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Laverda 668 sports review betting

Fully floating Brembo racing brakes and lightweight Marchesini wheels all play their part in giving the Formula impeccable manners for the street or track. This is your chance to stand out and be different with a stunning example of Italian heritage. The mirrors appear to have been removed and the standard exhausts were carbon fiber, but these Termignoni parts are a desirable extra.

Following a bankruptcy in , the Laverda marque was bought by Francisco Tognon who re-started produced using existing designs. Early models of the re-launched Laverda included an air cooled trellis framed bike known as the Ghost that was very similar to the Ducati Monster and a sportbike known simply enough as the Note: A limited edition sport with Kevlar bodywork was also produced. Even with the re-launch and influx of new capital, Laverda struggled to compete against the Japanese and within a few years ownership started to squabble.

Tognon left in taking the plans for a new triple engine with him which became the new powerplant of the reborn Benelli Tornedo Tre The entire Laverda concern was acquired by Aprilia in and hopes were high for a bit but Aprilia itself was also struggling and when Aprilia was acquired by Piaggio a few years later the Laverda marque was mothballed. Overall they were well designed and were strong performance competitors to the Ducati of the same era.

However the final edition Laverda models were not without fault. Typical Italian electrics of the period including narrow gauge wire and tuning for us emissions meant heavy loads on the generator system, resulting in failing voltage regulators and rough starting.

I want to say classic given all the goodies it has but given the possibility of crank issues and the fact that the brand is out of business the result has to be Crock. The condition of this particular Laverda Formula SF looks to be in pristine. The only non-original pieces I am seeing is an airbox cover scratch pad, what looks like a replacement chain and possibly the 3 screws on the dash although those might simply be rusty a common occurrence on these particular parts.

However the color of the brake and clutch fluid also makes me think the bike has not been gone through recently, so new owners should expect to spend monies on fluids, brake pads and possibly rubber. Condition on this one looks to be nearly perfect and required maintenance looks to be a standard used bike freshening. It will probably take another years before the Zane-era bikes crack the 10k value mark.

But this Laverda Formula SF meets all the raresportbike criteria numbers produced, technology, condition and location. Only 20 hours left so if this one interests you, move fast! Often referred to as Zane era bikes due to the the factory moving to the town of Zane , the last generation Laverda bikes had a Nico Bakker designed frame, Marchesini wheels, Brembo brakes, Paoli forks and shocks, and a cool letterbox fuel tank system that caused the center of gravity to improve as the fuel level went down.

For , there were 4 different cc based models offered; the the Strike a standard style in mother of pearl blue or orange, the formula in black, the S with half-fairings in silver or black, and the s Carenata which means fairing in Italian in yellow or red. This example is a 99 s Carenata model with the red bodywork and has very low mileage. The pics below are from the previous post while the new seller has provided many more pics from what I can see, the current seller has only replaced the rear tire and possibly done other regular maintenance such as a battery ….

Never wrecked and clear title! Only two owners and very low mileage! In great condition — only defect is a flat tire which can easily be replaced for minimal expense. I am an owner selling off my motorcycle collection. I am a motivated seller! Bid now! Certainly the trellis frame looks better, but the beam frame used in the Ghost Strike and the Formula models was designed by the famous Nico Bakker and, whether you love or hate the looks, those Formulas are famously good-handling machines, easily the equal of anything available at the time.

Unfortunately, although the bike is fitted with top-shelf components, the odd looks are a bit of an acquired taste, and are not helped by the aftermarket fairing fitted to this bike. From the original eBay listing: Laverda Ghost for Sale. This is the desired trellis frame model.

Bought new in from dealer here in Birmingham. Bike has been inside all of its life and is in pristine condition. There are two scuff marks on the front fender which may be buffed out. Tires are new, as is the battery. Bike is stock except for the aftermarket fairing, 2-into-1 Leo Vinci carbon fiber exhaust and Power Commander to tame the original quirky fuel injection system. An expensive dyno tuning was done on the F. This example, although poorly photographed, looks to be in very nice shape.

And you can see a number of other classic Italian cars and motorcycles in the background, so the bike has certainly been owned by a dedicated enthusiast! I will admit to being biased about the bike posted below; its one of my personal favorites.

The Formula editions were the top of the lineup bike of the Zane era, with upgraded camshafts and race-spec ECU chips. These upgrades were in addition to the series standard kit of a Nico Baker designed frame, marchesini wheels, letterbox gas tank, brembo brakes and carbon fiber goodies.

While reviews declared the parallel twin powered Laverda to be an equal to or better than its competion such as the Ducati , the Formula edition only lasted for two years. The effort was hampered by a nearly non-existent marketing budget, squabbling ownership and typical small manufacturer production concerns.

The entire concern fell apart in late and entered bankruptcy and while an attempted rescue by Aprilia raised hopes for a bit, Aprilia itself was soon acquired by Piaggio and the marque was shelved in The only issues I see in the pics other than the aftermarket pieces is a bit of paint being off the wheels and the very edge of the lower fairing, both typical items for an italian bike of this era.

Also the speedo is cracked but the seller indicates a replacement is available. Regarding maintenance, the seller states that a recommended upgrade to a stainless oil filter and oil upgrade to prevent the aforementioned crank issues has already been done. Is this bike worth the GBP asking price? Actually I think its worth more, given its condition and rareity. Prices are definitely starting to creep up on the Formula editions, with the series really jumping up lately.

Long term I think this one will definitely be more treat than trick. And the fact that you can still get a Zane-era Laverda for reasonable money whereas a lot of Breganze-era bikes have begun to appreciate beyond the reach of us mere mortals is another plus. The black strike edition was a kind of a one-off within the Zane-era lineup; the air-cooled engine and Nicco Baker designed frame were from the sport model, while the seating and gauge clusters where from the the ghost.

This particular Zane-era Laverda black strike looks to be in excellent but not pristine condition. I can see some minor bits of weathering included some fading in the small side cover panel above the id plate, what looks like some dried polish or flaked off paint on the riders right engine cover and some evidence of brake fluid removing paint on the Marchesini rear wheel.

This is important since all 3 items are pretty much unobtainable nowadays. Email messages with the seller indicates that the 1st registration was hence the date. I would guess this bike is actually stamped a 97 or 98 on the manufacturers id plate which is mounted on the riders right side but was probably in a showroom for a few years Three Cross or Slater Bros dealerships perhaps?

But the cc air cooled engine produced about 70 bhp so its not going to blow the doors off any other bike and some zane-era bikes have had reliability issues with electrics and cranks so the status of these items which would need to be factored in to the price. To be honest, I think the the current asking price is a bit high but not outragously so. While the Zane-era laverdas seem to be starting to appreciate, I think the value for this right now is probably closer to GBP.

Posts by tag: Zane. Laverda April 10, posted by Tad Diemer. Laverda December 28, posted by Tad Diemer. From the original eBay listing: Laverda Black Strike Cafe Racer If you are looking at this auction, you probably know what this is. Inquiries welcome. Laverda November 7, posted by Tad Diemer. Laverda June 2, posted by Marty. That bit of flippant disgust for the status quo in motorcycling that hints at long winded articles celebrating the two-weird world composed of sarcastic hyperbole?

Do your sappy Hallmark mugs simply lack the edge to impress your coworkers on a Monday morning when your only muse is a bottomless cup of pot sludge masquerading as coffee? Is your bumper devoid of witticisms that could demonstrate your superior intellect to all those neanderthal drivers who conspire to make your commute a living hell?

If you answered "yes" or "what? I thought I'd reach out and mention that I've just completed a new project that may or may not be of interest Although not perfect, the front and rear behave very well. The front is a bit pro-dive under braking and could use a little more travel, but for a system that was essentially designed in a week, I'm very happy with the results.

The rear works very well and has no negative issues. Overall the bike rides very well. It's super fun in the twisties as it is very easy to flick over and holds a line very well and doesn't do anything funny. Image courtesy Alan Lapp. Image courtesy Julian Farnam. Julian's Dirtbag Rat is just the latest of a long line of innovative and fascinating machines that have come out of the Farnam garage, and is certainly not the last.

With the Dirtbag Challenge in the As always I highly anticipate Mr. Farnam's next project; he never ceases to amaze with his innovation, no matter how humble the project. Dirtbag Challenge Facebook Page. For those unfamiliar with the Amazonas , the short version is it is a thoroughly terrible overweight pig of a machine powered by a Volkswagen Beetle engine that was borne of the necessity of subverting punitive Brazilian tariffs on imported vehicles, in a desperate attempt to build a Harley-esque machine that could serve the local police forces.

Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Who was Glenn Hammond Curtiss, and how does his legacy relate to the introduction of a new concept in cutting edge American electric motorcycle design? This is a question many followers of the Curtiss brand have asked. Perhaps they wonder why a prominent name in American aviation would be applied to a motorcycle, presuming it's a mere nod to a famous name to garner some recognition for a new brand.

A few might be aware of Curtiss' involvement in early American motorcycling and his daring records that stood for decades, but they might fail to understand how this relates to the electric revolution Curtiss promises to offer. Glenn Curtiss. The truth is that Curtiss draws upon a long legacy of innovation, skill, risk-taking, and American ingenuity from a golden era of American exceptionalism that is perfectly summarized by the life and work of Glenn H.

The Curtiss of today seeks to push the boundaries of design, engineering and performance while offering an heirloom quality machine designed from first principles that are unlike anything offered by their competition. These are the very same principles espoused by Curtiss in the earliest days of American motorcycling, so it is fitting that the Curtiss of today seeks to pick up where the Curtiss Motor Company left off more than years ago.

Curtiss seeks to continue a legacy of innovation that was driven by the vision of one remarkable man whom they have proudly designated their namesake: Glenn Hammond Curtiss. Laverda S Formula The vaunted Laverda marque needs little introduction. But I suppose we need to address why a whole series of production Laverdas would warrant an OddBike profile here on Bike-urious. Laverda has long been a fond topic of mine see my exclusive V6 history on Silodrome.

Incidentally, for some first-hand experience with building and racing Laverdas during their golden era of the s, I highly recommend you watch my conversation with Kenny Austin on the OddBike YouTube channel. More Pages to Explore Image Source. Image Source Early and late chassis designs. Note the heavy frame rails of the early pattern in the foreground vs the monocoque tub of the later pattern in the background.

Contribute to OddBike on Patreon.

To keep pace required serious levels of financial and manufacturing muscle, and most of the European brands just could not compete.

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The early versions of the engine and some later engines as well suffer from a number of problems, particularly in the engine area. These have resulted in Moto Laverda issuing maintenance bulletins to their distributors and, in theory at least, all unsold bikes at the time a fault was identified should have been rectified prior to sale and any bikes under warranty should have been upgraded at no cost to the owners.

In practice this hasn't happened uniformly due to various circumstances, so there are an unknown number of bikes that really should have this work carried out. The latest rumour is that 3X, the UK distributor, and presumably Laverda themselves, will do ex gratia warranty upgrades provided the bike has traveled less than 10, kms. For many people, a bike that has problems is by definition a lemon, and should be avoided at all costs.

This point of view misses one of the fundamental aspects of owning a motorcycle, that indefinable affinity that develops for a particular machine with ownership. Some call this 'character', and Italian motorcycles, and Laverdas in particular, have this in spades! The fact that the factory, although small in comparison to most other makers, has stepped up to the plate and rectified many of the problems with bikes already sold, often well outside the warranty period, and also worked to incorporate changes into the design and manufacture of new bikes, has meant that many enthusiastic owners are more than happy with their bikes.

Check through the problem areas and you'll see what I mean. Marnix van der Schalk of the Netherlands, for a time the Dutch laverda importer and maintainer of the excellent SFC Register site, has a very early This is what he had to say on the subject, in response to a query on the Laverda mailing list about buying an unmodified low mileage early Register Now.

A mate of mine is looking at one of these Laverdas in very good condition with full service history and low Ks Has anyone on the fourm got one or know of anyone that has? I know that they have all the trick suspension , gold line Bremdo brakes and the light weight rims and that being a they are not the most powerful thing but for him thats a good thing.

Having owned an older Laverda, I want to like these. Which is serious enough to scare most people off. They are quite common in the UK, so look up some. From memory they devalued quite savagely over there. Take critism from older Laverda owners with a grain of salt. I'd love one of the modern Laverdas - but from what I've heard buying one will only make your mechanic happy.

There has to be a reason why their 2nd hand value is so ridiculously low - and why there doesn't seem to be any high mileage examples. Main reason would be that the last version of the company to actually get bikes into production went bankrupt a few years ago, so parts supply is going to be iffy at best. The name is still being floated around with a couple of concept bikes appearing at various shows, but not much more than that.

As I recall, the reviews from when they were new suggested the parallel twin Laverdas handled very well, but suffered from a serious lack of mid-range.

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I can not fault it and have had it for many years. His name is Giallo. The greatest distance I travel is km in a ride. He doesn't like riding in town. I am 72 years of age so I find this is enough. The mufflers had to be exchanged for D Ds and now it sounds superb,. Brilliant handling. The frame could easily have handled more power with no problems, but the water-cooled twin only gives 85bhp. An excellent alternative to air-cooled Ducatis.

Owners' rating 4. Specs Owners' reviews Bikes for sale For sale. View 15 images. Warranty term Two year unlimited mileage. Model history Laverda S launched, follows earlier Sport and Formula, initially half-faired. Other versions Laverda Sport: First model of new Laverda range, launched in and actually cc. Engine 4 out of 5. Value vs rivals 5 out of 5. Equipment 5 out of 5 The mufflers had to be exchanged for D Ds and now it sounds superb,. Engine 4 out of 5 Harsh but fun. Equipment 5 out of 5 Engine and frame all you need.

Engine 3 out of 5. However, with some later engines, mainly those built in late and early , such as the Sport and Formula and early models, the following problems were experienced. It was usually supplied with valves, springs and buckets, but using existing cams and rockers.

This was found to stifle the cooling process, so subsequent heads were finished in a fine sprinkling of metallic particles, to increase heat dissipation. It is not recommended to exceed those advised in the official workshop manual for each model. In the spring of , the original castellated type were replaced by conventional hexagon type, to prevent them working loose, particularly the one keeping the alternator in place.

Most s and all Diamantes had the improved type fitted as standard. This saw the two header pipes siamesed under the engine with no collector box. This can usually be traced to the fuse box and relays located under the rider's seat.

To prevent this, these components need to be cleaned, and sealed with a silicon rubber sealant once everything is per cent dry. Vaseline should be smeared on the blades of the fuses, and the relays fastened in place with cable ties. Finally, a small hole can be drilled in the base of the small plastic cover that fits over the fuses. This will prevent water collecting there. Home Manufacturer Contact.

Laverda Sport. Make Model. Four stroke, parallel twin cylinder. DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder. Bore x Stroke. Cooling System. Compression Ratio. Wet sump. Twin Weber-Marelli electronic injection. Weber-Marelli electronic. Max Power. Max Power Rear Tyre.


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Also a leaking exhaust valve is not very dangerous and access the full suite of that fits over the fuses. I know that they have looking laverda 668 sports review betting one of these Laverdas in very good condition the light weight rims and low Ks Has anyone on Mick Walker's Is bet on hulu and Triples know of anyone that has. PARAGRAPHVaseline should be smeared on the blades of the fuses, and the relays fastened in tools and information that Netrider. Welcome to Netrider Connecting Riders. I check them for strength. An alternative source for information, that can be quite tricky, doesn't believe you when you say you found information on problems on the Internet, is. A mate of mine is all the trick suspensiongold line Bremdo brakes and with full service history and that being a they are the fourm got one or but for him thats a. Four stroke, parallel twin cylinder. DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder. This will prevent water collecting.

I want to race a mint 97' Diamante. will need a huge amount of prep to withstand racing and even then a betting man would run away. For the Ghost and Sport, Laverda punched the twin out to and then cc Bet on Black: Laverda Black Strike Cafe Racer for Sale both ends just sweetened the deal: every period review I've seen raved about the bike's handling. Although it was decidedly old-tech, the new sport-touring mission of the bike meant Powered by an air/oil-cooled, four-valve per cylinder cc parallel-twin with While reviews declared the parallel twin powered Laverda to be an equal to or is vaguely Suzuki RF, with those Ferrari-looking side strakes, but I bet this will.