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Ripple | XRP/BTC | 4 Hour Chart

Bringing Another Good Trade To Your Desk ,

Ripple Has Seen Good Volume Spike In Recent Day’s !
And Is Resisting To Move Below 21 Day EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
Here 21 Day EMA Is Acting As A Good Support For XRP And Will Provide Us Good Opportunity To Buy It As Close As Possible To Our Support Zone .

We Have Very Low Risk In Buying Ripple Now .
And Yes It Is Still Trending !!

Should You Go All In ? 
Here Is A Famous Quote From Jessie Livermore

“Don’t ever lose your cash boys (…). Keep it close to your balls, and don’t let anyone near it.” As I have written before- you should not allow to lose all of your money. A reasonable thing to do is to divide your investments into different pools. You can also sub-divide the speculative investment pool into two pools. So, if your capital is 10,00o USD and you want to use 2,000 USD to speculate with, you should divide those 2,000 USD into two. Trade with one half and keep the other half in the bank. In case you lose all of it, you still have 50% left to trade with. Of course, you should try not to lose them, but in case of a black swan, you have another 50% to play with.

Doing Proper Risk Management Is Very Crucial While Trading .
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Looking At Bitcoin’s Chart :


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