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Horse betting systems uk

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The beaten favourite tactic can be used as part of your best horse racing betting strategy. Many bookies will offer special bonuses to horse racing punters and these are an essential part of betting strategies for horse racing. This is especially true when major events are taking place, such as the Epsom Derby or the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The festivals of racing that surround these events can be a rich trove for astute punters, especially when bookies are going crazy trying to tempt punters to bet.

Knowing how to spot a good bonus offer is an important part of shaping the best horse racing betting strategy. Some bookies may offer a refund for losing bets of a certain type, such as backing a favourite. Others may provide you with an odds boost for an each way bet, or you may have your stake refunded if your selection finishes second.

Bookies can often be quite imaginative with this sort of thing. It is a good idea to shop around and have accounts with several bookies so that you can more easily take advantage of their bonus offers. This is definitely one of the best horse betting strategies around, so search for value. But what does it actually mean with your horse betting system? And how can you include this type of bonus in your best horse racing betting strategy? Odds on horses fluctuate right up to the start of a race.

Bookies are constantly adjusting odds based on betting patterns and other factors such as whether people are using a horse betting system. A best odds guarantee means that your bet will be at the best odds that that particular horse acquired before the start of the race.

There are many bookies that offer their punters this guarantee, it is not an uncommon thing at all. This makes it easy to use the best horse racing betting strategies. To check to see which bookies offer this bonus to their punters, you should make sure you come back to Betting. They will allow you to choose a bookie that suits your best horse racing betting strategy. A vital plank of the best horse racing betting strategy is to keep as calm as possible when choosing your bets. The main emotion to avoid is panic.

Panic is often triggered by the rage that flows when you have placed a bad bet that has lost. You might panic that you have spent too much money, and start to chase your losses. This is where you place a bigger bet to try and compensate for the last one that lost. This can see you trapped in a negative cycle, where you place a series of losing bets of ever increasing sizes, and end up losing a lot of money.

If you end up feeling negative emotions like rage, frustration or panic then you should stop betting. It is better to simply walk away than it is to keep betting pointlessly with even the best horse betting system. There are hundreds of horse races taking place every day just in the UK and Ireland.

You can come back to the sport on another occasion and bet. Some days you lose and some days you win. This is a lesson that should be part of the best horse racing betting strategy. One good way of keeping negative emotions away from your betting is to manage your bankroll properly. This is a part of the best horse racing betting strategy that we will look at next. A really important part of the best horse racing betting strategy is financial management.

If you do not look after your bankroll properly then you will not have enough money to bet which will stop you using the best horse racing betting strategies. You can also cause yourself problems in your life away from betting if you end up overspending.

You should set yourself a limit and stick to it. If you reach your limit you should always stop betting, as otherwise you can end up trapped in a cycle of chasing your losses, as we have described above. Many bookies offer you the chance to set your own limits on your account which could be as worthwhile as a good horse betting system. If you feel that you are likely to run into trouble by overspending then this is a god way to stay in control.

Staying in control will help you to keep negative emotions like rage and frustration away from your betting. This makes it more entertaining all round, which is the main reason that careful fund management should always be a key plank of the best horse racing betting strategy.

Now that you have read our guide to the best horse racing betting strategy you should make a point of checking out some of the other betting guides here at Betting. Make sure you come back to Betting. When you are trying to come up with the best horse racing betting strategy possible, it is essential that you know as much about the sport of horse racing as possible. You need to research the news and statistics that relate to horses you want to bet on, as well as understand the various different types of bet on offer to you.

You also need to keep your mind clear and free from negative emotions — something that is helped by keeping a tight control of your bankroll. As you gain more experience in betting on horses, you will be able to use more complicated bets and understand the nuances of the sport more clearly. You may find with experience comes a different view of the best horse betting strategies that work for you. We wish you every success on your horse betting journey and look forward to seeing you back here again soon.

Looking for more guides? Head on over to our cricket betting strategy or tennis in-play betting strategy. There are a wide range of horse racing systems out there. Some of these are definitely aimed more towards the experienced horse racing betting fan. However, some of these horse racing betting strategies can be easily used by newcomers to the sport.

Read our Betting. If you want to make some decent wins at the best UK bookmakers , you will have to know horse racing inside out. This means knowing all of the form of all of the runners along with details about the jockeys, racetrack and so on. Thankfully you can sometimes use a horse racing system to win over even the toughest bookmakers. Read our guide to horse racing betting strategies to find out more about this. There is plenty of debate about which bets work best for horse racing. Some people recommend keeping it simple with a well-researched single bet, while others prefer some exotic bets that can serve up some massive wins.

But check out our guide to horse racing betting systems. This will show you how you can get consistent wins at the best horse racing bookmakers in the UK. Most horse racing fans will attempt to use the best horse racing betting strategies to help them get more wins when they bet on the sport.

However many of these horse betting systems will fail sooner or later. But be sure to read our guide to using horse racing betting strategies. This will reveal some great systems that you can use to win more often at all good betting sites. All horse racing betting fans will be searching for a proven horse racing system. After all, this would enable them to get much more success with their horse racing bets at all online bookmakers. However, many horse racing betting strategies have their weak spots.

So take the time to read our guide to using a horse racing system for the best way to bet on the sport of kings. As known from:. About Betting. The Team behind betting. Contains commercial content. Best Bookmakers Top 10 Brands. You need to think, in betting exchanges a horse is only perceived as the favourite because it has the most amount of money behind it, not necessarily because it has the best chance of winning.

Value betting is a more general betting strategy that does not apply exclusively to horse racing, but is nonetheless important for maximising profits over time. It is, essentially, when you look to see if a selection has been under priced i. Before you get to this stage however, it is first important to bear in mind that spotting a value bet and knowing how to apply it properly requires significant experience and know-how.

Horse racing betting tips, strategies and guidelines aside, perhaps the most important method to success when betting on horses is properly managing your finances. On the flip side, proper management of your finances can go a long way to keeping your head above water and ensuring steady profits over time. See some of our tips listed down below:. Make sure that you put aside a set amount of money each week or month for betting.

This should be extra funds that you would normally use for leisure activities. Never place a bet to try and make up for a loss. Sometimes losing a bet can hurt; the proper way to react is to take a step back, think where you went wrong, gain some perspective and go again when the time is right. The important thing to bear in mind is that different strategies work for everyone: there is no perfect strategy.

If you have any questions about these strategies, or anything else contained on this site, please feel free to email at info bestbettingsites. Simply put, no. There are literally thousands of pages and articles online that claim to have fool-proof strategies that can turn you into a millionaire overnight; the vast majority are no more guaranteed to ensure profit than your own savvy and experience. Remember, success when that betting on horses does not come overnight.

The best way to bet on horse racing is to be patient, learn from your mistakes and you'll eventually develop your own strategies. If you'd like to read up on some more betting strategies, head over to the golf betting strategy page to the spread betting section. This website contains advertisement. How to Read a Race Card When betting on a horse race for the first time, making sense of the race card may seem like a bit of a daunting task. Horses of a lower-class can often be inconsistent and thus become a strain on your bank roll.

Check and see at what level the prospective selection has been racing at. A horse may have won many of its previous races, however if it has just been bumped up to a higher class it may be out of its depth. To avoid this, you should always check to see if the horse has managed to show in its last three races at the same approximate distance and surface of the race in question — by approximate distance we mean no longer than a furlong. Check and see if the horse has proven the ability, or at least the potential to compete on a track similar the one in question.

Are they changes in the gradient? See if the horse has recorded a big win a win by more than three lengths in the last 6 months — the more recent the better. Check to see if the horse has had any significant gaps in its race history due to injury. Much like other sports, good form and consistency is important for horses. If the horses is just returning from a lengthy spell of absence more than 6 months it might be a little rusty. Always do some research on the jockey.

A talented jockey can be the difference between a selection finishing somewhere near the middle or nearer the front. Similarly, it pays to do a quick check of the trainer. Also, see if the trainer has had any success at track on which the race is taking place.


The reality, of course, is that all sport betting advice sites cannot be profitable all of the time, all sites experience losing periods. This site seeks to identify those tipster and horse race betting system sites which are run in a professional and ethical manner, and capable of absorbing losing periods whilst still being profitable for their clients in the long run. Some tipster services claiming to be profitable never offer the potential client any independent proof to support their claim.

So please ensure you see third-party proof about their profitability before spending any money on a subscription tipster service, as a mistake could prove costly. Over subscription tipster services proof their tips in advance to Racing-Index, where you can check their profitability in greater detail - not just over the last 6 months but over the last years. So do your research, and never accept the profitability claims made by a paid subscription horse racing tipster service unless they can be independently verified.

Some of you may not be surprised to discover that the world of paid sport betting advice and systems is a totally unregulated sector of the UK gambling industry, unlike casinos online and bookmakers, which are subject to strict regulation. The advertisements for many online tipster and horse race betting system sites do not even conform to the Advertising Standards Authority ASA guidelines.

However, in the interest of balance, I must point out that the complaint was not upheld. There are as many horse racing systems as there are betting punters and my goal is to plough through them to pick out some of the more promising ones for further investigation and weed out the rubbish and out-and-out cons. Any comments and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. There will probably be several revisions of the site layout too as the work falls into place.

Horse racing betting systems fall into several categories and are based on a variety of different criteria. Some horse racing systems even incorporate financial strategies such as hedging reducing risk by betting on several different outcomes and arbitrage taking advantage of imperfections in the market to lay a horse at one price and buy it back at another to guarantee a small profit.

Additionally, the rise of Betting Exchanges such as Betfair in recent years has opened up a whole new range of strategies to gamblers to work with. Sad to say it but for the majority of them the answer is NO! However, there is evidence that some systems, if operated intelligently and with discipline, can return a steady profit over time. To me the crux of making money on horse racing is not actually beating the bookies. They will always win given the volume of bets being placed every second of every day.

No the trick is to come in the top 10 per cent is it even that?? Punters will flick from system to system without giving them a fair try. Others will stick blindly to a betting system time after time even though it is making a loss. Intelligence and discipline are the keys to making money with systems.

Horse racing systems often start with a simple idea or observation. The punter would then need to observe this over a period of time, narrowing and widening the focus to get more data and make tweaks and modifications to the system over time. Profitable horse racing systems are a long game not a quick win. The punter who successfully hones a horse racing system over time, cultivating it and training it, has a chance of success.

We will cover the intelligence bit in the forthcoming analysis of the various systems. However, as a starter for ten the following golden rules should be borne in mind:. Click here to view my analysis of the horse race betting systems. Your email address will not be published. Close Menu About me. Betting Glossary. Betting resources.

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Do you have a knack for deep research? Then throw in Maiden Favorites too, in your portfolio. But then a quick visit to portfolio building sites can give you relief. Flat Stats is one such virtual place with wonderful features that help you in creating your own portfolio consisting of horse racing systems that really work.

Based on your experience level, inclination, and skill, you should prefer one of the horse racing systems that work. If you are mathematically sound, then the Dutching method can be apt for you. This method asks the bettor to keep an equal amount of profit in every betting instance. Sounds complicated? Here goes the brief explanation. Suppose you have selected 2 out of three top ranked ponies. Now wager on them in such a way that, irrespective of the result, you gain the same profit in every set.

On the other hand, the Beaten Favorite method is one of the simple horse racing systems that are lauded by beginners in betting. Do remember that even a top ranked horse can under-perform in some days. So, with Beaten Favorite approach, you should put your stakes on a horse that had lost it in the previous match, yet touted one of the top favorites. Here, the odds will be higher so are your chances of reaping greater profits.

For a linear, straightforward bettor, this method is ideal. Though few mock-up trading will give you the much-required practice sessions, most of the punters fail because they continue this for too long. In general, the beginners wait for few weeks to observe how it performs for others. Do you think that this wait is necessary? Even if you consider it right, think a bit just for a moment.

Nothing in life is permanent, and that goes for a sound horse-betting system too. A stellar betting system can go on for a winning streak for few weeks and voila, it goes down the drain after that. But you know what; this can be just a temporary form of the system. So, instead of mock drafting, get your hands dirty in applying one of free horse racing systems that really work you found worthy in real-life.

Because luck changes too fast in horse racing. Some systems will be seasonal while others will only work in certain types of races. We will now take a look at several well-known racing systems or methods that may work for you. The fact of the matter is that something has to be favourite but quite often that favourite isn't justified.

There are many weak favourites every day in the racing calendar. Sometimes there will be reasons to oppose a favourite. Always be on the lookout to lay the favourite. A favourite that lost last time out is generally undervalued by the betting public. It's as if there is something wrong with the horse in the eyes of the public.

For example, a bad draw could be the reason for the result or jockey error or just plain bad luck. So any beaten favourite can be backed again the next time it runs at a higher price than it should be. Some trainers are simply more successful than others when it comes to preparing their first-time runners in maiden races. Going back through the data on the Racing Post website can indicate some very good trainers who seem to find an edge in this area. Remember that price is everything and if you can find a good trainer that is preparing his horses right for these types of races then you could find a profitable betting system.

When you see a trainer do something out of the ordinary then there is nearly always a reason for it. For example, if you see a trainer take a horse miles then you need to ask yourself why? The same thing applies when we see trainers switching surfaces for their horses. If a trainer moves from turf to all-weather then there has to be a reason for it.

Once again getting on at the best available prices is the key thing here. All you need to find a good system is areason to back or oppose something. This is so that you are not backing or laying blindly. This is the amount of theoretical profit that the bookmaker is trying to make, even the best bookmakers. This figure can be arrived at by taking all of the starting prices for the horses in the field and converting them to a percentage.

The betting public will be quick to show support for certain horses over others. Don't try to figure out the market forces, instead look to identify which horses are being well supported and then look to back the second or third favourites. If a horse dramatically shortens in price then the betting firms will look to balance this by moving the second and third favourites out. If these odds continue then a clear betting opportunity arises to back the second and third favourites as they are more likely to be valued unlike the favourite.

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Featured Politics. US Politics: Will Trump run in and, if not, who will for the GOP? UK Politics: How is Keir Starmer faring? UK Politics Odds: Don. There are three types of punters regarding systems and during this piece, I will refer to each in passing. Horse Racing Betting System. 1. "Given that many trainers are in fact canny fellows and do know their stuff, it has been determined that if a horse is entered into several races, or at any rate more​.