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Sport betting in california

Fantasy sports are big business gambling corporations. In , the California State Lottery was introduced to provide additional funding to schools across the state. On top of interstate options such as the Mega Millions and the Power Ball, California residents can also play intrastate draw games and scratch cards. There remains to be no options for sports betting on site at Casinos in California.

Whatever your choice may be, Odds Shark has you covered with in-depth betting tutorials to ensure you have everything you need to make smart picks on everything from the Super Bowl to the Heisman Trophy futures. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only.

Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team.

OddsShark does not target an audience under the age of Please visit gambleaware. Google Tag Manager. Oddshark logo linked to Home. Close Menu. Show More Read Full Review. Signup Bonus. Visit operator for details. Betting on Sports Online When it comes to wagering on everyday matchups or big sporting events, you have a myriad of betting options to choose from.

Bonuses and Free Bets Betting websites like to thank their California customers with prizes for being loyal bettors. Customer Service The way a betting site responds to its clientele is important. How to Sign up to Bet on Sports First you need to select one of the sportsbooks we list above. Legalizing sports betting in California requires a constitutional amendment go in front of voters.

This limits the efforts to election years. Given the time frame for launch provided in this bill, that would make the first possible launch of California sports betting as September of A coalition of California tribes is in court asking for more time to gather signatures to qualify their own sports betting initiative for the ballot. It gathered nearly a million unverified signatures prior to the pandemic shutdowns. If the lawsuit fails, the tribes could still put the initiative on the ballot in But they would have to start over on the signature collecting, a costly proposition.

Over one million voters have signed our petition to legalize sports wagering at racetracks and tribal casinos, and we respect their preference to authorize sports wagering in a responsible and incremental manner. With the two key industry stakeholders — the tribes and cardrooms — at odds and a hard two-thirds vote needed in the legislature for a constitutional amendment, lawmakers are hesitant even to make a real attempt. A hearing in the Senate Governmental Organization Committee earlier this month showed significant support for SCA 6, while also illuminating its difficult road ahead.

Cardrooms and the municipalities who benefit from their economic engine spoke in favor of the bill. They stayed in support even as proposed amendments from Dodd added increased cardroom restrictions. As representatives of the cardroom industry, we will continue to support comprehensive proposals that benefit Californians, not just one special interest.


The pending ballot measure is also the furthest California sports betting has advanced toward any type of legal wagering, a scenario that seems unlikely to change any time soon. As the tribes look to advance sports betting hopes through the ballot box, their rival card rooms earned a major victory in the courts. The tribes argued the government was violating their exclusive rights to offer table games such as blackjack by not enforcing restrictions on state-regulated card rooms.

The card rooms have offered these games for years, where instead of a traditional dealer, players take turns distributing the cards. This has spurred years of tribal legal challenges. Native American groups have argued the constitutional amendment that permitted California tribal gaming gives them exclusive rights to casino gaming, which they have said is violated by the card rooms.

Short of an unlikely appeal before the U. Supreme Court, the tribes have few additional legal remedies to stop the player-banked games at card rooms. The tribes could push a separate vote-backed constitutional amendment to restrict the card rooms, but that would face significant political headwinds. A legislative solution seems even less likely. Like the tribal casinos, card rooms are the largest employer and revenue generator for many California communities, generating billions in revenue annually.

They carry significant political and financial sway in the legislature, and there seems to be little inclination that lawmakers would support something that effectively incapacitates card rooms — and their millions of dollars in annual tax revenues. The card rooms supported a legislature-backed compromise amendment proposal earlier this year that would give the tribes and horse racing tracks exclusive sports betting rights in exchange for codified approval to continue offering player-banked games, which would be far more lucrative than sportsbooks.

With the courts now firmly on their side, the card rooms have little motivation to give away sports betting rights when they can now continue player-banked games. With the tribes seemingly on their way to sports betting in coming years, and a legislative solution still improbable, the card rooms could try to push a voter-backed constitutional amendment of their own. Assuming Senate confirmation, California Gov.

Gavin Newsom will have to find a new top attorney for the state, a coveted position that has a long list of possible candidates. At times, Becerra had an acrimonious relationship with the card rooms after he proposed a crackdown on player-banked card games nearly a year ago. California residents do have the option to play DFS and enter into sweepstakes type contests.

At the center of this interminable delay are the competing interests of three stakeholders in the Golden State. The three entities in question are:. At this point, California would have to pass a constitutional amendment in order to bring sports betting inside its borders.

Those included an assembly bill in and a constitutional amendment in During the same time period, an advocacy group called Californians for Sports Betting announced its intention to push for ballot initiatives that would repeal the constitutional language from that placed so much power in the hands of Native American groups.

Needless to say, the tribal interests were not amused. They used their political power to kill almost any mention of sports betting legalization in On June 27, , Gray, along with state Sen. The amendment would give the CA Legislature the power to authorize and regulate sports betting in the state. It then must pass the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom before going onto the ballot, where it needs a simple majority vote.

If ACA makes it through both houses, it could arrive on the November ballot. On Nov. The amendment would allow wagers on professional, college and some amateur sports. Interestingly, it would prohibit betting on high school contests and games involving California college teams , which will likely be a major point of contention. Another point of contention is the lack of inclusion of mobile or online gambling provisions. The amendment, if passed as is, would also allow tribal casinos to begin offering roulette and craps.

It also claims nearly all of those wagers were illegal. California is the largest state in America , so it would likely represent the largest sports betting market in the country. The wheels appear to be in motion for sports betting to go to a popular vote in What is less clear is whether it will be the California Legislature or the California tribal interests holding the reigns on regulation.

Based upon the various attempted proposals in the state, California sports betting would feature:.


Even though the petition and initial referendum failed, the potential for legal sports betting in California is good. By the end of the year, close to half the states in the US could have legal sportsbooks. Many thought California would be a foregone conclusion to legislate law that made sports betting legal. Anyone living in the state appreciates the financial struggles of state agencies. So too is the push to legalize activities to help the state generate revenue.

There was a great deal of hope that a petition would receive enough support to put a sports betting referendum on a statewide ballot by Early in , both the petition idea and a call for lawmakers to propose legislation, each failed. Right now, there is a great deal of conversation surrounding California sports betting, but there appears to be nothing on the immediate horizon. Still, with their proximity to the original betting capital of the world, Las Vegas, and a clear sense of the enormous amount of revenue sports betting will produce, Californians remain hopeful.

Until then, picking the most viable physical sportsbook locations and online providers is conjecture. However, we will do our best to give you a look inside which of these options has the best chance if and when California passes sports betting legislation. Even fewer showed any sense they would be eager to share the benefits with commercial entities when sports betting becomes legal in the state.

This threw out all revenue-sharing agreements between the tribal casinos and the state. This could prove to be a highly debated subject when lawmakers are forced to decide between loyalty to the once-lucrative tribal casino industry and the healthy push by sportsbook operators. Most projections feel that lawmakers will eventually honor that commitment to the tribal casino operations in California.

There is also an indication that it will only be initially to provide these established facilities with first-right-of-refusal. After that, the door will be open to commercial facilities, casino operators with established reputations, to receive the red carpet to do business in California. Here are the physical entities with the best chance of landing a sportsbook facility in the state. If you understand anything about the Los Angeles area concerning professional sports, Santa Anita Park is an obvious choice for a physical sportsbook.

They have a massive operation about halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. Look for that enthusiasm to change when sportsbooks become legal. Location may prove important, and halfway between LA and the California state capitol will be a huge bonus for the Tachi.

It is also located on a fictional triangle with Las Vegas, so anyone who was compelled to drive to Vegas to bet on sports would find this location right on the way. This would be a prime spot for a sportsbook. As we mentioned, the interest in climbing on the sports betting bandwagon has not been strong. To give you a perspective of how large the Pechanga Resort and Casino is, it has nearly 4, slot machines alone.

With size and luxury in mind, the Pechanga has everything necessary to host a California sportsbook, including the money to finance a dedicated facility. The first step to open sports betting to Californians will be to pass legislation regulating fixed locations. However, this open door will act as a clear path to online sportsbook operations. Too many people utilize mobile devices. While online sportsbook legalization may take time, once sports betting laws are changed, it will follow soon after.

Here are the top contenders to secure online sports betting approval in California. However, with rival daily fantasy sports provider FanDuel, they are head and shoulders above the competition in collective sports betting revenue. DraftKings is a leading candidate to provide online sports betting in California. DraftKings is one of the top 2 online sports betting operations in the US and has entered every legalized state thus far.

DraftKings also inked a deal with Caesars earlier in the year, further supporting their reach. FanDuel — When you lock up the lead in sports betting revenue three out of four months to begin the year, you cement yourself as one of the leading online sportsbooks. This may come as a surprise to anyone who is not associated with FanDuel.

They were ready to be a huge factor in New Jersey. Like DraftKings, they will be a strong competitor for online sportsbooks in all states that legalize sports betting, including California. Since they already have an affiliation with the California Gaming Commission, this will prove a valuable tool in their attempts to acquire the necessary state licenses when they become available.

They currently operate a sportsbook and online gaming options for more than a dozen physical Las Vegas casinos. The current involvement in the western US and proximity to California gives William Hill an edge to secure the necessary approval in California. Efforts were made in and to legalize online poker. This follows successive efforts going back a decade. The bills would have allowed card rooms and licensed tribal casinos to offer online poker.

The proposed bill both explicitly made it legal to play poker online in a licensed medium and provided the framework for poker operators to become registered. The various bills have floundered due to the same factors manifesting themselves repeatedly. The bill requires a suitability determination in which the proposed operators must be judged based in part on past actions. This would likely disqualify PokerStars from the marketplace since it continued to offer online poker notwithstanding the federal statute that made online poker illegal.

PokerStars exerted efforts to lobby against the previous iterations of this legislation, and its opposition was one of the main reasons that the previous two bills failed. There was a version of the legalization bill that would have allowed PokerStars to pay a fine for previous actions and be allowed to participate in the online poker market.

This bill, however, did not garner sufficient legislative support. At the same time, the tribal casinos have opposed online poker legalization as well. These card rooms have attempted to offer blackjack and pai gow poker, which the tribal casinos view as competition. To date, these casinos have opposed all efforts to legalize online poker.

All types of gaming expansion have run into obstacles in California. There have been attempts to legalize daily fantasy sports in California. The California Assembly passed a legalization bill in by an overwhelming margin, and passing seemed assured in the Senate. However, the Senate proved to be a much tougher proposition as no action was taken on the bill, which did not even receive a vote.

One factor in the derailment of the bill was tribal opposition to its passage, which stopped progress towards passage dead in its tracks. Although DFS has not yet been legalized in California, there has been no effort to stop California residents from entering the contests. Sportsbooks have run into similar opposition, and any attempt to legalize thus far have failed.

The ruling lifted the federal ban on gambling and essentially allowed sports betting to be legal in the US. There was a bill introduced to allow for a referendum that would allow sports betting , but the legislation failed to garner the two-thirds support necessary to place the issue on the ballot.

There are efforts underway to place this on the ballot in the coming years, but tribal casinos have opposed anything that they believe would infringe on their exclusivity for offering casino games in the state. Any bill that would give the card rooms a role in sports betting will be vigorously opposed by the tribal casinos.

There are no online lottery or online table game offerings in CA. It begs the question, why not an online lottery? California is a state desperately in need of more tax dollars. The online betting legalization efforts have been focused on online sports betting infancy stage bills , poker and there have been no efforts to legalize other forms of online casinos. Given the strenuous opposition to poker and sports wagering, any sort of other online expansion of gambling is likely to be opposed by the tribal casinos.

One tribal casino attempted to undertake its online gambling operations by offering online bingo while expressing an interest in online poker. Californians have a slight advantage over other state residents. Many of these avid sports enthusiasts would like to bet on their team.

In California, they can hope a quick flight or take a drive to Las Vegas, but that does little or nothing for the state treasury. Nearly every calculation from states who have legalized sports betting strongly considers population numbers. When you combine the most teams with most people in the country, the estimated numbers for sports betting in California are staggering.

Early efforts have met with some resistance, and a lackadaisical approach caused a couple of efforts to fizzle before they even got started. Look for those behind the efforts to gain access to legal sports betting in California to learn from their mistakes. There is just too large a presence in professional sports, and too vast a population of people for California to ignore the financial windfall sports betting will create.

The current prospects for legalization in short order are not good. Tribal interests will simply not allow these bills to proceed until the legislative process restricts the card rooms. There is a chance that this issue will be addressed eventually. Over the ten years that expanded gaming has been on the legislative agenda, numerous opponents have been brought into the tent by various compromises that advanced their interests.

For new bettors looking to dip their toes in on an online sportsbook, we have great sportsbook reviews that can help you find a safe, secure, and easy to use place to bet on sports. Our reviews were compiled by experts and are honest because they use these sportsbooks themselves. Criteria reviewed include deposit options, bonuses, odds selection, sports offerings, and more.

No, there is no current legislation for legal sports betting in California but there is hope that the Native American tribal casinos will file a motion to have it legalized in their casinos by November There is no state-run online gambling sites in California. Offshore sportsbooks aren't monitored by local authorities, so they are not illegal. Their dated laws make it easy for offshore sportsbooks to offer their products in the state.

No, currently there are no physical sportsbooks in California as it is not legal to bet on sports in the state. Offshore online sportsbooks are the only option for sports betting in the state of California. Currently, the only place to gamble on sports in California is online at offshore sportsbooks, there are safe and reputable online sportsbooks you can easily sign up for from the convienence of your home.

Yes, all daily fantasy sports are legal in California, making it easy for sports fans to sign up at DraftKings or other sites like FanDuel. Read Review. GT Bets. Sports Interaction. Spin Palace Sports. Can I bet on sports in California? Nebraska Nevada N. Frequently Asked Questions about gambling in California. Is sports betting legal in California? Is online gambling legal in California? Are there any sportsbooks in California? Where can I bet on sports in California?

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Stanford Cardinal. Each time these teams meet on a football field, it is simply known as the Big Game. After Stanford took the lead in the dying seconds of the Big Game, all the Cardinal had to do was kick the ball off and run out the final few seconds. That's when Cal lateraled, lateraled again, and kept right on lateraling until they were celebrating the winning score in the endzone with the entire Stanford band on the field around them.

It is the most iconic moment in college football history. California Golden Bears Rivalry 2: vs. There are many University of California schools, but this rivalry pits the two biggest athletic programs among them with Berkeley versus Los Angeles.

The California rivals play every season in the Pac and constitute the third longest-running rivalry without interruption in college football. UCLA leads the all-time series. Fresno State is about to celebrate its football centennial since the program began in The Bulldogs have bounced around conferences over the years but moved from the Western Athletic Conference to the Mountain West in , where they compete today.

Fresno State has won 26 conference titles and played in 28 bowl games. The Bulldogs had a famous home win over preseason No. Fresno State plays its home games on campus at Bulldog Stadium. Kalen DeBoer coaches them. Fresno State Bulldogs Rivalry: vs. Boise State Broncos. The Battle of the Milk Can not sound particularly scary, but these schools love their agriculture, and California and Idaho are two of the nation's leading dairy states.

The Bulldogs and Broncos have played since , meeting more regularly now that the two compete for the top of the Mountain West. Boise State leads the all-time series. The Aztecs won back-to-back-to-back national championships under Coryell from through before joining Division I. San Diego State has become something of a football coaching factory over the years.

San Diego State football almost joined the Big East Conference in -- yes, that's a West Coast team in a conference called Big East -- but the Aztecs ended up staying in the Mountain West, where they compete today. Brady Hoke coaches san Diego State. San Diego State Aztecs Rivalry: vs.

Fresno State Bulldogs. The Battle for the Oil Can date back to , and the Aztecs and Bulldogs played annually for many years before conference realignment disrupted the rivalry. Now that both teams are together again in the Mountain West, the rivalry is back on. One of the most memorable matchups was the "Fog Bowl" in , when the game was so foggy that the announcers had to go onto the field and even in the huddle to call the game, with San Diego State winning a thriller. The Aztecs lead the all-time series.

San Jose State has played football since the s, but the Spartans had their best football era between and During those two decades, San Jose State made the AP top 25 for the first time in 30 years and even finished the season ranked top 25 for the first time. The Spartans have won 16 conference titles but have never won the Mountain West, where they compete now.

They've played in 10 bowl games but only three since , though they've won all three of them and seven of 10 overall. San Jose Spartans Rivalry: vs. While both the Spartans and Bulldogs have bounced around conferences over the years, they always seem to stick together. That and the close regional ties have made this San Jose State's main rival, and the teams play each year for the Battle of the Valley Trophy. Fresno State leads the all-time series by a small margin.

The Bruins have played basketball for over a century, but the glory days most certainly came under legendary Hall of Fame coach John Wooden. The Bruins went undefeated four times in that stretch, including a record game winning streak from to UCLA plays in the Pac and won 13 consecutive regular-season conference titles from to , the second-longest in Division I history.

The Bruins have played in 18 Final Fours, including 10 in a row under Wooden and then three consecutively from through , their most recent appearance. UCLA also added one other national championship in Mick Cronin coaches them. Just like every other sport on the planet, UCLA considers crosstown USC to be its top rival, though the Trojans men's basketball program isn't as strong, leaving this rivalry a bit weaker than in other sports.

It wasn't always this way. The rivalry was particularly intense in the season when the Bruins and Trojans were the top-two ranked teams in the nation for most of the season. The Bruins won the national championship that year, of course. UCLA has dominated the all-time series.

Arizona Wildcats. Sometimes, a rivalry is just about being the best. Since Lute Olson arrived as coach Arizona in , the Bruins and Wildcats won 22 of the next 30 regular Pac Conference championships. They've also won eight Pac Conference Tournaments combined and have faced off in the tourney 10 times. The rivalry peaked in the s and 80s when Digger Phelps coached Notre Dame when these teams were streak killers. Notre Dame was the last team to beat UCLA in before the Bruins reeled off 88 consecutive victories only to lose to Notre Dame again in , with the Irish book-ending the game streak.

UCLA also broke an Irish game home winning streak. The Bruins lead the closer-than-you to think all-time series, , though the rivals barely meet up these days. Back in the day, USC men's basketball was a national powerhouse. Sam Barry helped innovate the game during his time coaching the team from to The Trojans won nine division titles in a year span and made their first Final Four in They made it there again in but have not been back since, one of the longest droughts for a power conference team.

USC competes in the Pac conference, but it's men's basketball program does not stack up today with its other elite athletic programs. USC Trojans Rivalry: vs. The teams play at least twice a season in the Pac The Golden Bears basketball program has seen better days. The Berkeley version of this Cal team made its first Final Four in , then returned in and They cut down the nets as national champions in ; still, their only men's basketball title, and the Golden Bears have not been back to the Final Four in six decades.

Cal competes in the Pac and is coached by Mark Fox. California Golden Bears Rivalry: vs. Cal and Stanford are most known for their football rivalry, but these Pac foes are rivals in any sport. Either of these teams are rarely in the national picture, let alone both of them, so that takes the luster off from a national standpoint, but the student sections are always crazy and ready to go. Stanford leads the all-time rivalry. The Cardinal is not a particularly decorated men's basketball program today, but Stanford did win a national championship in That was their only appearance in the NCAA tournament until , though the program rose to prominence again briefly around the turn of the century when they were a 1-seed three times in five seasons and made their only other Final Four in Stanford competes in the Pac, where the Cardinal have won five conference championships.

Stanford Cardinal Rivalry: vs. Stanford and California are rivals in every sport. However, the basketball rivalry is a bit more muted nationally because it's been decades since both were truly relevant on a national scale. It's still a big-time rivalry at a local level, though, and Stanford leads the all-time series, which meets at least twice a season in the Pac San Diego State has risen to prominence and completed its best men's basketball season in school history in The Aztecs were nearly perfect, with 30 wins and only two losses, and would've almost certainly entered the NCAA tournament as a 1-seed and Final Four favorite if the tourney hadn't been canceled due to the pandemic.

The Aztecs have only even made the Sweet Sixteen twice, both in the past decade. The Aztecs moved to the Mountain West in and compete in that conference still. Brian Dutcher coaches them. Now UNLV has become the primary Aztec rival, especially in recent years since UNLV has such a strong home-court advantage, and the teams are so often battling near the top of the Mountain West and play at least twice every season. Mary's has developed a reputation as one of the best mid-major programs, especially on the West Coast.

The Gaels would probably be even more well known if they didn't have Gonzaga blocking their path every year in the West Coast Conference. Still, St. Mary's has played in 10 NCAA tournaments, including five over the past decade. The Gaels have won four tournament games this decade, all of them upsets as a seed or lower.

Randy Bennett coaches them. Mary's Gaels Rivalry: vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs. Mary's top rival today. Gonzaga and St. Mary's have won 10 straight WCC titles and 18 of the past 20, battling every year at the conference's top.

The teams play at least twice every season, though they've also played 18 times and counting in the WCC tournament and meet there just about every year. You may not know much about San Francisco basketball today, but the Dons won three national championships back in the middle of the 20th century. Two of them were back-to-back in and when Hall of Famer Bill Russell put the Dons on his back for two title runs.

San Francisco has the winningest program in the West Coast Conference, no small feat in a conference containing Gonzaga, with 16 regular-season conference championships. The Broncos have appeared in 11 NCAA tournaments and made it to the Final Four, their third straight seasons with multiple tournaments wins.

The Broncos also distinguish being the only team to win both the CollegeInsider. Herb Sendek coaches them. The aptly-named Waves play near the beaches of Malibu in the Firestone Fieldhouse. Pepperdine hasn't done much on a national level since last making the NCAA tournament in , but the team made the tournament nine times between and as regular conference contenders. The Waves even made the Sweet Sixteen twice, in and Pepperdine competes in the West Coast Conference and is coached by Lorenzo Romar, now in his second stint with the team after returning in The Tigers were a charter member of the West Coast Conference, left it for four decades in the Big West, and rejoined in Pacific has won 13 regular-season conference championships and played in the NCAA tournament nine times.

The Tigers have won four tournament games, including a Elite Eight berth and back-to-back years with a win in and Pacific boasts former No. The Tigers play their home games at the Alex G. Spanos Center in Stockton. Like so many other athletic programs, the Cardinal women's basketball team ranks among the nation's elite. Stanford has played in every NCAA tournament since VanDerveer led the Cardinal to national championships in and , and Stanford has made the Final Four 13 times since that first title.

The Cardinal play their home games at Maples Pavilion on campus. USC made history in when they became the first Division I team to grant scholarships to female basketball players. That helped them land future Hall of Famers Cheryl Miller and Cynthia Cooper, who led the team to back-to-back national championships in and plus another Final Four in The Women of Troy have not been back to the Final Four since but have been home to some of the all-time great women's basketball players like Miller, Cooper, Lisa Leslie, and Tina Thompson.

Mark Trakh coaches them. The Trojans are the most successful college baseball program in the country. USC has won 12 national championships, more than double any other college team. All but one of those titles came under Hall of Fame coach Rod Dedeaux, who coached the team for nearly half a century.

The Trojans won five straight titles from to and have played in 21 College World Series all-time, though the program has come upon a drought with their last title in and their last World Series appearance in The Trojans compete in the Pac and play their games at Dedeaux Field on campus in LA, named after their historically dominant coach.

Jason Gill coaches the team today. Stanford has played baseball since launching its program in , but the program rose to national prominence under four decades with Coach Mark Marquess. Starting in , Stanford made the College World Series six times over the next decade and 14 times by The Cardinal won back-to-back national championships in and , their only two national titles ever, and were World Series runners up three times in The Bruins are the most successful softball program in the nation.

They've played in the championship game 22 times and appeared in the Women's College World Series tournament 29 times with an incredible tournament wins all-time, dwarfing the competition. The Bruins have long been one of the top programs in men's collegiate soccer. The Bruins made it to the national championship game in their second playoff appearance, and they've played in nine College Cup finals over the years. The Bruins' last appearance in the College Cup final was Ryan Jorden coaches them.

The Stanford men's soccer program hasn't quite reached the women's team's dynastic level, but they might well be on their way. The Cardinal first made the College Cup final twice around the turn of the century but became a mini-dynasty when they won three straight NCAA championships between and Stanford competes in the Pac and plays its home games at Laird Q. Cagan Stadium on campus in Palo Alto. No women's soccer program has been as hot as the Stanford Cardinal over the past decade, in which Stanford won NCAA championships in , , and and played in two more finals.

Those three titles are second-most in NCAA women's soccer history. Five Cardinal players have won the Hermann Trophy since , given to the nation's top women's soccer player. The Cardinal play their home games at Laird Q. Since , Stanford has only lost more than two regular-season matches one time, a remarkable record.

The Bruins have consistently been one of the nation's top women's soccer programs throughout this century. UCLA has played in all but one NCAA tournament this century, making the semifinals 11 times and playing in the national championship game five times. Unfortunately, they have a long history of heartbreak so close to the finish line, with one lone championship in , a overtime win over Florida State. The Women of Troy are one of the most successful women's soccer programs. USC has already established itself as a perennial contender, even though the program has only existed since Kidane McAlpine coaches them.

Even if you only count the teams at the highest level of competition in their respective sports, including 3 football teams, 5 basketball teams, 5 baseball teams, 3 hockey teams, and 4 soccer teams! In the last decade alone, these California teams have won nine championships, almost one per year! Californians sure do love their pro sports teams. We expect big bets to be placed on these California teams soon! The 49ers are one of the NFL's premier franchises.

San Francisco also ranks third all-time with seven Super Bowl appearances, and the 49ers have played in and hosted the most NFC Championship games. No matter how you slice it, the 49ers stack up with every great NFL franchise. Perhaps appropriately, the 49ers joined the NFL in , exactly years after the gold rush the team is named after.

They were the first major professional sports team in San Francisco. Kyle Shanahan coaches san, Francisco. San Francisco 49ers Rivalry 1: vs. Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks may not be San Francisco's biggest historic rival, but there's little question that they're the 49ers' top rival these days. The teams have played in the NFC West together since Still, the rivalry didn't really pick up until earlier this decade when 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll brought their former college rivalry Harbaugh at Stanford, Carroll at USC the pros in an intense, hard-hitting rivalry.

The rivalry has continued under Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers and Seahawks play at least twice a season, and the meetings almost always carry on the divisional race. San Francisco 49ers Rivalry 2: vs. Dallas Cowboys. If you watched any football at all in the 90s, you know there was no bigger rivalry in football than the 49ers and Cowboys.

The teams met 8 times between and , including three straight NFC Championship Games, with the winner going on to win the Super Bowl each time. The teams also played in back-to-back NFC Championship Games in and then again in , when Joe Montana completed the famous game-winning pass to Dwight Clark in the final minute known as The Catch.

The Cowboys lead the all-time series and have won five of seven postseason meetings, though the teams haven't met in the playoffs since the third of those three NFC Championships in The Rams are the only NFL franchise to win a championship in three different cities, though two of them came before the Super Bowl era.

The Los Angeles Rams won the championship in in the first iteration of the LA team, and that team had moved over from the Cleveland Rams, which won a title in The St. The Rams first came to Los Angeles in immediately after winning a title, the only time an NFL championship team has played the following season in another city. The Rams played in LA until leaving for St.

Louis, Missouri, after the season. They played there through before moving back to Los Angeles, where they play again today. The franchise has played in four Super Bowls, twice as St. Louis and twice as LA, most recently in The Rams are coached by the young whiz kid, Sean McVay.

Los Angeles Rams Rivalry: vs. San Francisco 49ers. Because the 49ers have moved around so much over the years, it's difficult to nail down one specific lasting rival. Their northern neighbors are probably as close as it comes, particularly because of the longstanding Northern vs. Southern California rivalry in sports and culture.

That geographic rivalry wore off while the Rams were in St. Louis but are ramping up again. It was especially strong in the s when the teams first became division rivals and competed regularly for the NFC West title. The Rams dominated the series early, but the 49ers now lead the all-time series.

San Francisco 49ers Schedule Roster. The team played in San Diego for most of the franchise's duration but returned to LA again for the start of the season, one year after the Rams had returned to Los Angeles after many years in St. Louis, Missouri. The Chargers are coached by Anthony Lynn and appear to have found their franchise quarterback in rookie Justin Herbert. Los Angeles Chargers Rivalry: vs.

Las Vegas Raiders. This rivalry has long been the AFC version of Northern vs. Southern California, with the Raiders representing Oakland in the north and the Chargers repping San Diego in the south. Oddly enough, now that both teams have moved and the Raiders play in Las Vegas, Nevada, the teams are actually miles closer together now. The Raiders lead the all-time series and won the only playoff meeting in The Los Angeles Lakers are champions again! Lakers fans waited a whole decade for another ring.

Finally, they won their 17th championship in October when LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the franchise back to the top of the league for the first time since Kobe Bryant won his final ring in It tells you all you need to know about the Lakers franchise that 10 years is considered a championship drought, but when you've won 17 titles in three-quarters of a century, 10 years is a long time. The Lakers were an NBA dynasty from the jump. As the Minneapolis Lakers, the team was the league's first dynasty under George Mikan, winning five titles between and They moved to Los Angeles in and appeared in eight Finals without a victory, most of them led by Jerry West and Elgin Baylor, and most of them coming shortly to the Boston Celtics.

The team finally broke through for another ring in when Wilt Chamberlain led the team to its first LA title. The next Lakers championship came in with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a rookie Magic Johnson, and the Showtime Lakers would go on to win five titles in the 80s. Then it was another drought before Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant led the team to a threepeat from , with Kobe adding two more titles in and , leading to LeBron That's a whole lot of NBA legends in one paragraph and a whole lot of rings.

Any list of all-time greats is dotted with players who played for the Lakers up and down the list. Lakers purple and gold are as recognizable as any brand in the league, and the Buss family still owns the team. The champs are coached by Frank Vogel and will look to defend their title under LeBron James and Anthony Davis whenever the new season begins.

Los Angeles Lakers Rivalry: vs. Boston Celtics. The two franchises have combined to win 34 of 74 championships through , 17 each, and nearly half the league's titles between them. The Lakers and Celtics have met in the NBA Finals 12 different times, with the matchup practically an annual occurrence in the s and then coming back strong again in the s. Larry Bird and Robert Parish. The Celtics won the first eight Finals meetings before the Lakers finally beat them in LA has won three of the last four but trails the overall series both in the playoffs and all-time.

The rivalry remains one of the biggest in American sports. When you have as much history as the Lakers, any number of teams could call themselves your rival. But when it comes to the Lakers, there can only be one: Lakers and Celtics forever.

Boston Celtics Roster Schedule. The Clippers are LA's "other" team, though they're always trying hard to close the gap with big brother. They had renamed the Clippers when they moved to San Diego in , but the one consistent thing was that the team didn't find much success. The Clippers moved to Los Angeles in and still struggled to win or steal much of the Lakers fan base. A new era dawned upon the Clippers over the past decade.

Los Angeles made a coaching change after a disappointing playoff exit, so they'll start next season under new head coach, Tyronn Lue. Someday, they'll hope to hang a banner of their own next to all those Lakers ones. Los Angeles Clippers Rivalry: vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have won 17 NBA championships.

The Clippers have won six playoff series. Suffice to say this rivalry is a bit one-sided, and that the Clippers certainly consider the Lakers their rival far more than the other way around. It must be hard playing in the same arena every night, looking up at all those championship banners hanging in the rafters. The best the Clippers can offer is a pair of division titles and a few "led a series " banners, at least for now. The LA rivals have never met in the playoffs, though the Clippers certainly believe they'll change that soon with Kawhi and PG in town.

First, they're going to have to make it far enough in the playoffs to play them. One thing is for certain: it'll be a Staples Center war when they do. Los Angeles Lakers Roster Schedule. Without any question, the Warriors have been the NBA's best team of the last half-decade. The following season, the Warriors had the best regular season in NBA history with Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, going and coming without one game of a second straight championship before falling to Cleveland.

That summer, Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, and they went on to win the next two championships. It had been a long time waiting for the Ws. They traded him away in but drafted Rick Barry soon after. Barry led the Warriors back to the NBA Finals in and again in , helping them win the title in '75 over the heavily favored Washington Bullets in one of the biggest Finals upsets in league history. Kevin Durant is gone now, but with Curry and Thompson back healthy, the Warriors look poised to contend again in Steve Kerr coaches golden State.

They play their home games in the brand new Chase Center in San Francisco. Golden State Warriors Rivalry 1: vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. Suffice to say; this is a very recent rivalry and one that may already be over. Golden State won three of the four but probably lost the most important one, with the Cavs memorably returning from a Finals deficit to shock the Warriors.

With LeBron James now gone, the rivalry probably is too. In fact, you could argue that the real 1 Warriors rival right now is simply LeBron James. Bring on the Lakers in Cleveland Cavaliers Roster Schedule. Golden State Warriors Rivalry 2: vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are also a more recent rival for the Warriors, and that one extends both on and off the court. The Thunder were a thorn in Golden State's side with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and OKC's length and athleticism pushed the Warriors to the brink repeatedly and nearly knocked them out in the playoffs.

That was the end of the games being close but only sparked the rivalry further when Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State. Any return to Oklahoma was contentious with Durant around. Now that both KD and Russ are on new teams, this rivalry may be a thing of the past. The Kings are the only professional sports team in Sacramento, but they didn't always play in California.

They won another championship in , this time in the NBA. The Royals moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, in , then relocated again to Kansas City, Missouri, in and even played occasional home games in Omaha, Nebraska. That move was when the franchise renamed itself as the Kings. The Kings finally found their home in in Sacramento. The Kings have never rediscovered their early NBA success.

In fact, the team hasn't even been back to the NBA Finals since , the league's second season, back when there were only nine teams. Sacramento was on the Finals' brink in before a crushing loss to the rival Los Angeles Lakers. The Kings haven't even been to the playoffs since Sacramento plays its home games at the Golden 1 Center.

Luke Walton coaches the Kings. Sacramento Kings Rivalry: vs. It would be fair to call this a one-sided rivalry, with the Kings forever trying to catch up with LA. The Lakers ended Sacramento's best modern season devastatingly in , knocking the Kings out of the playoffs a third straight season. The teams also met in five of the first NBA playoffs.

They've met nine times overall, with the Kings winning only one series, though to be fair, they did win their lone franchise championship that season way back in The Sparks won their first WNBA championship in , then won it again the following season, still the most recent back-to-back champions in league history. The Sparks added another championship in , their third title tying them for fourth-most all-time in the WNBA. Los Angeles Sparks Rivalry: vs. Minnesota Lynx. The teams repeatedly vying for the Western Conference and then WNBA crown, once the league reworked the playoffs specifically so these teams could meet for the championship.

The rivals met in the playoffs four times in seven seasons between and , including in back-to-back Finals in The Lynx won three of the five playoff series, but the teams split the titles. Minnesota Lynx Roster Schedule. Dodgers fans waited 32 long years for another title, but the drought is finally over. The Dodgers went in the pandemic-shortened season, best in the majors and a record win pace. But these Dodgers would not quit!

They came back to win the next three and head to their third World Series in four years, then finished the job by beating the Tampa Bay Rays in six. This is the Dodgers' seventh championship and sixth since moving to LA, and it was their 24th pennant, most of any team in the National League. Everything about the Dodgers franchise is historic. The Brooklyn Dodgers helped Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in They were the first West Coast team and the first Western team to win a World Series, the first team broadcast on television, and the first to use batting helmets.

The list goes on and on for one of the most historic franchises in baseball. The franchise began as the Brooklyn Grays in and went through several names before playing as the Brooklyn Dodgers for many decades at historic Ebbets Field. It's the oldest MLB stadium west of the Mississippi and third oldest overall. The Dodgers are managed by Dave Roberts and will gear up next fall with hopes of yet another trip to the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers Rivalry 1: vs. San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers and Giants are one of baseball's oldest and most historic rivalries. The rivalry started when both teams played in New York City, the Dodgers in Brooklyn and the Giants in Manhattan, but both teams moved to the West Coast at the same time and kept the rivalry going there.

This is one of many Northern vs. Southern California rivalries in and out of sports, and it has historically been one of the most balanced rivalries in sports. The Dodgers just passed the Giants in for most National League pennants, while the Giants remain one ahead in the World Series championship count.

If and when sports betting is legalized in California, it is expected that bettors will have access to the following types of wagers:. There is no specific indication at this point that in-game wagering and live betting will be prohibited under either of the active sports betting proposals in California. If the initiative advanced by the tribes were to be the one that is codified into law, there would be no online sports betting options in California.

As such, there may be a more limited number of companies involved in the market partnering with the tribes to run their brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Under that scenario, there would be a substantial number of companies interested in entering the market, including:. Without an official legal sports betting framework in place, there is no set breakdown of how tax revenue from sports betting would be allocated within California.

Sports betting is not yet legal in California. However, there are efforts underway that could result in voter referendums in either November or That initiative is being advanced by the tribes themselves. Not at this time. A proposed ballot initiative just failed to garner enough signatures to make the ballot. There are no other proposals on the table right now. In short, a large state means that there are many stakeholders who have or want to have a say in the matter. The reality is that sports betting could be legalized in November , in November or by neither date in a worst-case scenario.

Both the tribal and legislative initiatives currently being considered will have until June 25 to qualify for the November ballot. Technically, the legal gambling age in California is However, many gambling establishments also serve alcohol. So, in order to satisfy those restrictions, most gambling facilities are necessarily 21 and up. Be very cautious with these sports betting sites. They are offshore interests and cannot offer the same level of protection and security that legal interests can.

In the event of any kind of shutdown or dispute, you might find yourself without much recourse to address your concerns. Nevada has of course offered sports betting the longest of any state in the country by far. The Silver State has offered single-game wagering since Meanwhile, Oregon began offering legal single-game wagering in August The Scoreboard betting app launched in October , while the Chinook Winds retail sportsbook has been open since September This week's recap of sports betting news includes an extension for California tribes to get signatures and a new operator entering NJ.

A California Superior Court judge granted an extension for a coalition of California Indian tribes to gather signatures for a sports betting initaitive. Happy Monday, everyone. Continued positive news around leagues returning to action means sports betting should be ramping up starting next month.

Keep up with the biggest sports betting stories by subscribing to the LSR Podcast. DFS Provider.

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