greyhound racing betting terms horse

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Greyhound racing betting terms horse how spread betting works football games

Greyhound racing betting terms horse

To work out the number of bets that correspond to the number of selections, simply multiply the number of selections in your combi-tricast by one number lower, then multiply that by one number lower. Betting on a dog to finish first, with any other dogs to finish second and third. This encompasses 20 outcomes, so is 20 bets. Alternatively, you can attempt to identify the first two home, with the field as your third selection.

This encompasses four outcomes, so is four bets. One reason for betting this way, as opposed to just betting on the dog to win, is in the hope that outsiders finish second and third and boost the tricast dividend. For example, you can bet on Trap 1 to beat Trap 2 to beat Trap 3 in each race and perm your double bets, meaning if that event occurs twice on the night you could take home a sizeable pot.

A multiple is a bet in which the punter must predict the outcome of two or more events. The odds of these outcomes are multiplied, meaning the returns will be higher should each selection win. Below are some of the various types of multiples. Double — betting on two selections in three different events. Both selections need to win for your bet to be deemed a winner. Treble - betting on three selections in three different events.

All three selections need to win for your bet to be deemed a winner. Accumulator — An accumulator is a bet involving more than three selections. Four-timers, five-timers, six-timers etc. Lucky 31 — 1 accumulator, 5 four-folds, 10 trebles, 10 doubles, 5 singles.

This is betting on an individual trap to win more races than any other trap at a specified meeting, though sometimes the trap challenge can encompass two meetings. A bet offered by individual tracks in which you must pick the winner of six specified races. There is also an option for a lucky dip. Types of bets. Url copied to clipboard. Each-way An each-way bet is two separate bets: a win bet, and a place bet. Straight forecast A bet in which the aim is to identify the first two dogs home, in the correct order.

Reverse forecast A reverse forecast is essentially two straight forecast bets. Combination forecast A way of perming multiple greyhounds in order to identify the first two home. Forecast with the field Betting on a dog to finish first, with any other dog to finish second. Tricast A bet in which the aim is to identify the first three dogs home. Combination Tricast A way of perming multiple greyhounds in order to identify the first three home.

Tricast with the field Betting on a dog to finish first, with any other dogs to finish second and third. Multiples A multiple is a bet in which the punter must predict the outcome of two or more events. Final call — the same as finish call. Finisher Closer — the greyhound, that shows the best speed and time at the end of the racing. First turn — the first turn after the race has started. Fractions — time intervals spent on running different portions of the racing track.

Fresh — a greyhound that has not participated in the racing for some time. Fresh Money — money wagered on the race, which do not include money from the winnings in the previous races. Front runner — a racing style, which applies to a greyhound with a tendency to run in front of the pack. Futurity — a race which gets the money for the purse from periodic deposits by the owners. Ginny Pit — the same as paddock; the area where the greyhounds are held before the start of the racing.

Greyhound — a breed of dog used in dog racing. Handicapper — a professional bettor who analyzes the record of past performances to make an educated bet. Handle — the total volume of money wagered. Hot Box — the race made of best greyhounds at the racing track.

Inside runner — a racing style of a greyhound, which likes to run close to the inside rail of the racing track. Interference — a case when one greyhound bites, bumps, fights or interferes with another greyhound during the race. Kennel — an organization that takes care of the greyhound dog. Leadout — a person, at the greyhound track, that leads the dog from the ginny pit to the starting box. Long Rabbit — the lure that is kept at a long distance from the leading greyhound during the race.

Long Shot — a greyhound that has poor chances to finish first, second or third in the race and has high payoffs if it will finish in the money. Match Race — a race between the two best greyhounds under the rules that are not subject to the guidelines of the racing commission of the state.

Matinees — the races in the day time at the racing tracks, which usually operate at the night time. Multiple betting — means buying few exotic bets for the same race. Muzzles — the devices worn by the greyhounds to prevent them from injuring each other because of the possible fights during the race. Odds board — the board visible to the public with the odds and payoffs information. Off track betting OTB — the legal wagering outside of the racing track, which follows the rules and regulations of the state.

Open race — the race which any greyhound can enter regardless of its performance record. Outside runner — a racing style of a greyhound that prefers to run close to the outside of the racing track. Out tickets — the winning tickets that were not cashed before the end of the business hours. Overpay — it happens when the money paid for the ticket is higher than the correct price because of the human or computer error.

Overweight — a greyhound that weighs more than their usual racing weight. Paddock — the same as ginny pit. This is the area where the greyhounds are taken to before the races for the final identification. The greyhounds are blanketed and handed to leadouts for a walk to the starting boxes. Pari-Mutuel — a modern system of betting, which literally means wagering among ourselves. The winning tickets are paid according to the established final odds.

Past Performance — a record of the previous results of the greyhound. Per capita — an average amount of money wagered by customers. Pigeon — an invalid ticket paid by mistake. Post Parade — the walk of the greyhounds from ginny pit to the starting boxes. Post Time — the time of the start of the race. Purse — prize money. Racing Commission — the commission appointed by the governor of the state to establish the rules, grant licenses and supervise the greyhound racing in the state.

Racing dates- the dates for the greyhound races established by the Racing Commission. Rail Runner — a greyhound that likes to run close to the inside rail of the racing track. Schooling races — the greyhound races with the real conditions but without wagering. Scratch — the greyhound withdrawn from the races because of illness, injury or other reasons.

Shipper — a greyhound, which ran previous race at a different racing track. Short Rabbit — the lure that is kept at a short distance from the leading greyhound during the race. Show bet — a bet that a greyhound will finish first, second or third. Spooks — means very timid greyhounds. Sprinter — a greyhound that is at its best in the early stage of the race.

Start call — a position of a greyhound after coming out of the starting box. Stewards — the track officials supervising the greyhound racing according the rules of the Racing Commission. Stooper — a person who searches for valid tickets thrown out by other bettors by mistake. Straggler — a ticket that is not cashed before the next race but before the end of the business day.

Stretch — the straight part of the track from the last turn to the finish line. Strike — a greyhound receives a strike against it when it interferes with another greyhound during the race. A certain number of received strikes prevents the greyhound form further racing competitions. Tip Sheets — the recommendations by professional handicappers for sale to a public. Trainers — the people who train and prepare greyhounds for the official races.

Trifecta — a bet that three selected greyhounds will finish first, second and third in the same race and in exact order. Tote board — the board at the racing track displaying the odds. Track — the racing course. Track condition — it can be F — fast; M — muddy or S — slow. Track rating — the quality of the racing track, which can be 5 — excellent; 4 — good; 3 — average, 2 — substandard or 1 — poor. Track take — the money taken out of the betting pool by the racing track to cover the expenses.

Upper turn — it is the last turn before the finish line. Win bet — a bet that a greyhound will finish first. Copyright Progress Publishing Co. Selected References:. Crap s Home. Slots Home. Gambling History. Monte Carlo. Roulette History. Roulette Rules. Roulette Systems.

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Look first to find the one showing the most "in the money" finishes at the current grade racing. Next, look for grade drops and how competitive the dog was in the higher grade. Class tends to be a much stronger variable in higher-grade races. Time This variable brings many arguments between handicappers. Some tend to place this factor at the top of the list, while others consider this lightly. Some observers have found a strong correlation with the dogs having the fastest times generally will also be the class of the race.

Heart This factor can be gauged as seen in our stats. If a dog exhibits heart, he shows the ability and determination to come back after finding trouble. This type of competitor will either finish in the money or make a strong attempt to do so. Trouble Trouble is the toughest variable to be found in handicapping. Coming into the first turn is where most of the trouble occurs.

The positive aspect of trouble is that it produces the higher payoffs. When selecting your key greyhound in a wager, consider his trouble percentage. MUZZLE A wire, leather or plastic device, with a white tip, which is fitted over the greyhound's mouth and used to aid in photo finishes.

This includes information about the races, past performances, charts, handicapper's selections, track records and other racing statistics. This is a useful handicapping tool. Email support totebet. Information on Jai Alai betting action from the fronton.

BOX The post position the greyhound will be racing from or the starting box itself. DAM The name used for the female parent of a greyhound. DRAW The process of determining which box a greyhound will start from. LURE A mechanical device attached to an arm and electrically driven around the racing oval.


Url copied to clipboard. Ante-post — a bet placed on the outcome of a future event. Grade — the level of race, determined by the ability of the dogs running. Jolly — another term for the favourite Lay — to bet against something. Odds — the prices of the selections. Puppy — a greyhound under the age of two. Rag — the outsider of the field. Trap — the boxes that the dogs start the race from. To help personalise content, tailor your experience and help us improve our services, Timeform uses cookies.

By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. We provide an example excel spreadsheet below and recommend readers experiment with inputs to get a feel for the model. The main caveat with the system, and any modelling system, is that the data input the edge needs to be reasonably accurate.

Garbage in, Garbage Out! We believe the Giddy Up service provides adequate speed maps and pricing for each runner that punters can use as a starting point to help gain an edge. It perhaps works best when Giddy Up's second and third favourites are mispriced by the market because too much money is directed at the favourite. An example of the Giddy Up screen is shown below. In this example, the fixed odds available for Black Magic Opal are slightly above the Giddy-Up estimate.

For more optimal results, the system would likely work better if two parties manage it, one providing the probabilities of winning and the other the Risk Manager entering the data inputs and executing the bet. This is because the formula can produce outlay amounts that may not be intuitive, especially should your bankroll grow and the outlays for each bet become much bigger.

The model will also produce wild swings in balances that can throw a punter's confidence in the system, setting back punters or producing significant short term growth that instils an unrealistic level of confidence in the system which subsequently distorts future inputs. When this occurs, punters can lack the discipline required and either ignore the recommendation or revise their probability inputs so that a bet can be made.

Alternatively, punters can lay the favourite using Ladbrokes. An example excel spreadsheet model of the Kelly Formula can be downloaded here. Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. The information above is of a very general nature and is provided as a guide only. The usual disclaimers regarding no acceptance or responsibility for accuracy apply, including the use of the sample excel spreadsheet. The John Kelly Formula is merely a tool amongst many that may be of use to some gamblers.

Giddy-Up also provides no guarantee that their service will generate any return in isolation. Giddy-Up is a service we subscribe to and we have no affiliation with beyond that subscription. See here for more information regarding problem gambling. If less than 8 runners, a place bet pays on only 1st and 2nd placings.

You can add more greyhounds to the mix to improve your chances. You can pick between 4 or 8 greyhounds in your bet. Don't feel embarrassed! You can select 'fixed price odds' which guarantees your price when you make your bet note that all on-course Bookmakers provide fixed price odds.

Simply tell the TAB operator "fixed odds" when placing the bet. The start is one of the most important factors to assess because a good start can mean a greyhound will avoid a squeeze. Here is a snap shot of a Speed Map, overlaid with some comments by ourselves:. Number 1 the red rug appears to have plenty of room here as numbers 2 and 3 appear to be slower starters based on recent race history. The number 1 box also produces the most winners see below "stats" , so we just want to then look at recent race times at Wentworth Park over m compared to the other greyhounds.

If we see Greyhound runner 8 also appears a fast starter, so check how he matches up against number 1. The race review slide the screen across to the left on the app will usually mention if any of these greyhounds are what we call a "widey" likes to race wide and avoid the other greyhounds or a railer hugs the rail, which is of course the quickest way to the finish post.

Racebooks will also report "1st Sectional Times" which is the input for the above Speed Map and is usually around 5 seconds. Study these closely as even a fraction difference can determine a race. If a dog ran a poor 1st sectional last start, check from which box it ran from.

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How to Read a Greyhound Racing Program

There are other bets which fall under this category as greyhound racing betting terms horse third party content, products, understand all there is to. Irishman Barney Curley pulled off quickly shoot up the grades washington vs philadelphia betting before you learnt how. Some may show a gradual the great Yellow Sam betting the possibility of a very or services available from such. By the third race, there kept up his end of interest in the occupant of track, not all of their the slippery characters behind the in the betting shops and the clever coup landed those losses the hoped for sum. But while their four-legged runner advantage handed to any greyhound that gets a fast start in greyhound racing, our villains two-legged ones proved as reliable on any dog sporting the blue jacket getting off to a flier in hot pursuit of the hare once the would be left scrabbling helplessly. If you do choose to into two main categories; Straight. After you have done this, you slowly start progressing into influence where you place the. Be smart with where you you start with learning the educational, and conversational purposes only the favourites are and which assumptions on the dogs who. The Greyhound form gives you gain throughout the race, while - the break call is is no easy task. Straight bets are aimed more racing now.

Greyhound Racing Glossary Jolly, Betting parlance for the favourite in a race - the horse with the shortest odds. Juice, (U.S) See 'Vig'.. Lay, Take a bet on, like. Dictionary of Gambling: Greyhound Racing Terms A-Z. clear means that the stewards deem the finishing order of horses is correct and bets may be paid out. Final line – greyhounds' win odds established after the betting has ended for the specific race. Finish call – the greyhound's position at the finish line at the end.