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Today I'll teach you how to set up your priority subscriptions, how to automate record keeping, find a lost phone, reach inbox zero and more. Ready to make Gmail work FOR you instead of the other way around? Let's dig in!

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How to online sports betting

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Almost all sportsbooks give you access to their odds without having to create an account. The steps involved in creating accounts may differ from site-to-site. Once all your demographic information has been submitted, your account is made. It would be wise to take advantage of any and all promotions offered throughout your sports betting experience.

When a sportsbook hands out free money, take it! Familiarize Yourself with Betting Rules If you did not get acclimated to the rules of the various types of bets before making your account, now is the time to do so. Never assume you know the rules of a bet before placing a wager. You can check out our betting section for more advice!

Set a Budget One of the biggest mistakes that novice sports bettors make is not setting or sticking to a budget. The most important rule of any form of gambling is this: Do not risk what you cannot afford to lose. Thus, they are likely to bet an exorbitant amount of money on such a line relative to their usual bets. If that bet does not cash, they find themselves stuck in an awkward situation. When you click on the line you want, you will be taken to another screen that will ask you if you want to place the bet as a straight wager, or as part of a parlay or teaser.

Once you enter your amount, you will be notified of what the payout for a winning bet would be. Good luck! UI of the website: User-Interface is very crucial for any website, thus with custom development you can choose the look and feel of your website as how it will look from homepage to the any betting page. Port Management: Avoid opening multiple ports on the application server using Nginx to control the ports and replace those with DNS instead.

Their built-in tools help prevent attacks on sites. Latest, stable version of libraries: Use the latest stable versions of the libraries for development purposes. This ensures that any security patch released from the platform is incorporated. Each development platform gives us LTS releases which are safe, up-to-date and supported long term.

Regular Audits: We perform dependency audits every months and ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest patches released for both OS as well as the application libraries A test plan focused on security is prepared and organized based on your needs. Team Structure It is very important to understand the team structure of the development team. The main roles and responsibilities of the Account Manager are: Finalizing and documenting user stories, wireframes and mood-boards.

Communicating the Project Plan with delivery milestones and schedule breakup. Overseeing project manager, ensuring project completion as per the set schedule and to eliminate or minimize any delays in project delivery execution. Managing project commercials including invoicing, time-sheets, etc.

The key responsibilities of the Project Manager on this project will be: Activity and Resource Planning: Planning is the instrument for meeting project deadlines; most projects fail due to poor planning. First and foremost, the assigned project manager will define the project scope and determine resource allocation. Project Execution Planning: Finalize the project delivery schedule Project Plan with a detailed breakup of sprints, deliverables and delivery schedule.

Development is naturally unpredictable; our project managers know how to make adjustments along the way as needed before the project reaches its final stages. Time Management: Meeting deadlines is non-negotiable, our intended project manager will ensure timely deliveries by careful time management protocols overseen by account manager. Project Risk Management: The bigger the project is, the more likely there are to be hurdles and pitfalls.

Project managers with key focus, identify and evaluate potential risks before the project begins. They plan on how to mitigate and keep these risks in check. Over the duration of the development, these risks are then monitored to ensure they have no impact on the project. Reporting and Documentation: Project managers know the importance of documentation and how essential final reports are. The Project Manager will provide comprehensive reports documenting project execution details and current status.

They will also help prepare future growth strategies. Licenses and Certificates If you are an operator of any gambling enterprise, then you must be informed about all the licenses associated with gambling for a targeted geography location. Here is a list of licenses and certificates offered under several jurisdiction: 3a. Licences 1.

Certificates 1. BMM Test Labs www. EN, 10 May — 10 May , Denmark 4. BMM www. Quinel www. The application will allow participation of users via 2 methods: Registered Users. User On-Boarding and User Signup The application or the betting website you are going to develop must have the simplest user on-boarding process.

The application should allow users to Sign-Up with a simple form. Mobile Number. Confirm Password. If needed, you can enhance the information needed by also asking the user to provide the following: Date of Birth. Users need to verify their account in order to have access to the application. Post Sign-Up, First Log-In Once the user is registered and verified, the application shall prompt them to complete their profile.

Profile Picture Optional. If needed, you should also provide a system that will allow the users to upload all the relevant government-issued IDs to verify their accounts. Verification will be done by the admin via the admin back-end module. User Financial Details Since, we know that the core aim of the application is to offer paid sports betting , users will have the ability to deposit funds in their application wallet.

In order to participate, users will need to deposit real cash funds within the application. The application or website should come equipped with its own e-Wallet with complete security, encryption, and immutability. Users will be able to deposit funds within their wallets by using one or more payment gateways. Most of these gateways will allow payments to and fro by using all available means, such as: Credit Cards. Personal setup. Airtel Money. PayU These gateways also come equipped with their own security protocols.

The funds collected by the application will be kept in a secure escrow account. All dealings with Payment Processors and final selection of payment partners will be made directly by you. Back Office The sports betting website should have its own admin access portal Back-Office portal. Admin Portal The website will have a highly detailed dedicated Back-End Admin panel available via a separate web application, which the admins would be able to access via their unique credentials.

The main sub-sections this portal shall include : User Management. Reporting and Analysis. Payments and Pay-outs. Admin if needed, will perform the following actions: Restrict User Account. Suspend User Account. Send promotional materials and other incentives to selected users at their admins discretion.

Game Management Admin shall be able to manage the workings of the website from this module. If needed, the admin can also set Bet Limits for users or for particular events. Admin shall have full control over the events available for selection. Admin Reporting and Analysis In this module, you will get to know about the Admin part.

Total referrals generated per user. Total money paid by each user. This information shall be used if and when a dispute is raised by a single user or multiple users regarding the outcome of a particular event. The application shall update these details in real-time and store them securely with access available only for the VIEW, even to the admins.

Admin can keep a track of how many times a certain link was clicked, in order to provide detailed reports to the Sponsors and Ad partners. Payments and Payouts The application shall have a fully encrypted and secure payment system. Users shall be able to deposit funds to their respective accounts by using any of the available payment gateways integrated within the application. The application can also offer the following form of funds: Referral Funds: As a loyalty program, users shall be awarded referral funds if they are able to get their friends to join the application.

Referral funds will be allotted ONLY after these new users have invested a certain amount on the application. The application shall allow the automated correspondence with users for the following recommended criteria: No Show Users: Users who have not logged in for a while. Active Users: Users who are very active and contributing to the overall growth. Apart from the above defined users, the application will allow the admins to send scheduled and unscheduled information to the users as per their preferences.

Wallet Management The application shall have its own built-in an encrypted wallet management system that will allow a seamless, secure and completely immutable flow of money between the user and the application. The application shall come with its own e-Wallet system with backlinks to multiple payment providers. Users shall be able to pick and choose any one or more of the payment options we intend to implement. The application itself shall have its own merchant account setup that will act as an escrow account to store all the application funds.

The entire wallet system can be kept fully automated with minimum manual intervention in exchange for funds. The payment providers recommended shall provide an additional layer of security and they have their own KYC protocols. Users will be able to deposit funds directly into the application wallet and use them for any and all kinds of offerings within the application. Main Gameplay This module enables players to participate in online sports betting across multiple sports, leagues, and games.

The application shall offer an option to bet on multiple sports to all its users. Registered users shall have the option to set up their preferences in terms of: Favorite Sport. Favorite League. Favorite Team. The games up for betting based on said preferences shall then be listed on top to allow a seamless gameplay. On the bet slip, the calculation of profit and liability will be shown to the user in order to ensure they make the right call.

Once the bet has been made, the application will wait for it to be matched. If these bets go unmatched, the user will get a full refund. Users will have the option to cash out these matched bets only. Users will receive a notification once the bet has been matched. The application will earn revenues from these matched bets only. For unmatched bets, the user will have the option to change the odds offer, in order to get a match. All the major and most common markets shall be listed separately for users to explore.

While placing a bet, users shall be able to generate the bet slip on the same screen to enhance the overall user experience. The application shall offer a quick bet option as well with pre-defined bet values such as 10, 50, , , , Users shall be able to switch between various bet types on the same bet slip with a simple tab switch. Users shall also be able to access their gaming history.

The application shall be able to offer odds for the following scenarios: Pre-Game odds. In-Play odds. Users shall be able to generate multiple bet slips as needed. For each match and market, the application should show the remaining time and time in-play.

Users shall have the ability to set their own daily limit that will be locked in for a period of 24 hours. Agents shall have the option to add new users. Agents shall have a special panel to login. Agents shall have the option to offer credits to their respective users. Other Crucial Features The following are some other features that the application shall offer in order to provide a seamless user-experience. Based on our analysis, these sections are: Agent System An agent system gives agents or the merchants to manage the accountability of the users, from managing the new ones to blocking the ones who are creating nuisance or disturbance to other users.

CMS Content Management System A content management system is a type of software application that takes care of complete content on your website. Post Login Landing Page Once logged in, this is the page on which the user shall land. This page shall act as the main command centre for the entire application. The landing page shall also have links to various sections related to the users.

These sections shall provide users with their own relevant information. It has all the events that the user has participated in the past games and all the information will be available in a list format with detailed records. My Account: This is the financial centre of the user account.

My Profile: This is the account settings page for the user. All users can update their personal details on this page. Notifications: This page shall list out all the invites, results, participation, new game notifications, etc. Responsible Gambling Module In order to comply with regulations, all the functions in the application must be created in a way, so that they comply with the regulations enforced by the regulatory bodies.

The application shall let users set a spending limit that would be enforced. Users will not be allowed to invest more than their set limit hour cycle. The application shall also let users set their blackout period.

Punter: A person who gambles or places bets. Bookmaker: A person through whom bets are being placed. Bookie Software: A software through which bets are made. Image Source: Google 7. Parlay Bets This type includes more than one team with much larger payouts than a straight bet. Each Way Bets It is a popular form of betting where the wager offered by bookmakers consists of two kinds of bets: a winning bet and a place bet.

Top Betting Websites According to sportsbookreview. It is the most common and top-ranked sports betting website. Pinnacle Sportsbook: It works on the lowest bookmaking margins in the business. It has been reviewed by customers as the safest website to place bets. William Hill: It accepts a large number of wagers which offer players to choose from a wide range. Players also get good bonus programs. Bodog: It is easy to use a mobile platform. Its emphasis on simplicity and easy to use sports betting platform.

VietBet: Known to cater to Asian Players, it is one of the fastest-growing sports betting platforms. It also offers good bonus programs to the players. Betting Code of Conduct The Gambling Regulation Act makes it compulsory for gamblers holding gambling licenses to follow proper gambling code of conduct. These are people who should implement a code of conduct: a venue operator a wagering operator the public lottery licensee the keno licensee the wagering and betting licensee a commercial raffle organizer a bingo centre operator the casino operator the holder of an interactive gaming license and a registered bookmaker.

Best site for new players and beginners with a small bankroll.

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How to online sports betting These factors are:. Once all your demographic information has been submitted, your account is made. Add your brand logo and color options You can embed your white label software platform with brand logo and get the platform designed as per your preferences. In the end it is relatively easy. A player who beats the bookmakers in the long run, wants to make sure that the risk of ruin is almost zero. Overseeing project manager, ensuring project completion as per the set schedule and to eliminate or minimize any delays in project delivery execution.
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Kelly stewart sports betting Confirm Password. Usually, this works like this: If a player performs very successfully on a betting site, it starts to offer him worse odds than it offers the other players. Admin shall have full control over the events available for selection. Moneylines are available for all sports, but they are predominantly used when betting on lower-scoring sports like baseball, hockey and soccer. Action Network Staff. The bookmaker may not know that a key player sustained a minor injury during the week and may not be able to play, the bookie may not know that the game is taking place in adverse weather conditions or may not take other factors into account. Outsider bets in particular are chronically overprized at most bookies.
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Betting playing sports win Project managers with key focus, identify and evaluate potential risks before the project begins. All dealings with Payment Processors and final selection of payment partners will be made directly by you. The steps involved in creating accounts may differ from site-to-site. Most of the providers are large international companies that are traded on the stock markets. Quality Assurance is testing the end product both at design and development level. Each development platform gives us LTS releases which are safe, up-to-date and supported long term.

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There are plenty of other sportsbooks on the market. Barstool Sportsbook, for example, is coming to a few states. William Hill is another big operator with a strong industry history. Every sportsbook has something to offer, so keep an eye out for special bonuses, competitive odds, and unique betting options. First and foremost, is your preferred sportsbook actually live in your state?

Fortunately, many sportsbooks are making their way to multiple markets. Second, how do you want to bet? Phone, tablet, or desktop? Most sportsbooks have apps and desktop sites available, but you should always check that your preferred method is available. Take it one step further and check to see how intuitive the experience is. Sportsbook apps should be seamless and easy to use. Do you prefer to bet on the underdog or the favorite? Do you like to bet on a niche sport outside of the most popular events?

Check for these types of things at your sportsbook. Some sites, like PointsBet, tend to favor the underdog while some offer better odds on the favorite. Learn more about odds for the NFL and how to use an edge table. But if you use a more obscure method like PayNearMe, you should be sure your preferred sportsbook accepts it.

Getting to the point where you can actually place a bet is usually very simple, but you do have to take a few required steps first. This may seem obvious, but given the growing market and the number of operators, choosing a sportsbook can be tough.

Sportsbook apps have to adhere to strict regulations—not just from legislators, but from technology providers. Google and Apple have specific restrictions on gambling apps. To download a sportsbook app, you have to work with these restrictions. If your preferred sportsbook has an app in the App Store, just download it as you normally would. Sportsbooks will have a convenient link on their site that kickstarts the download process. Once you have the app or have visited the desktop site, create your account.

This is similar to signing up for an account at a social media site or online shopping retailer with some small differences. You may also need to download a separate geolocation app pr plug-in for desktop users to confirm your location whenever you wish to place a bet. You need to be in state lines. Some states require you to confirm your account in person before you can place a bet.

Illinois and Iowa are among the states with this requirement. Registration complete? There are a number of popular payment methods: credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, online banking, wire transfer, and more. ACH echeck and PayPal are two of the easiest methods, but others work just fine, too. After you deposit, you can place a bet. These usually include check by mail, bank transfer, or PayPal. Sportsbooks offer a few common bonus types that you can use to maximize your account value, especially your first few bets.

No deposit required! Deposit matches are simple in theory, but the terms and conditions can make them tricky to navigate. In their simplest form, deposit matches allow you to double your account value. Some operators match a smaller percentage. Always check the terms—deposit matches usually only apply to your very first deposit. And before you can cash out the bonus money, you typically have to wager with it. With a risk-free bet, you have a wagering safety net. These almost always apply to your first bet and then expire.

Just place a bet, and if you lose, the sportsbook will credit your account with the amount you wagered. If you win, you keep your winnings. Using a legal, regulated sportsbook offers the safest, most secure sportsbook experience. Your data and personal information are at risk at an offshore site, making legal sites your best route to a safe sportsbook outing. You should trust online sports betting sites only if they are licensed and regulated.

State government agencies oversee sports wagering, and they put strict regulations in place to protect players. Each state has some sort of governing body for sports betting that grants licenses. Legal sites have licensing information easily available on their websites and within their apps. Click through the available links for more regulatory and legal information about your chosen sportsbook. Legal online sportsbooks use high-level encryption tools.

SSL is one such tool, and it protects your data, including financial information, from hackers as it travels from your device to your sportsbook. Regulated sports betting sites use technology on par with security tools used by banking institutions and online shopping sites.

In most cases, yes. States often set a threshold for taxable winnings. If you win a significant amount of money, you will have to pay income taxes on those funds. The SSN and location requirements also stop hackers from creating dummy accounts in an attempt to steal information from sportsbooks. Here are some of the most common bets at legal sportsbooks. Moneyline bets simply require you to choose a winner of a given match.

The odds which we cover below on that match then determine how much you win if you chose correctly. If you see moneyline bets available, all you have to do is pick the team or player you expect to win. Point spreads are intended to even the playing field for a match. The 3. After the game ends, if you selected the Bears and they won , you would collect on your bet because they won by 4 points.

If the final score was Bears 21 Packers 20 and you selected the Bears, you would lose your bet because they did not win by at least 3. Totals take the final combined total score of both teams in a match and have players bet on whether that score will be over or under a certain threshold. Using our example match-up above, it might look like this:.

You would place a bet on either the over or the under. If the total points at the end of the game exceeded If the total is below If the score was , the total points would add to 45 and the under would be the winning bet. You can find plenty of other bets at online sportsbooks, too. Each bet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Odds are first set by the likelihood of one outcome to occur over the other. You will almost always see a higher payout on an unlikely bet than a wager on the favorite of a match.

Once the initial odds are set, they can change based on how many bettors are wagering on either side. Odds could also change based on events outside of a game. For example, if a starting quarterback is unexpectedly benched due to an injury, the odds on that team to win could plummet. At US sportsbooks, odds are displayed as positives and negatives. When a team has a negative number Packers , it means that team is favored to win the match.

These odds also determine payouts. The most successful sporsbook in Iowa for its location in a suburb of Des Moines. The only casino property in the state with live horse racing, Prairie Meadows also offers slot machines, table games and poker tournaments. Sportsbook Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 a. One of the last remaining riverboat casinos in Iowa, Ameristar packs 1, slot machines and 20 tables game on a boat.

The closest legal sports betting option for many Minnesotans, Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood has slot machines, table games and a poker room. The sportsbook is operated by FanDuel. A newer casino in Iowa, opening in , the Waterloo location features nearly slots and video poker machines along with table games. The William Hills sportsbook is operated by American Wagering. Sportsbook Hours: Monday to Friday 10 a. Located along the Missouri River, this property has slots, table games, a large poker room and a golf course.

The book contains sports betting and horse betting. Located along the Iowa River, Riverside Casino features a world-class golf course, slot machines, a variety of table games and a poker room. Sportsbook Hours: Monday to Thursday 11 a. Situated near the South Dakota border, Grand Falls offers slot machines, table games and a poker room. The casino opened a state-of-the-art Betfred sportsbook early in Address: Grand Falls Blvd.

Converted from a riverboat casino to land-based in , Rhythm City offers slot machines and table games. Sportsbook Hours: Opens Monday to Thursday at 1 p. If you want to stop by a casino after checking out the movie site for Field of Dreams , this is the closest casino to the baseball diamond where Shoeless Joe Jackson emerges from the cornfield. The FanDuel sportsbook is 2, square feet with 34 screens.

Sportsbook Hours: Monday 11 a. Located along the Mississippi river, Isle Casino Bettendorf converted from a riverboat to land-based casino in The William Hill sportsbook is operated by American Wagering. Another former riverboat casino offers a small amount of gaming options but a large on-site hotel and a golf course next door. The property also has a concert venue, slot machines and nearly 30 table games.

Address: 3rd St. The only riverboat casino in Iowa that sits in a lake, Lakeside Casino offers slot machines and table games. American Wagering operates the William Hill sportsbook. Located on Chaplain Schmitt Island, Q Casino features slot machines, table games, a poker room and free greyhound races. The 4, square foot sportsbook features a inch video wall along with 47 TVs.

The most southeast casino in the state located near the Illinois and Missouri borders, Catfish Bend offers slot machines, table games, live poker games and weekly poker tournaments. Address: Winegard Dr. This small casino offers slot machines, tables games, off-track betting and a sportsbook operated by DraftKings.

Located near the Minnesota border, this small casino with slots and table games has the lowest sports betting handle of any Iowa casino. Address: Main St. The closest casino for Des Moines residents to complete verification for the DraftKings sportsbook mobile app. The retail sportsbook is the largest in the state at nearly 6, square feet with a inch HD projector and 28 TVs. One of the smallest casinos in the state, the Casino Queen is the only commercial casino in Iowa not yet offering sports betting.

However, the casino did get approved for a license to offer sports betting early in Currently, the process to start betting on sports online in Iowa is rather convoluted. This mechanic was baked into the Iowa sports betting law. That all changed in early Players can now register and start betting from anywhere in the state. Withdrawal methods usually match the deposit methods. As remote registration for sports betting accounts begins in Iowa, sportsbooks will be doing more to attract customers:.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission made a point to get sports betting up by the beginning of college football season in because college football is king in Iowa. Without any major professional sports teams, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones are the big draws. Football in general is very popular in Iowa, with favorite teams often depending on what part of the state people live in.

The Minnesota Vikings have long been the most popular NFL team in the state, particular for those in the northern parts. Quickly gaining ground on the Vikings are the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs , especially for people closer to the Missouri border. Ray Kinsella will tell you that baseball has a special place in Iowa, home of the Field of Dreams movie site.

Favorite baseball teams of Iowans are similarly territorial. Louis Cardinals grabbing their share of fans. Iowa did once have a team in one of the four major professional sports leagues. Michael Jordan eventually turned most Iowans into Chicago Bulls fans. The Minnesota Wild moved its minor league affiliate, the Iowa Wild , to Des Moines in to cement a relationship with the state.

People within Iowa borders can now bet on all pro sports, college games, and international sporting events. The only legal requirements are that you are over 21, inside state lines, and not on a self-exclusion list. There is no requirement to be a permanent resident of Iowa. There are also illegal offshore websites that offer sports betting in Iowa.


Fortunately, we live in modern times and if the different odds systems are a little confusing, you don't have to despair because most sports betting sites on the Internet allow you to convert the odds with a simple click so that you can work with the system which you understand best. Most providers of online sports betting limit the stakes so that they do not lose too much in case of an unlikely event. Let's take the example of the Leicester City Championship again.

With odds of to 1, most betting sites would allow a maximum of a couple of Euros on that bet, otherwise the risk for the provider is a little too high. Bets on regular events, like single games, also have limitations, but here the limit is significantly higher. In order to prevent betting fraud, however, all stakes are limited to a certain size.

In the past, games in low leagues have been fixed. For example, if a betting site sees that several thousand Euros are bet on some in the third league game, mechanisms that prevent further bets usually take effect, since such bets could involve possible betting fraud and match fixing. Another mechanism that many sports betting sites use is the so-called dual lines. This is a mechanism that offers certain players different odds than the rest of the player pool.

Although this is a very common procedure, it is rather unpopular and very controversial among players. Usually, this works like this: If a player performs very successfully on a betting site, it starts to offer him worse odds than it offers the other players. The site wants to ensure that the player does not win too much.

As a rule, this only affects professional sports bettors who spend thousands of euros a day on the site. However, since there are players who earn a handsome income from sports betting, there are also players who are affected by these so-called dual lines. When you're just starting betting on sporting events and are looking for a new provider, most bookies make it very easy for you. Many online bookmakers offer a bonus to new players. The amount of this bonus is often based on the amount of the first deposit.

Such a bonus could be something like: percent up to euros on the first deposit. This means that if the player deposits euros, a further euros will be credited as a bonus. The player must wager the bonus before they can withdraw it. The bonus often has to be wagered between three and five times on bets which have a certain minimum quota mostly between 1.

That means, before you can pay out a bonus of euros, you have to make bets totaling - euros. However, you have several months to do this. Compared to the bonus conditions that you find in casino games or online poker, for example, it is very easy to actually clear the bonus.

If you make a deposit with the intention of betting on many events, you will automatically clear the bonus. There are some providers who also advertise that you get a small bonus without any deposit. Reals bets without having to deposit sounds fantastic. However, such a no deposit bonus is usually linked to a lot of conditions and as a player you have to go through a lot before you can actually see any of the bonus money in your account. Such a no deposit bonus is usually very small at best ten euros and has to be wagered very often sometimes over 20 times before it can be paid out at all.

Meaning, you shouldn't consider such a bonus as a source of income, but much more as some form of play money to get to know the platform. If you are serious about sports betting and want to make money, you shouldn't spend too much time hunting for no deposit bonuses. In order to be able to pay out the money in the end, you still have to make a small deposit by credit card or bank transfer - if you have actually managed to clear the bonus - to legitimize yourself.

Because without proof of identity, no reputable provider pays out any profits. It is very easy for bookmakers to make profits from sports betting. For one thing, bookmakers know the market and games a lot better than most human players. They can estimate odds and probabilities much better than most players who bet rather emotion driven.

A player who supports a team quickly misjudges the odds for emotional reasons and accepts far too low odds. Furthermore, all sports betting providers have a built-in margin. No bets have a payout ratio of percent. Online, most sports betting providers have a payout ratio of around 95 percent, so that in the long run the providers keep around five percent of all bets as winnings.

As player, you don't necessarily notice anything about this payout ratio, as you can only see the odds. In addition, the providers of online sports betting observe exactly what is happening on their platform. If a lot of players bet on an outsider, the odds will be adjusted and reduced very quickly.

For a successful performance in sports betting, here is a small list of general tips and tricks that you should always be aware of. Sports betting is a business of chance and a game against luck. However, sports betting has so much to do with skill and knowledge that one can hardly speak of gambling here. A single game can always be decided by chance, but in the long run experienced and good bettors always prevail in sports betting.

Therefore, if you want to bet successfully and in the long term, it is important to never bet too much of your money. Assuming you have euros available for sports betting, it would be fatal to bet euros on a single football game. With a little bit of bad luck, half of the money is gone and you risk losing everything.

A player who beats the bookmakers in the long run, wants to make sure that the risk of ruin is almost zero. That is why there are rules of so-called bankroll management. These state that you should never bet more than two percent of your bankroll i. Of course, this does not apply if you only bet for fun or for the adrenaline rush. Then you can bet as much as you want - provided you can live with losing everything. Every day you can find thousands of different games, thousands of different events and dozens of sports that you can bet on.

However, it is important to concentrate on one sport, preferably one that you are very familiar with. There you should go into as much detail as possible and above all, stick tone one team or one player. It is comparatively easy to be able to make better predictions about upcoming games through more in-depth knowledge of a team and the opponent than the bookies have. The bookmaker may not know that a key player sustained a minor injury during the week and may not be able to play, the bookie may not know that the game is taking place in adverse weather conditions or may not take other factors into account.

With detailed knowledge of a single team or player and the upcoming opponent, it is very often possible to use the odds of the provider of sports betting in your favor. Many bookmakers also offer very absurd bets, such as the number of corners in a soccer game or the number of yellow cards. Here it is comparatively easy to beat the bookmaker, because often times only very generic odds are applied here, which are only minimally adapted to teams that are playing.

If you know how aggressively a team plays, it is very easy to place bets with very good odds. This concept is very simple. We had already mentioned the emotional bets mentioned above that tempted many fans to bet on their favorite team even with poor odds. In terms of skill level this game may be pretty much at least we now assume this for this example and the bookmakers initially offer odds of 1. On the British market, the vast majority of bettors will now bet on the English team.

The bookmakers automatically reduce the odds for England, for example from 1. At the same time, they raise the odds for France to, say, 2. Here you would have a perfect situation to bet against the market. If both teams are equally strong in terms of their level of play, the probability that France will win is 50 percent - just like the probability that England will win.

But the odds for France are much better. Therefore, in this case, you should bet against the market and on France. Of course, on a platform for sports betting, there are very many professional players who do exactly this, so that there are rarely such blatant situations as the one described above. Nevertheless, the shifts of the odds by players who bet emotionally can be observed very often and in order to be successful in sports betting it is a very common tactic to bet against the market.

Below are links to all different betting strategy topics we have covered for you at PokerListings. Play Here. Our Rating Any rating. Bet 4. Hopa Sports 4. What if you do not live close enough to drive there and make your bets? What if you do live close enough, but would not get there in time to make a bet on an upcoming game? The good news is that there are plenty of mobile apps to place bets on from the comfort of your own home.

All bets can be made in a matter of seconds at any time of the day. How do you know which sportsbook to choose? Before diving into the first one that you come across, have a quick gander at each website. You can get a feel rather quickly for which sites are easier to navigate than others. Do not be afraid to ask others who have experience betting on sports for their feedback. The more information you gather ahead of time, the better your sports betting experience will be.

For first-time bettors, I would suggest starting out charting bets you like without risking your own money. Almost all sportsbooks give you access to their odds without having to create an account. The steps involved in creating accounts may differ from site-to-site. Once all your demographic information has been submitted, your account is made.

It would be wise to take advantage of any and all promotions offered throughout your sports betting experience. When a sportsbook hands out free money, take it!

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Most sites display a list of different sports, and clicking on each sport will bring up a list of the currently available betting markets. The selections for each market will​. Learn betting basics like how to read & understand odds, moneyline betting, betting against the spread and over / under bets. Articles cover introductory betting. The first thing you need to do is log into your sports betting account. If you just created your account, you're probably already logged in. Using the menus, navigate to the sport and the game that you are interested in betting.