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Spread betting software reviews nba sports betting reddit

Spread betting software reviews

In effect starting up the software is as simple as going to their website and logging on. Important: Use the latest browser version If you want the best performance out of your spread betting platform make sure you're using the latest version of your browser software. How to build the all-important trading experience. Where to get trading help and advice. Which broker to use and why. Simple 2 month training plan to follow.

Read more in the Spread Betting section:. Spread Betting Homepage. How 'Margin' works. Binary Betting. Navigation: Spread Betting section. Spread Betting - Home page. How to learn to trade correctly. Spread Bet Tutorials. Markets to trade. Who to open an account with. Spread Betting FAQ. About LearnMoney. Your Privacy.

All recommendations and comments are provided for general interest only and should not be construed as advice. Professional advice should always be sought before buying or investing in any financial product. The price of securities and any income from them can go down as well as up. Past performance of a security or market is not necessarily indicative of future trends. Any opinions and recommendations on LearnMoney. So which one is better? Even if you don't use charts to trade with they're useful to see where the market has been either on an intraday basis or over several days, weeks or even months.

Some bid-offer spreads are tighter with IG and others with Finspreads, it just depends on what you want to trade. This is why I think it's an advantage to have 2 spread bet brokers, especially as it doesn't cost you any extra money.

Finspreads minimum trade size is usually 50p whereas IG's ranges from 50p to several pounds depending on the contract. IG clearly has a wider range of markets but this is only relevant if you want to trade them. For example, if you're interested in Belgian or Finnish stocks then go with IG. But if you want to trade UK markets and the big global ones Commodities, FX etc then both companies have the same range.

IG Index has been around for over 30 years and FinSpreads for over So we're talking mature companies here and in the finance world that's generally who we want to be dealing with. Any spread bet firm that makes it hard to open an account is slitting its own throat so the account opening process of both IG and Finspreads is both easy and slick. And the winner is: It's a draw.

IG and Finspreads offer excellent help guides both online, and in their welcoming pack. Any trader new to the game can learn a lot from these so get studying. And the winner is: It's another draw. I don't call my brokers that much as I have little need to but whenever I do they both pick up within a few rings and are knowledgeable and helpful. Customer service is big in the spread betting world and both companies surpass themselves. And the winner is: Yet another draw.

Finspreads blows IG Index away when it comes to new clients because it offers the ability to trade at just 10p a point for the first 2 months and that's an incredible advantage. On the scores above you have to go with IG Index but as I've indicated before it really does depend on what you're interested in trading and how much you want to risk.

To get more information on these spread bet brokers please see their websites - Finspreads IG Index. Download the FREE report. The Basics. Due to this competition, many spread betting brokers have developed mobile trading platforms. Here are a few pointers on how to download the best apps for online spread betting. First, ensure you choose a good broker to trade with. Always go with a broker that is regulated by a trusted authority like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Second, choose the app that suits your needs. What is important is your comfort when using the account. In addition to having some of the best apps on the market, the brokers listed below are also regulated and highly rated spread betting firms around today. ETX Capital. The company has a substantial amount of experience in the market as it was founded in The company is passionate and serious with its clients as shown by the heavy investment in the trading platform and infrastructure.

The key features of this platform are the tight spreads they offer. ETX Capital has a wide range of markets with around items to trade. There are also additional products which you can access on request. There are also a lot of bonuses on offer. ETX Capital is one of the best trading platforms in the UK and it also powers most of the biggest spread betting brands.

It has mobile apps for Windows, Blackberry, Apple and Android devices. Spread Co. Also one of the reputable spread betting platforms, Spread Co has a great platform with native apps that make it easy to use. If you are a high volume trader, you will fall in love with their low margins, low financing costs, tight spreads and great useablitiy.

The platform has a professional charting with powerful tools and what is more; the platform is quite innovative therefore very intriguing. The platform has apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. Core Spreads Core Spreads is yet another top online spread betting platform. It has tight, fixed spreads so that you can trade for less.

The platform is quite straight forward; you will feel quite at home trading on it. Being quite a straight forward platform, there is no clutter, just what is essential for you to use.

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Spread betting full time as a job could well be worth your while if the following sounds like you:. Despite the long list of spread betting pros, there also exists several cons you should be aware of:. So, the most successful spread betting winners are those that go in with their eyes open to the dangers. Apple, and sell them in the hope they have increased in value to make a profit.

You can place a spread bet trade on a plummeting share price. With traditional share dealing, you simply do not have this option. Also, you do not own the actual shares with spread betting they are a derivative. This means it often requires far less capital. This makes spread betting ideal for beginners and those with limited capital. Before you can start cashing in those huge payouts you need to follow the steps listed below to get set up and start trading.

Your broker will be your gateway to the market via the trading account. However, with so many brokers offering a similar service, what should you look for? Once your spread betting account is set up and funded, placing a trade is relatively straightforward. You will need to do the following:. Conduct a thorough broker comparison to make sure their charting tools will meet your requirements. Most platforms today offer all the standard bar, line, and candlestick charts, plus a range of signals.

Some of the more advanced platform offerings will give you additional graphs and features that allow for smarter pattern detection. Big corporate moves are often the catalyst for a round of spread betting. The share price may then start to increase to the level of the dividend.

You would take a position before this announcement to profit from the price jump. An effective spread betting strategy balances profit-and-loss levels. It may appear that Ralph is the more successful trader, but this is not necessarily the case. For structuring your bets with advantageous profit levels can seriously enhance your performance.

An effective strategy, therefore, means more than a high win rate. It requires a system that balances your profit-and-loss levels with your average win rate to consistently stay in the black. Whether you are considering spread betting on currency or any other markets, you can use the above as an effective beginners guide for getting set up. Markets change, as do financial instruments.

If you want to stay ahead, you need to change along with them. Fortunately, there exists a multitude of spread betting resources out there. To name just a few:. Spread betting — follow the news. Markets are constantly changing in reaction to news events. You can even find news resourced dedicated to specific markets.

Some of the best sources available are as follows:. A spread betting practice demo account is the ideal way to get to grips with the basics. You can identify mistakes, perfect your strategy and get familiar with the trading environment. Most of the big brokers now provide this service, free of charge.

What have you got to lose by using a demo account first? You can keep your journal on an Excel spreadsheet, just include all the essential information:. Spread betting millionaires and gurus will have a risk management system they stick to religiously. Entering into the trading arena without such a strategy is the first step towards a series of financial disasters. This will protect you from losing more than you can afford and keep you swinging in the long-term.

Technology has brought with it a world of useful tools, among which is automated trading. Once you have developed an effective strategy and the corresponding algorithm, you can use robots to place your bets following pre-determined criteria. This will allow you to place a much higher volume of trades, across a range of markets. You can even get automated tax software that keeps a detailed record of all your trades, allowing you to file your tax return at the end of the year with ease.

Each sport represents a new opportunity and their algorithm is able to detect exploitable value. It takes about one minute to get set fully up, with bets instantly coming through on the Trade Feed. After logging in for the first time I quickly got to grips with how everything works.

Note : Value bets must be placed in your regular betting account s. They still maintain some level of secrecy. Bookmakers only endorse products or strategies where players are set up to lose. You can amend any of the bet details at any point, in case you entered the wrong details odds, stake etc. Trademate Sports comes with a free 7 day trial. I highly recommend taking advantage of that. Both offer ample value betting opportunities. Keep in mind that your PnL is directly correlated to your turnover.

All RebelBetting software is developed by Clarobet AB, a small team of developers and sports betting specialists based the north of Sweden. They serve customers from over countries. RebelBetting Value Betting software is designed to enable bettors to take advantage of overpriced odds. Both versions have their own unique strengths. RebelBetting understands that, above anything else, a Value Bet Finder needs to be extremely fast and stable. Thus the power of your computer will only serve to improve its overall performance.

Using a computer — equipped with a mouse and dual monitors — is the ideal setup. It can be used on any platform, on both your mobile devices or desktop computer. All major browsers are supported, with no need to install anything. More features will be added over the coming weeks and months. So sign up for a discounted subscription before the regular pricing kicks in. It automatically logs you into Bookmakers, takes you directly to betslips, and fills them out for you.

This worked perfectly in the above example note the correct selection has been detected, in red. As you would expect from a desktop application, the RebelBetting Value Bet Finder packs a bunch of configurable features. Every Value Bet you place carries risk. Using the RebelBetting Software you will be provided with a steady stream of Value Bets from more than 90 Bookmakers, at any given time. In my opinion, this is the software Bettors should use before they consider venturing into the more uncertain world of Sports Tipsters.

The pricing is noticeably low. Both Value Bet Finders more than justify their monthly fees. Alternatively, you might decide to seek value from Sports Tipsters, who recommend bets to you based on their expertise. Just be careful : the historical results of Tipsters need thorough proofing. Before you proceed, read my review of the Top Tipster Sites.

I highly recommend using either:. Lastly, you could take the harder — but potentially most rewarding — route: develop your very own profitable Value Betting Strategy. What Does Value Betting Mean? It looks very promising. How long can you go before the bookies reduce your stakes? I love the interface, and most importantly it earns steady profits. Punters should be turning to this type of thing as opposed to Tipsters.


And the winner is: IG Index. If you want the best performance out of your spread betting platform make sure you're using the latest version of your browser software. Personally I use Firefox but Google's Chrome browser is also excellent. As for Microsoft's dreadful Internet Explorer, I suggest you dump it. I use BT Business Broadband which is traditionally far more stable than their standard residential service and I probably lose my connection times a year at the most. And the winner is: A draw, both platforms assuming your internet connection is good are rock solid which means both companies must have invested a lot in their infrastructure.

This is always a good sign of a quality company. IG charts are excellent and again over the last 6 months they've never gone down on me. Use them to chart from 1 second to monthly bars plus add moving averages, trend lines and all the other common technical indicators.

However, the same can't be said for the charts that FinSpreads offer. A good word to describe them would be cranky. And the winner is: It's not even a contest. IG Index wins by a long way. Warning: Be careful with other spread bet brokers that make a big song and dance about even tighter spreads or even no spreads.

There's no free lunch in the financial markets and these companies will probably try to get their money back using all sorts of subtle tricks. And the winner is: It's a draw unless you want to trade either smaller markets or strange ones such as Rough Rice.

In such a case go with IG Index because they have a larger range of markets. The clear winner for most traders, especially those just starting out is therefore Finspreads. Believe me 50p a point is more than enough to risk for many traders and whereas this sum might seem like a small trade tremendous profits can still be earned. For example, I'm in email correspondence with somebody called Brian S. There are old traders and there are bold traders but there are very few old and bold traders And the winner is: Finspreads beats IG Index hands down for new traders because of the 50p minimum bet.

IG also offer the best range of Binary Bets. And the winner is: IG Index edges it but it's close. Tip for new traders - Don't be afraid to call your broker asking what you think might be a stupid question. Perhaps it is, but if it saves you from losing money was it really that stupid or was it smart? I vote smart every time. I go into far more detail about how to learn using 10p a point in this free guide - How to Learn to Spread Bet and Prosper.

And the winner is: Finspreads because of their 10p minimum bet for the first 2 months of trading. Excellent for learning the ropes. Folks, you must understand that one of the secrets to trading is learning from your mistakes.

The trick therefore is to trade small amounts of money when starting out so the mistakes made won't cost you much. Trade larger size at your peril. Spread Betting. Both use browser-based software. This means it is not necessary to install any software on to your computer, instead everything is run through your browser which is the software used to view internet sites. In effect starting up the software is as simple as going to their website and logging on.

Important: Use the latest browser version If you want the best performance out of your spread betting platform make sure you're using the latest version of your browser software. How to build the all-important trading experience. Where to get trading help and advice. Which broker to use and why. Simple 2 month training plan to follow. Read more in the Spread Betting section:.

Spread Betting Homepage. How 'Margin' works. Binary Betting. Navigation: Spread Betting section. The Trade menu lacks sophisticated conditional orders but U. The IG Community site has active forums and numerous trade picks through forum entries and blog posts. There's no dedicated or third-party social platform and the broker site contains no client positioning data for CFDs, forex, or spread bets.

It would be beneficial to clients if this information was integrated into the broker site. Futures and options are available on many instruments and clients will never have a problem finding something to trade. IG customer service is available through a toll-free U. Both prospective and active clients can talk to a company representative through live chat that's available when the platform is open.

Online customer support is available in several languages, which enhances IG's appeal to a broader client base. The broker also runs satellite offices to support licensed operations in several regions. Additionally, the website's FAQs and support pages are well organized and informative. IG's educational tools are superior to any of the other online brokers that Investopedia has researched. An extensive trader's library, spearheaded by the impressive "IG Academy," will get beginners up to speed quickly while seasoned practitioners will find advanced trading strategy articles quite useful.

A healthy roster of online webinars covers "topics from platform walk-through to upcoming trade opportunities. IG Academy's course is designed to cover material for people at different stages of the trading spectrum, and it succeeds in delivering on this ambition. Clients can also access courses and articles through the handy IG Academy mobile app.

It is odd that DailyFX. An efficient search function and a comprehensive glossary enhance the value that IG's educational portfolio offers the client. IG's web-based U. The order ticket is limited to initiating basic market and pending orders with provisions for stop-loss and take-profit orders. Guaranteed stop loss and trailing stop loss orders are not available. The client chooses the size of the trade which is denominated in increments of , of the base currency which, in retail FX parlance, is generally defined as a standard lot.

The U. This addition is useful as it gives clients the capability to drill down into one's trading activity beyond the basic metrics. The broker does not provide a trading journal, nor does it provide tax accounting tools on the platform. IG's commitment to providing clients with timely and informative research is noteworthy. There is something for both those that like to read and those that prefer to listen or watch.

The one criticism is that the links on the U. As noted, IG operates the DailyFX website, which provides comprehensive news, research, and an educational portal with in-house analysts along with hundreds of market topics that include intermediate technical and fundamental analysis. Real-time news is produced in-house and covers major currency pairs. Multiple live webinars build trading skills, highlight key events, and identify news catalysts.

Furthermore, it is listed on the U. This ensures that client assets are protected in the unlikely event that IG becomes insolvent by holding those funds in segregated accounts at regulated banks. Guaranteed stop loss orders are also offered, which mitigate exposure to potentially catastrophic losses in extreme market conditions, like the Swiss franc currency shock.

IG's software security is aligned with the best that the industry has to offer. In addition to two-factor and bio-metric authentication, the user will be logged out of both the web-based and mobile applications for inactivity. The broker operates a counter-party dealing desk which is useful for clients, especially ones with large accounts, who wish to trade directly with the inter-bank system through a dedicated platform.

A note about dealing desks: Over the evolutionary course of online retail brokerage, dealing desks have been stigmatized, likely stemming from the inherent conflict of interest issues, where traders especially beginners are convinced that their lack of performance is due to the firm's dealing desk "trading against them.

Dealing desks are staffed to ensure the proper functioning of the firm's platform s , without which revenue generation and profitability would suffer. For example, in the event of a technological glitch with the online interface, clients should have the option of being able to manage their trades. Aside from being regulated by reputable entities, a dealing desk goes a long way towards legitimizing an online broker. Clients can choose from a variety of platform options and easily upgrade as their accounts build equity.

Professionals will appreciate direct market access DMA that bypasses the dealing desk. That said, the inconsistency in not offering negative balance protection and guaranteed stop losses in the U. Overall, IG has a proven track record of being a reputable and highly competent entity whose entrance into the U. Investopedia is dedicated to providing investors with unbiased, comprehensive reviews and ratings of online brokers. We established a rating scale based on our criteria, collecting over 3, data points that we weighed into our star scoring system.

In addition, every broker we surveyed was required to fill out a point survey about all aspects of their platform that we used in our testing.

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You need to be comfortable use it with dummy spread betting software reviews. Spread betting is tax-free and on numerous sports. You can automate all of someone who is 5 draw poker betting strategies Betfair. This post from Betfair explains is no guarantee of profits. A more extensive range of automated betting then this is. You need both elements - to trade before you start. It is possible to use varying rules in different markets marketplaces to algorithmically make spread. This means adding rules on from scratched or purchased through to find the best spread. Why should you consider going to an automated approach. If you are looking to you get the best experience.

You can see our complete list of Spread betting companies which features a detailed review of each broker and our independent opinion of. Compare the top 10 financial spread betting companies in the UK, including For our spread betting comparison, we found 11 brokers that are suitable and accept We found 11 broker accounts (out of ) that are suitable for Spread Betting. Commodities Brokers · Best Indices Brokers · Best Metals Trading Software. Spread betting is quickly gaining popularity in the financial world. With the many spread betting accounts offering these services, the market is quite.