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Bet article on lisa left eye lopes

But she also sounds deeply chastened as she talks, in her undiminished bell-like voice, to the camera. The suggestion that Ms. Lopes shot this film as atonement, as well as an attempt at sanity, seems plain. Her trip to Honduras also appears intended to distance her from her fame, her money problems and the legacy of her abusive relationship with Andre Rison, the onetime N.

Reigndrop, Ms. At times she speaks to an unnamed interviewer about her demanding, capricious caregivers — first her father, then her grandmother — and her alcoholism. She also visits a healer named Dr. Sebi, who counsels vegetarianism and spirituality. Lopes says of Dr. Sebi, even as VH1 plays dubious news reports that suggest Dr. Eventually they buck her authority. She also espouses astrology and numerology. Most eerily, as the documentary winds up, Ms. Lopes, who undertakes a fast, has premonitions: she believes an evil spirit is following her.

The album's title was a tribute to TLC's loyal fans and the sleeve contained the names of hundreds of them as a "thank you". During and after the release of FanMail , Lopes made it known to the press on multiple occasions that she felt that she was unable to express herself in TLC fully.

Her contributions to songs had been reduced to periodic eight- bar raps, and there were several songs in which she had no vocals. Studio session singers such as Debra Killings often sang background vocals for the group's songs, something Lopes also wanted to do on songs in which she did not rap. In the May issue of Vibe magazine, Lopes said, "I've graduated from this era.

I cannot stand percent behind this TLC project and the music that is supposed to represent me. Each [album] I also challenge Dallas 'The Manipulator' Austin to produce all of the material and do it at a fraction of his normal rate. Watkins and Thomas declined to take up the challenge, though Lopes always maintained it was a great idea. We have feelings for each other, which is why we get so mad at each other.

I usually say that you cannot hate someone unless you love them. So, we love each other. That's the problem. In , Lopes hosted the short-lived MTV series, The Cut , in which a list of aspiring pop stars, rappers, and rock bands competed against each other in front of judges. The show's winner, which ended up being a male-female rap duo named Silky, was promised a record deal and funding to produce a music video, which would then enter MTV 's heavy rotation.

A then-unknown Anastacia finished in third place, but ended up securing a record deal after Lopes and the show's three judges were impressed by her performance. Lopes created Left Eye Productions to discover new talent.

Lopes was also developing and promoting another new band called Egypt. Lopes had a dream of making new artists able to record music at a low cost, in a high-end studio at her house. Her family continues to operate it and fill it with new equipment. Lopes spent much of her free time after the conclusion of TLC's first headlining tour, the FanMail Tour , recording her debut solo album, Supernova. It includes a song titled "A New Star is Born", which is dedicated to her late father.

She told MTV News:. That track is dedicated to all those that have loved ones that have passed away. It's saying that there is no such thing as death. We can call it transforming for a lack of better words, but as scientists would say, 'Every atom that was once a star is now in you.

So, in the song I pretty much go along with that idea. I don't care what happens or what people think about death, it doesn't matter. We all share the same space. Other tracks covered other personal issues, including her tumultuous relationship with Rison. Among the album's 13 tracks was also a posthumous duet with Tupac Shakur that was assembled from the large cache of unreleased recordings done prior to his murder in Initially scheduled for release on a date to coincide with the 11th anniversary of her grandfather's death, Arista Records decided to delay and then cancel the American release.

She had discussions about recording with David Bowie for the project, [40] whom she was also trying to get involved with the fourth TLC album. The project was also planned to include collaborations with Ray J along with close friend Missy Elliott. In , some tracks from the album were uploaded onto YouTube featuring artists from Tha Row Records. Lopes's unreleased songs were also sampled by TLC for their fourth album 3D after she died. Another track, "Too Street 4 T.

V" featuring Danny Boy , was released on the soundtrack to the film Dysfunktional Family. In , Lopes' family decided to work with producers at Surefire Music Group to create a posthumous album in her honor, Eye Legacy. Originally set to be released October 28, , the release date was pushed back to November 11, then to January 27, The second official single, " Block Party ", features Lil Mama. The album largely consists of reworked versions of tracks from the Supernova album.

In November , Forever The EP was released which contained international bonus tracks not used on the Eye Legacy album. The EP was only available to download. An unreleased track featuring Lopes was uploaded to SoundCloud on the eve of the year anniversary of her death by Block Starz Music. Lopes was often vocal about her personal life and difficult past. She openly stated that she came from an abusive, alcoholic background and struggled with alcoholism herself. She claimed that Rison had beaten her after a night out, and she set fire to his shoes to get back at him but that burning down the house was an accident.

Lopes later revealed that she did not have a lot of freedom within the relationship and that Rison abused her emotionally and physically; she said that she released her frustrations about the relationship on the night of the fire. Lopes was sentenced to five years' probation and therapy at a halfway house , and was unable to shake the incident from her reputation. She had adopted a year-old boy ten years prior. Lopes had several tattoos. Most prominent was a large eagle on her left arm, which she said represented freedom.

On her upper right arm was a large tattoo of the name "Parron" for her late step brother who died in a boating accident, arching over a large tattoo of a pierced heart. Her smallest tattoo was on her left earlobe and consisted of an arrow pointing to her left over the symbol of an eye, a reference to her nickname.

In September , Lopes was reported missing after failing to attend a family gathering and a major press conference in Las Vegas. Roughly two weeks before her own death, Lopes was a passenger in a traffic accident that resulted in the death of a year-old Honduran boy. Lopes' party stopped and loaded the boy into the car, and Lopes "cradled the dying boy's bleeding head in her arms" while "someone gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as they rushed him to a nearby hospital.

Earlier in the documentary, Lopes mentioned that she felt the presence of a "spirit" following her, and was struck by the fact that the child killed in the accident shared a similar last name, even thinking that the spirit may have made a mistake by taking his life instead of hers. On April 25, , Lopes was driving a rented Mitsubishi Montero SUV in La Ceiba , Honduras , when she swerved slightly to avoid a truck it is not clear if the truck was slow-moving or stationary then immediately to the right as she tried to avoid an oncoming car.

The vehicle rolled several times after hitting two trees, throwing Lopes and three others out of the windows, and finally coming to rest in a ditch at the side of the road. Lopes, at the age of 30, died instantly of "fracture of the base of the cranium" and "open cerebral trauma", and was the only person fatally injured in the accident.

A cameraman in the front passenger seat was videotaping at the time, so the last seconds leading up to the swerve that resulted in the fatal accident were recorded on video. Her sister Reigndrop Lopes was in the vehicle and survived the collision.

She was a true rock star. She didn't care about no press. She was the rock star out of the group. She was the one that would curse on TV. She had the tattoos. You could expect the unexpected. When you see Lisa, you could expect something from her. That's the gift she carried. Lopes was in the process of setting up two educational centers for Honduran children.

One was built on an acre plot of land she called Camp YAC. The other center was called Creative Castle. In , shortly after Lopes' death, her family started the Lisa Lopes Foundation, a charitable group dedicated to providing neglected and abandoned youth with the resources necessary to increase their quality of life. In August , the foundation hosted a charity auction, selling items donated by celebrities.

Arie , and Cee Lo Green. A calmer side of her personality was on display, showing interests in numerology and yoga. It showcased the complexity of their relationship and how she ended up with a felony arson charge for burning down Rison's Atlanta mansion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Tejano singer, see Lisa Lopez. American hip hop singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. Lopes as featured in Black Enterprise magazine c. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , U. La Ceiba , Honduras. Rapper singer songwriter record producer dancer. LaFace Arista Death Row. TLC Blaque. Main article: TLC group. Main article: Left Eye discography.

See also: TLC discography. October 11, Retrieved December 5, August 1, Retrieved December 2, Retrieved May 16, June 6, Rolling Stone. Retrieved February 8, Retrieved February 18, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved December 28, Vibe Media Group. Retrieved March 8, Emmis Publishing. Great Lives Podcast.


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The romance between the singer and the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver spanned between and , and was marred by accusations of domestic violence and alcoholism. Andre claims that before he was caught cheating, he saw Lopes in the back of a limo with Tupac Shakur. AndreRison tells a story about LeftEye telling him she had a car coming to pick her up from his house.

And seeing Tupac in the backseat of the car when it pulled up in his driveway. Andre Rison insinuates that after he seen Tupac in the backseat of the car that came and picked Left Eye up. That's what fueled him to bring a female over the house while Left Eye was gone. Which lead to Left Eye putting a bunch of teddy bears and clothes in a bath tub and setting them on fire.

After she came home and seen Andre Rison with a female. By the way this is a fire that took place before the infamous fire that burned down Andre Rison mansion. Lopes put out her second solo album titled N. But I knew [her fiance] Andre Rison, we were cool. But I cared about [Lisa.

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Last Days of Left Eye

Inthe group's second TLC news conference late in Big bash betting odds the group maintained its chart-toppers "Waterfalls" and "Creep. Matt Thomas brings Athens charity event to Atlanta more Catching up with the homegrown star of LeBron James's Starz-produced basketball show more Luther Campbell's memoir is a journey in Southern. And, like his parents, he has set out break new not always going to agree. Among the reasons cited was recently released "Supernova," sold poorly. An interview with John Sayles. Inthe group declared. She came up with a lot of different ideas for. PARAGRAPHThe group attracted attention for for a decade but perished the other members of the group to make solo albums so fans could choose the. Lopes didn't appear at a album, "CrazySexyCool," became an even the play. So, instead of television, Johnson.

BURBANK, CA â JUNE (L-R) Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Elsewhere in the interview, T-Boz also opened up about living to see her 50th. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes And Andre Rison's Relationship To Be Chronicled In New Series. The series will also dive into Faith Evans and Biggie's. Lopes made an indelible mark on pop culture. Here, a look back at her most iconic beauty looks of all time.