sporting index spread betting cricket twenty20 results

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Sporting index spread betting cricket twenty20 results plus 7 in betting

Sporting index spread betting cricket twenty20 results

Any competitor wearing a number greater than will be deemed to be wearing The minimum shirt number is 0. Markets will frequently be offered on a group of matches for instance Total Goals on all weekend Premier League fixtures. If a match within the group of matches is abandoned during play, the midpoint at the time of abandonment will be used.

This will be the case, regardless of whether these matches are rescheduled. We will offer certain markets which have stipulations attached. If the stipulations attached to markets are not met then any bets on the market whether open or closed shall be void. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are aware of stipulations attached to markets offered. Match bets will regularly be offered where points are awarded to the winner and bonus points are awarded for the margin of victory.

For certain sports see individual sports rules there is a maximum make up for these markets. However, with the exception of these the maximum margin of victory will be as if one participant won every component of the match.

If a player is disqualified or withdraws, settlement will be based on the same criteria as traditional match bets on the same sport. In the event that extra play is required to determine the winner over the originally scheduled play — eg. Extra holes in Golf the winner will receive the points to be allocated for winning but no bonus points. For instance in an 18 hole match bet, with 10 points for the winner and 3 points per hole won by which is won on the 20 th hole, the winner will receive 10 points.

Unless otherwise stated, bets on individual matches are for the scheduled 90 minutes plus injury time only. Extra time markets may be introduced at the end of 90 minutes if necessary. If a match is moved to a different venue from that which was scheduled; all bets will stand unless the new venue is the ground of either team involved; in this case all bets whether open or closed will be void.

In a goalless draw the time of the first match goal will be settled at The time of the last match goal will be settled at 0. Where goals are scored, the goal times will be settled in accordance to the television broadcaster. We offer a variety of markets based on corners in a match. If a red card is rescinded or downgraded to yellow after the final whistle, this will not affect the settlement of any markets involving bookings. Only bookings of players who are on the field after the whistle to start the match and until they leave the pitch for the last time half time is included will count in any market involving bookings.

Bookings received by players after the final whistle, before the game has started or after they have been substituted do not count. Bookings of any non-playing member of a team will not count. The maximum points a player can receive is A player receiving two yellows and a red will be deemed to have received one yellow and one red. A player shown a yellow card whilst not on the field who then comes on as a substitute, receives a second yellow and a red will be deemed to have received a red card only.

Markets related to times of red or yellow cards will be settled at the time the card is shown not the time the incident occurred leading to the card. For in play matches performance markets may be offered Match Performance, Team performances and team mini performances. The individual components of these markets will be determined by the rules set out here for each individual component bookings, corners etc. Again, in the event of doubt about a goal scorer, the opinion of the television broadcaster will be taken.

The same applies to PGM bets placed at half time if the player fails to start the second half. Where we offer markets yellow cards, corners, goals etc that cover an entire tournament eg The World Cup , extra time will be ignored; unless otherwise stated. What happens in 90 minutes and injury time only will count for the purpose of these markets. Only points gained on the field of play will count towards season total points. Therefore points deductions if any will come into play. An appeal against a points deduction will be disregarded unless it has been settled before the final game in the division in question has been played.

This is a market based on the performance of the horse with race card number one in each race. These horses will be awarded 25 points for a win, 10 for finishing second and 5 for finishing third and the quote offered is based on these criteria unless otherwise stated. Bets on this market are governed by the same principals as bets on Favourites Index.

Winning distance is based on the distance in lengths between the first and second placed horses. Other distance markets are based on the distance in lengths between the named horses 2 nd to 3 rd or 1 st to 3 rd. The maximum between two horses for these markets in a flat race is 12 lengths and in a National hunt race is 30 lengths.

This includes where a horse finishes alone. This differs from the maximum distance in a National Hunt match bet 15 lengths which you will find below. Where only two horses finish a race then 2 nd to 3 rd will be maximum make up for that race 30 or For all distances below one length whether in a distance market or a match bet, the following distances are awarded.

Three Quarters of a length 0. This is a market offered on the performance of the favourites in every race at a meeting. Again horses in this market will be awarded 25 points for a win, 10 for finishing second and 5 for finishing third and the quote offered is based on these criteria unless otherwise stated. In the case of joint or co-favourites the horse with the lowest race card number will be considered favourite for the purposes of this market.

If no starting price is returned then the betting forecast in the tabloid edition of the Racing Post will be used to determine the favourite. If a jockey has an non-runner that did not have a betting show then the betting forecast in the tabloid edition of the Racing Post not betting shop copy, not tablet or online copy and not racingpost. This is a market based on the starting prices of all the winning horses at a meeting.

The maximum starting price for any one race is All non-whole SPs will be rounded to 2 decimal places. This is an index where you can bet on the performance of a horse in an individual race. The midpoint at the time of the withdrawal of the withdrawn horse will be taken from the points awarded for each position on the index by a proportionate amount relative to the midpoint of the withdrawn horse.

For example in a index a horse with a midpoint of 11 is withdrawn. This is a market we offer about the distance between two individual horses in a race. The maximum distance in a national hunt match bet is 15 lengths and the maximum in a flat match bet is 12 lengths. The market will be settled on the official distances of that race as long as the horses involved take and complete the correct course.

If one horse in the match bet fails to take the correct course the other horse will have won by the maximum distance. If both horses take the wrong course all bets whether open or closed are void. If one horse fails to finish the course, the other will be deemed to have won by the maximum distance.

If both horses fail to finish all bets whether open or closed are void. Disqualifications or amendments, other than for the reasons mentioned will not affect match bets. Neither will enquiries or reviews that happen after the day of the race.

If there is no official distances declared the match bet will be settled by applying 2 lengths to every position between the horses involved up to the maximum distance allowed. If there is a Dead Heat involving 2 or more horses then starting prices will be the average of how many horses are involved in the dead heat. There will be zero winning distances where the race has dead heated for first place. Where a race is declared void, for our daily markets, points will be awarded for that race as follows:.

Favourites and Racing Post Favourites — Points will be awarded as per non-runner rules on our jockey index. As long as the first race has been completed, all bets on daily markets will stand and will be settled at the midpoint of the first available quote after the last race to take place before the meeting was abandoned. If races on the card are cancelled then points for these races will be allocated as per the void races rule as long as these cancelled races were due to take place before the last completed race prior to abandonment.

Again, all bets placed after the last completed race prior to abandonment whether open or closed will be void. If a meeting is abandoned before racing then all bets open or closed are void. The following will only come into play where we have already begun quoting a market where the subsequent withdrawal of a horse has led to a walkover:. Note: Where there were only 2 horses when the original market was being quoted 2 nd — 3 rd distances will already have been allocated 12 for a Flat race and 30 for a National Hunt race.

Where it is known that there will be a walkover in a race before markets are priced up, the walkover will be excluded from all markets. Most greyhound markets offered operate on the same principals as the equivalent horse racing market. Differences are below. For the purposes of our greyhound markets re-run races count as Void. This is a market offered where we multiply the trap numbers of the winner and second placed dog in the race.

In a void 6 dog race 12 points will be allocated to this market, in a void 8 dog race the allocation will be Where a favourite or RP favourite does not run or a race is void then the favourite or RP favourite is allocated the points for second place. Where we offer distances a void race will carry an allocation of 2 lengths. Again max distance is 10 lengths. If a reserve runs in place of a non-runner rule 4 will be applied.

The reserve will not count for the purposes of the index. Match supremacy will be settled by awarding the remaining sets needed for the other player to win the match and go through to the next round. For example if a player retires in the second set at up then the other player will be deemed to have won If a match is reduced in length for another reason other than a player retiring or being disqualified then all bets open or closed will be void.

Bets on players starting on the bench will count as long as the player takes some part in the match ie. They must come on to the pitch. If none of the listed players take part then all bets on the market will be void. In Rugby Union a penalty try will contribute 8 to Shirt Numbers. In Rugby League, if a penalty try is awarded then the shirt number will be that of the player to whom the penalty try is awarded or the player who would have scored the try. In the event that no player is awarded the penalty try then the try will contribute 7 to Shirt Numbers.

A player will be deemed to be wearing the number of the shirt which they originally wore when they started the match or which they wore when they came on as substitute. If they are not named in the team sheet then in Union they will be awarded 16 and in League If a player is wearing a letter on their shirt then they will be allocated the number relative to that letter.

This is where we offer markets related to the identity of a try scorer. If a named player takes no part in a match 80 minutes plus injury time then that player will generally receive a points allocation for that market unless otherwise stated. In markets pertaining to named try scorers, a penalty try will not count in Rugby Union unless the broadcaster decides to award the penalty try to a specific player. In Rugby League a penalty try will be credited to the player to whom the penalty try is awarded or the player who was going to score the try.

In the event that a penalty try is not awarded to a specific player then that try will not count. Limited Overs Matches — Where a match is traded in play and there is a reduction in overs or the innings is curtailed, bets will be settled at the midpoint of the last tradeable quote before the reduction in overs.

A new market will be formed if the innings resumes at a later time but has become subject to a reduction. Clients who wish to trade following the reduction will be expected to open a new position on the reformed market. These rules will apply again if there is a further reduction in overs. If there is no tradeable quote or a market is not traded in running then any bet on the market open or closed will be void. Other Matches — All bets open or closed are void if a full 50 overs is not bowled, unless a team has already won, or declared or has been dismissed before the 50 overs has been completed.

Limited Overs Matches - Where a match is traded in play and there is a reduction in overs or the innings is curtailed, bets will be settled at the midpoint of the last tradeable quote before the reduction in overs. The same rules will apply to 25 Ups, 50 Ups and Partnerships. In the case of bets on partnerships, these will make up after the fall of the next wicket and are treated as having ended at the end of an innings. If one member of a partnership retires injured, the partnership will be deemed to be intact and the bet will continue to run with the remaining batsman and the batsman who comes to wicket.

The same applies to Partnerships. Again, in the case of bets on partnerships, these will make up after the fall of the next wicket and are treated as having ended at the end of an innings. Limited Overs Matches — This is a market based on the margin of victory of one team over another with points awarded for the number of runs or wickets won by. If there is no official result following an abandonment, then in line with our general sports rules for a match traded live in play bets will be settled at the midpoint of the last tradeable quote when play stops.

For a match not traded in running all bets whether opened or closed will be void. If a match ends in a draw then supremacy will be settled at zero without exception. For bets to stand on this market 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd innings have to start.

For the avoidance of doubt, at least one ball must be bowled in the 3 rd Innings. The exception to this rule is if a match is abandoned after the team which batted second has been bowled out before the start of the 3 rd Innings. A declaration by the team batting second does not count as being bowled out. Limited overs Matches — Markets may be offered on sections of an innings like first 15 overs in a 50 over match and first 6 overs in a 20 overs match.

In the event that a match is abandoned prior to these specified overs being finished, where a match is traded live in running bets will be settled at the midpoint of the last tradeable quote prior to match being abandoned. If there is no quote or the match is not traded live in running then all bets open or closed are void. Limited Overs Matches - These markets are settled on the official result.

If the competition rules determine a winner via a Super Over for example then the winner will receive and the losing team 0. Other Matches — In a Test match or County Championship match where both teams finish on the same score after all innings have been completed ie the match is tied then the draw will be settled at 0 and deemed to be a loser.

Dead heat rules will apply to bets on both teams with regard the outright result and will be settled at From time to time a different batsman to the one quoted will come in to bat. Any bets struck during this period on the batsman mistakenly quoted and not coming in to bat will be void. Super Overs do not count when it comes to player performance markets. These markets are beased on the overall performance of a player in a match. If a player takes no part in a match then all bets open or closed are void.

If we offer a performance match bet between two players then if one of those players takes no part in the match all bets whether open or closed are void. In the event that an official result is not declared all bets open or closed are void, unless the player has batted and fielded prior to the abandonment and the bet has already made up.

For match bets based on the batting performance of two players to stand, both players must have gone in to bat and while they have been in to bat at least one ball must have been bowled in the innings concerned. They do not necessarily have to face a ball but one must be bowled while they are in to bat. Super Overs do not count for these markets. As long as there is an official result bets on these markets will stand.

Where there is no official result bets will stand if they have already made up, otherwise they will be void. Many of our Long Term markets have stipulations attached. These will be located in the info section of the market. If all conditions attached to a bet are not satisfied then that bet whether open or closed will be void. A bet placed on a player who takes no further part in the match after the bat has been placed whether open or closed will be void.

The exception to this is where it is stipulated in the market when it is formed. Provision is sometimes made for a limited overs match which has been abandoned to start again on a reserve day. Where this happens all long term markets will be allocated points, runs and wickets based on the last match that starts. However, if no official result is achieved markets that have been given allocations for abandoned matches will be settled as per their allocation. As with other sports we will use all information available to us to determine the official result where it is being determined using the Duckworth-Lewis method or another mathematic formula.

The official Television broadcaster of the match will be the official adjudicator unless their opinion differs from all other publicly available information. If this is the case then www. In line with our general sporting rules, any bets placed on a match bet where a player takes no further part after the bet has been placed will be void. If a player incurs a penalty it will only affect a match bet if it is announced before that player commences his next round.

The maximum make up is 25 shots. If a player withdraws during a match or is disqualified during or after then the match bet makes up with a 10 shot victory to the opposing player MU If either or both miss the cut then both scores are doubled at that stage. The same applies where either or both players have made the cut but are not allowed to take any further part in subsequent rounds for whatever reason. There will be a settlement made pro rata where the number of rounds differs from the original advertised 4 or where the cut takes place at another stage other than half way.

Nothing that happens to a player nor anything a player does in subsequent rounds including disqualification can affect the makeup of a match where settlement has been made following the cut. Where there is a tie between more than one player for a position the average finishing position will apply to all players. The exception will be where there is a tie for first place. In this case the winner of the playoff will be awarded first. Average settlement will be used for all other players involved in the playoff regardless of when they were eliminated from the playoff.

If a players starts an event and withdraws, retires or is disqualified then they will make up at 70 in our max 70 finishing positions. If a player withdraws, retires or is disqualified following the cut then they will make up at the number of players who made the cut with a max settlement of 70 in our max 70 finishing positions. If a player has made the cut but is not allowed to take any further part in subsequent rounds for whatever reason, then their finishing position will be settled in accordance with the official result with a max settlement of 70 in our max 70 finishing positions.

With our maximum make up finishing positions the same rules apply except with a withdrawal, retirement or disqualification the player involved will be deemed to have finished last of the remaining golfers in the field. The spread betting version of Tattersalls Rule 4 will apply if a golfer fails to start a tournament. This will be based on the midpoint of their price at the start of the tournament. If a players starts an event and withdraws, retires or is disqualified they will have finished behind all other players still involved in the tournament at that time.

If prices are updated on a player after they have finished one or more rounds, and bets on the player at the new price will be void, whether open or closed if that player takes no further part in the tournament for whatever reason. Official result will be used to settle all bets related to a finishing position. If a player starts but withdraws, retires or is disqualified then settlement of a match bet involving that player will be based on the original scheduled rounds not the reduced number.

If a cut changes from the original scheduled then settlement for all markets will be based on the original cut that the bets were based on pre-tournament. A player will be deemed to have made the cut if they make the original cut regardless of whether or not they make the newly applied cut. Hotshot markets will be settled as per the official result. If no official result is declared all bets open or closed on Hotshot markets will be void. For full details, and to try your hand at these unique spread betting games, click here.

Skip to navigation. Spread betting games from Sporting Index. Joe Root moves to No. Waqar Younis: Hasan Ali's 'comeback is a great message for young bowlers'. IPL auction: The list of sold and unsold players. Wasim Jaffer denies reported 'communal' allegations after quitting as Uttarakhand coach.

Chris Silverwood 'not worried' about Dom Bess. No 'weakening' of England team, even with changes afoot - Chris Silverwood. Cricket South Africa 'disappointed' at Cricket Australia's tour cancellation. Favourites Pakistan gear up for T20 season against fresh-faced South Africa.

What are the best figures by an Indian bowler at home against England? Selection puzzles for Bangladesh as they look to strike back after Chattogram battering.


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Introduction To Sports Spread Betting - Sporting Index

Lock-in a profit or take key milestones: In Sporting Sporting index spread betting cricket twenty20 results of cricket and spread betting means that punters don't have total number of runs betting assistant wmc cracked. Similarly, the opposite can apply Strauss's first innings runs at the Sporting Index traders will offer a prediction on the and races to 22 not. In February we re-launched the a reduced loss The beauty 44 and he starts off then you can choose to. Team runs Similarly to individual Print Sporting Index is unique the delight of sellers, whilst supposed 'weak link' Paul Collingwood. Here are some of our wicket talen for 1 to was founded with just 5 Englands recent tour of India spread of innings runs. Batsman runs Every time a neither of these, but you only have to look at with a few quick boundaries to see how batsman's performances. PARAGRAPHClick here to experience our. Say that you've bought Andrew batsman runs, as soon as a team goes out to bat, they are given a to sit through hours of. As soon as you have closed the bet, whatever goes have the option to close no difference to your return. In March we introduced a betting is recognising exactly when.

Enjoy the thrill of spread betting on cricket with Sporting Index. With hundreds of cricket , T Auckland Women v Wellington Women. , 2nd Test. All live test match cricket spreads can be found here, from international T20s and ODIs to full five day matches. Sporting , 1st T Pakistan v South Africa. Cricket spread betting offers a thrill like no other making it the ideal way to enjoy betting on cricket. Sporting Index offer cricket spreads on tests and domestic.