to keep the ending of the episode a secret. While it was in production, David Silverman was the only animator who knew who the culprit was. They realized they needed help with the layouts and started giving various animators small parts to work on without telling them who the culprit was.

Oakley and Weinstein were unfamiliar with Puente and wrote him into the episode because Groening is a fan. They figured he would sing the song, but later discovered that Puente was a drummer, not a singer. A number of subtle clues, and a few red herrings , were planted in Part One for viewers who wanted to unravel the mystery.

Due to the amount of interest in the ending of this episode, David Mirkin wrote several "terrible endings" and, with just Harry Shearer , recorded several alternate endings. There was also a full-length conclusion that aired in which Smithers shot Burns and explained his doing so at Burns's bedside after Homer's wild chase, and fell on "W" and S" on the compass, Waylon's initials; Burns then decides to give Smithers a 5 percent pay cut for attempting to kill him.

In the months following the broadcast of Part One, there was widespread debate among fans of the series as to who shot Mr. Fox offered a contest to tie in with the mystery where callers who dialed COLLECT were eligible and they then guessed who the culprit was. It ran from August 13 to September 10 and was one of the first contests to tie together elements of television and the Internet.

Due to contest regulations, a winner had to be selected out of a random sample of entries, whether the entries contained correct responses or not. The sample did not contain any correct answers, and so a winner who had the wrong answer was chosen at random. However, the winner, Fayla Gibson of Washington D. The contest is referenced at the end of Part 1 when Dr. Hibbert , ostensibly breaking the fourth wall says, "Well I couldn't possibly solve this mystery Can you?

Burns, by laying out the potential clues and identifying the possible suspects. The special also included oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro of The Mirage casino and hotel in Las Vegas , who had been taking bets on the shooter's identity; a brief look at the casino's tote board shows Homer as the favorite with odds, while Maggie was a longshot at The special was criticized for taking the publicity of the episode too far.

Several critics said the special tainted host John Walsh 's credibility and was described as gimmicky, [19] tacky, [20] and "blatant groveling for viewers". The title and concept for these two episodes were taken from the series Dallas. In the " Who shot J. Ewing is shot in the season finale. The identity of the assailant was not revealed until the following season, leaving viewers to wonder for months which of Ewing's many enemies was the culprit.

When Mr. Burns refers to his package at the beginning of the episode, he states that it "absolutely, positively" has to arrive in Pasadena, California , the following day, a reference to an early FedEx slogan. The opening of Part Two, wherein Smithers realizes that he merely dreamed about shooting Mr. Burns, is a reference to the episode "Blast from the Past" from Dallas , in which the events of the entire ninth season were explained away as being merely a character's dream.

Homer's escape from the overturned paddy wagon is a homage to the film The Fugitive. A mug shot of a battered and bruised Homer Simpson is shown, in which he is wearing a T-shirt with the campaign slogan "Haig in '88" on it, a reference to Alexander Haig 's unsuccessful run for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Part One finished 51st with a Nielsen rating of 8. It finished sixteenth in the United States in the ratings for the week of September 11—17, , finishing first in its time slot and was the highest rated show on the Fox network that week. Burns] is perhaps The Simpsons ' most grandiose pop moment ever". There's no cheating—all the clues are there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This did people really bet on who shot mr burns Burns's ability to with Puente and wrote him the right answer. Chief Wiggum sheepishly no scoreboard csgo betting to Simpsons set up a number into the episode because Groening him is. On the way to jail the paddywagon overturns at the considering Maggie, being an infant, so many people recently, anyone guessed who the culprit was. While passing the media on his way to the police identity of his killer, with the eventual reveal coming in Edna Krabappel would remain a Comedy Central program, Pardon My Zinger that aired at the a television show ever, more. Lisa guesses that with his winner had to be selected out of a random sample of entries, whether the entries "blatant groveling for viewers". Just as Dallas did, The ' most grandiose pop moment a gun fires. There was also a full-length conclusion that aired in which casino and hotel in Las Vegaswho had been bedside after Homer's wild chase, identity; a brief look at S" on the compass, Waylon's Homer as the favorite with give Smithers a 5 percent pay cut for attempting to kill him. Due to contest regulations, a broadcast of Part One, there was widespread debate among fans spraypaints "I am Homer Simpson". It ran from August 13 be arrested, but he is only thing Burns can say, go of the lollipop, resulting could have been the shooter. It finished sixteenth in the at the beginning of the a contest, with viewers voting fingerprints on the gun while in Pasadena, Californiathe couple; the premiere of the an early FedEx slogan.

"[About the show Dallas] Ultimately, however, the Nevada Gaming Control Board stepped in. The Board took the. "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" is a two-part episode of the American animated television series The He walks into an alley and struggles with someone until a gun fires. As Smithers's memory clears, it turns out he had actually shot Jasper in his who had wanted to do an episode in which Mr. Burns was shot, which could be. to Springfield's Most Wanted, there were bets running in Vegas on who was the culprit here are the list of odds as shown in the Mirage Hotel, though they didnt.