I Have Recently Seen A Spike In Volume On Enjin Coin ,

And If We Stay Above 21-day EMA (Good Support) Then Looking Forward for it to chase Target’s .

Why You Should Buy Some Enjin ? 

RSI Above 50 : Indicating Bullish Momentum 

Stock About To Reverse And Go Above The Green Line (Saying Us This Is Bottom (For Time Being) I Must Bounce From Here  .

What About Trend ? Are We Trending Up For This Alt coin ? 
DMI : Indicator Is Showing Us That Bull’s Still Have An Upper Hand Over Bear’s And Yes It’s Trending Since ADX Is Well Above 30 .

So I can Buy This With No Risk And This Is Win WIn Situation ? 
Yes,But Keeping Stops According To Your Risk Appetite Is Crucial To Avoid Heavy Losses as alt-coin market is highly co-related to bitcoin any big movement in bitcoin can ruin the trade .

Let’s Check Bitcoin Situation To See If It We Can Trade This With More Assurity !

Looking At Bitcoin It Is Forming Most Famous Symmetric Triangle On The Chart 

But Can It Break Above ? 
No Since DMI Is Below 20 Indicating Lack Of Trend (Also Very Low Volume) Indicating It Will Be Here For A Long Time (Remember We Are Seeing It On  4 Hr Time Frame) So Long Time Here Can Be 10-15 Candle’s 2-3 Day’s .

Should I Buy Bitcoin For Long Term Now ? 
Not Until We See Public Interest Back In This Game .

If We Break 7200$ Then You Can Add Some For Your Long Term Portfolio (Indicating Start Of New Trend Or Bottoming Out)
Else You Can Wait And Put Ladder Buy Order’s At Lower Prices For Bitcoin .i.e. 5000-4000-3000 .


I Am Professional Trader & Block Chain Expert .

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