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John's accomplishment is particu- larly stunning when matched against his previous track record. The ascent of "The Score" to the 6 million mark makes it one of the five best-selling rap albums of all time, john behind such notable titles as the front-runner, M. Carey racked up her seventh multi- platinum album with "Butterfly" Columbia , which soared to such heights a mere month after its release. Rimes became the first teen solo star to collect two multi-platinum certifica- tions since Debbie Gibson accom- plished that feat nearly a decade ago.

In other notable certification news, the Dave Matthews Band became the only act to score two multi-platinum albums in October as the group's album, "Under The Table And Dream- ing" RCA , reached the 5 million mark, while the follow-up, "Crash," hit 4 million. The project was kicked off Oct. Despite universal rave reviews and video exposure on VH-1 U.

Juliette Joseph, head of international at deConstruction in the U. In fact, the label has a grass-roots marketing plan that extends well into Although deConstruction has yet to confirm a U. Also, Powell is already building a solid state- side following by way of import sales. Her voice is remarkable — kind of a cross between Sade and Erykah Badu. She has the potential to be a major star.

She assumes that people are smart and are interested in something different. The l ook chronicles the experi- ences of seven young people who trav- eled seven days with the band, discussing issues affecting today's cul- ture. The book and album follow the Aug. In 2nd Year, U. EMI U. Blige at thus year's show, to be held Monday 10 in London's Connaught Rooms.

This year marks the ceremony's sec- ond outing, and, as last year, it will be broadcast by Carlton TV on the nation- al I TV network; the show is also airing in key regions Thursday IS in a 7;V minute edited program. The event's prior outing got a unan- imous thumbs-up from labels and art- ists alike.

Jazzie B. At the Q Awards or the Brit Awards, we've not got a look in. It's a shame no one from the estab- lishment could see this. This approach has produced a list of nominees that ranges from Wu- Tang Clan for best international hip-hop act to Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers for best dance act , Andy Ruffeli, managing director of the MOBO Organisation, says this approach is consistent with perceptions of the music here.

Ruffeli argues that the event has filled a niche in the already crowded market for award shows. The dehut show scored a domestic audience of 2. This year, MOBO is confident enough to be selling the show interna- tionally. London-based distributor Screen Ventures reports strong inter- national interest in the program, with deals to be finalized after the event.

The audio por- tion plays on a standard audio CD player. It's a real depar- ture from their previous sound, more raw, and kids love it. He readily admits that the band hasn't yet gotten the recognition he feels it deserves. They've been so closely positioned next to dc Talk, and dc Talk has been one of the biggest acts ever in our industry. I think it's had a bit of a diminishing effect on Audio Adrenaline'sl public image, but we're ready to fix that" Audio Adrenaline's lead vocalist, Mark Stuart, has no regrets about the road the band has taken thus far.

He was VP of sales at Capitol Nashville. He was branch manager and sales manager at Sony Music Distribution. He was repertoire manager, alternative, at Mercury Records Germany. Giant Records in Nashville names Denny Mosesman head of promo- tion. He was VP of promotion at Asy- lum Records. He was market- ing director at Perspective Records. He was regional promotion manager. Island Records in New York pro- motes Barbara Portera to associ- ate director of merchandising and creative marketing.

She was man- ager of merchandising and creative marketing. He was national director of sales and field marketing at Concord Records. She was national marketing manager at Koch. He was VP of legal and busi- ness affairs. She was VP of the film and television music division at Jobete Music.

He w f as professional manager of the gospel division. Stacey Palm is appointed senior creative director of film and televi- sion music at Famous Music Pub- lishing Cos. He was director of music clearance. They were, respectively, creative services assistant and synchroniza- tion manager.

Intermittent keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who first joined in , kept the group "on our fingertips for six months," says singer Jon Anderson, before deciding this past summer not to participate. So that leaves two founding members An- derson and bas- sist Chris Squire , two veterans guitarist Steve Howe and drum- mer Alan White , and one rookie guitarist Billy Sherwood, a some- time Yes co-producer. It's actually the second Yes album of the fall. And 'Open Your Eyes' is more formulated, radio friendly — you could say it's a commercial al- bum.

It has all the pinpoints; there are about four really good songs I love singing, not more than four or five minutes each. Just fun, happy songs. Anderson, in a phone interview before a Hartford, Conn. We should just make an album and get on the road,' " he recalls. We've been sort of pent up with a lot of frustration. Instead of playing short, lightweight pop songs like Elvis Presley or the early Beatles, these groups aspired to link rock with more lofty clas- sical and jazz traditions.

But, more recently, Yes has re- defined itself as two different bands. On rec- ord, Yes plays mostly catchy, upbeat pop mu- sic; in concert, the musicians per- form elaborate solos and rely on older, longer songs. Some of the "Open Your Eyes" songs, including "Universal Gar- den," which begins with an elabo- rate synthesizer suite, rely on Yes' traditionally complex rock arrange- ments.

Mostly, though, the album sticks to catchy pop — and the love theme comes up many times, in the lyrics of "Wonderlove," "From The Balcony," and "Love Shine. As is usually the case with Yes, hard-to-decipher sentiments pop up all over the new album. He wrote, "You've got great imagina- tion" in the title track, for example, which gives the otherwise-straight- forward pop song a cosmic touch.

Stephen Stills is inducted into Hollywood's Rock- Walk. Stills was inducted by friend Bruce Willis. Re- leased Nov. To hear Garfunkel tell it, the pair's output was fueled by Paul Simon's ceaseless drive. We'd finish a project, and I'd say, Td like to take a breather,' and Paul would be like, 'I know what we can do next' It was a constant race around the track.

Put it this way, we never partied during those years. We took all the energy of knowing we were being accepted and poured it back into the studio. You gotta have a lot of love between people for that. I forgot how much we breathed together. There's something very sweet about that. Garfunkel doesn't expect "Old Friends" to change any- one's feelings about the duo, simply because he feels no revisionist history is needed.

I haven't eschewed this group as a sound that's passe. I think they were always appealing and still are. He is in discussions with other record companies. The City of Brotherly Love has come to Metallica's rescue. The band w r as in search of a city in which to play a free concert in support of its new by Melinda Newman album, "Re-Load," which comes out Nov. The concert will take place at 3 p. The special, directed by Jim Yukich, will feature the trio playing music in a variety of scenarios.

The spe- cial is produced by dick dark pro- ductions and is co-produced by Steve Greenberg, who signed the band to Mercury, and Hanson's manager, Christopher Sabec. Also on Nov. The concert will feature performances culled from shows this past summer in Pittsburgh and Toronto. This year's honorees were Aerosmith, who spent the afternoon prior to the dinner at the organization's music therapy clinic at New York University. The group's Steven Tyler was still glowing about the experience sev- eral hours later.

It brought tears to my eyes the way they responded to 'Walk This Way. We meant to say DreamWorks, which is, of course, distributed by Geffen. Burkum replaced guitarist Barry Blair, who left the band in January Tyler Burkum did most of the guitar on this record. Production- wise we just went for it and put no lim- its on ourselves.

Stuart says the title cut was inspired by the time he spent in Haiti, where his parents were working as missionaries. The 'Zombie' record is less introspective. It's more generally spiritual to a much broader audience. It's about change. It's about transformation, about how God takes you from being dead on the inside to filling you up with life.

Louis; Mount Vernon, The band is also doing a private show Nov. The band is going to autograph every- body's record and do a special show. The Minneapolis market is going nuts over this idea. Consumers can register to win the autographed standees from their local retailers. Audio Adrenaline recently returned from performing in Australia and New Zealand. The Supertones will be the opening act Many in the industry are surprised that Audio Adrenaline is just now headlining its first tour.

The newly redesigned site delivers a greater sejs of information services and news ieatures to international subscribers, including'entertainment executives and other top decision-makers. In ddition to the latest news; archives, boxoffice and production charts, online browsers can access more immediate news and analysis faster than ever befool World Watch dissolves'the reality of time zones k5y delivering breaking reports from London, New YjfJrk, Los Angeles and ottfer news bureaus around the world for complete.

Aip to date, hour coverage! The first is free. Sally Cronin, head of sales and ac- quisitions at Screen Ventures, says, "There's a lot of international interest out there. Many buyers like the fact that it's something new and fresh and that the MOBOs are supporting new British talent" Appetites for British music have been whetted by the international suc- cess of such acts as Spice Girls and Oasis, says Cronin.

This year will also see increased in- dustry participation, with national BBC Radio 1 broadcasting the event and hosting a weekend of events preceding the awards. Sponsors for the event include Diesel clothing, supporting the best unsigned act; Virgin Megastore, for the best single; and Red Stripe beer, for best jungle act The event also has the endorsement and support of the British Phonographic Industry.

A track sampler, "Mobo — The Awards," went on sale Nov. Building from start-up websites created by the various divisions of Virgin Retail, this key individ- ual will develop and launch the company's first truly global Virgin Megastore website. This new website will capitalize on Virgin's unique global brand recognition, our capacity to source informa- tion and product in all the world's major territories and our world-wide reputation for expertise in music and other entertainment products.

Comprised of a brand statement, a source of information and a retail order and delivery opera- tion, we envision the new Internet Megastore as a business in its own right. The Business Development Manager will oversee the complete development of the site and its supporting infrastructure, maintain full profit responsibility and work in conjunction with the CEO's of our regional companies world-wide to maximize the image and positioning opportunities for our new internet business.

Successful candidates will be skilled in building a business from scratch. Clarity of vision sup- ported by sound commercial skills will be required. Experience in an internet-related business and music distribution would be advantageous. Based in our Los Angeles office, this individual will work closely with our U.

Retail team. Reporting to the world wide Group CEO of the Virgin Entertainment Group in London, this posi- tion could provide rapid growth and career advancement for the right candidate. Virgin Entertainment Group provides competitive compensation and benefits packages, commensu- rate upon experience.

Box , Beverly Hills, CA into his stores, which are mainly in smaller towns outside urban areas. If they want to get the volume, they have to bring the price down. Matt Ross, head of black music at Columbia U. Then we were going to headline a tour, and Steven Curtis asked us to go out with him.

We thought we'd never been out with an AC artist or an adult artist, so it was a good opportunity to go out and play to a new crowd, and it was. It wasn't like our normal crowd. It was more of an adult and family au- dience]. It really solidified Audio Adrenaline as an act a family could come out and see.

A00 Gioss Record 19J. U9 UStttt-W so An jtnl'n aire Universal City. Box- scores should be submitted to: Mane Ratlift, Nashville Phone: , Fax: , For research information and pricing, call Mane Ftatliff, His own work has been sandwiched between stints with early Miami band Broken Spectacles; recording with art rockers Muse on its debut Atlantic album, "Arcana"; and touring and recording with the Amanda Green Band. He has recorded with a who's who of Miami artists — Diane Ward, Sixo, Brian Franklin, and Jolynn Daniel — and won awards, such as best acoustic performer, from local weeklies and a South Florida Rock Award for best bass player.

Doing it all on the album, Sabatella wrote the songs, sings, and plays guitar, bass, and keyboards on all 12 tracks. Leaning toward a bluesy style of guitar-heavy folk rock, Sabatella also reveals himself to be a more-than-capable vocalist, with an earnest and gritty range. A cassette featur- ing two songs from the album, plus one previously unreleased track, are being given away at the shows, as well as at record stores and by mail order.

Contact Slipstream at The band has just released its self-titled debut on the Cross Currents label, and it's a heady mix of crucial grooves that acknowledge the band's influences, while moving forward. B, who gives the group a tougher vibe.

Russell says, "Boston may not be known nationally as a place for reggae, but we think we're a band that can help change that. Maria Miller's vocals don't so much front the disc's nine songs as take their place alongside the musical sounds being generated by her cohorts. The dark swirl of guitars and key- boards and soft-shoed rock rhythms accompanying Miller's melodic singing conjure up memories of such groups as Lush and My Bloody Valen- tine.

Louis' Red Sea, and Chica- go's Phillis'. Contact manag- er Dan Niedziejko at In , the Union tour, which reunited two pre- viously feuding Yes factions, was a surprise commercial success. After the current city theater tour, Left Bank plans to send Yes into arenas and big outdoor amphithe- aters next summer. It's got to be the younger demographic as well," says Gina Iorillo-Corrales, senior VP in Beyond's promotion department.

And basically Yes has never gone away, and this is the consummate Yes lineup. The key is they're making really good music, and it just happens to be 30 years later. The lat- ter band broke up for several years, then reunited with a new album of exclusively old material; the Stones, like Yes, continue to put out new material and play the hits on the road. But Yes has carried a larger stigma than either of those groups: Rock critics, not to mention the entire punk movement, have fre- quently savaged the band's preten- sions to "serious music.

You're famous for about 10 minutes and you're out. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that's what keeps us going. Maybe if the radio is excited to play this music maybe we'll have a hit. It's about time we have something. Come on, we're still good and we make good music and we're very positive and we just want to make people happy.

Just S Full Color! Easy off Completely Sale Send your sized, color logo. The Power Book: The ultimate guide to radio and record promotion. International Latin Music Buyer's Guide: The essential tool for finding business contacts in the latin music marketplace. Outside U. You can fax your order to Box , Lake wood, NJ Orders payable in U. When an album reaches this level, the album and the artist's subsequent albums are immedi- icar on the Heatseekers chart.

All albums are available on cassette and CD. The act, whose debut album, "Cheers To U," bows in Feb- ruary, has been rubbing elbows over the last few years Still Blazing. The duo, which delivered such head-bobbing hits as "Hip Hop Junkies" in , is back again with "Blazing Hot," which is No.

The track, fea- turing DJ Kid Capri, is one of several cuts that have special guest work. Outside of those collabora- tions, band member Static wrote Ginuwine's break- through hit, "Pony. Geoffrey Weiss, who signed the band, says that the label has afforded itself invaluable time to set up the next album while Sire releases "Hourly Daily. One Step At A Time. After several years spent building a name for himself honky-tonking through Texas, Jim Collins relocated to Ten- nessee and landed a deal with Arista Nashville.

While his first al- bum for the label, "The Next Step," won't bow until Jan. His first single, the album's true track, comes out Monday Mkttujd Peterson Michael Peterson 2. That ftpilttj The Firry 01 The Aquahats 3. Blink DuOe Ranch 4. Rooyn Robyn Is Here 9. Trio Da Da Da Sareruicd Ladles Rock Spectacle 4.

Our Lady Peace Clumsy 5. Robyn Rooyn Is Here 6. Limp Btzkil Three Dollar Bill, rail 7. Baj Bub Tuneless 8. Andrea Boeelli Rornanza "We don't want to be one album behind Australia for the rest of eternity," he says. We want tour- ing to be intelligent, and by planning a worldwide release, we'll be able to give the next record in a way that satisfies the band's development needs and helps us bring a block- buster marketing mentality to the fourth record.

Another part of the problem in align- ing its marketing efforts has been the band's prolific out- put, says Weiss. But to him, its like, 'This is where I'm at right now. So far, the label has scored a coup with its first two artists, Scott Gordon and Joe E. With her self- titled debut album set to bow Jan. It was the first time since the '60s, really, that the Windy City had been acknowledged as a hotbed of popular music, with the record industry treating it as one. Brown Betty. None, though, had the impact of the pre- viously mentioned artists.

Label attention started to wane; media attention moved on to other mar- kets. Now that the chances of signing a big-league contract have lessened, bands are supporting themselves in true indie fashion. As for the blues, Chicago's prima- ry legacy to the music world, it keeps attracting more and more of a mass audience. Gospel music is thriving, as are jazz, reggae, Latin and other genres.

Among the standouts Milne names are prominent local talents like alt-country artist Robbie Fulks, singer -songwriter Edith Frost and buzzed-about jump- blues act the Mighty Blue Kings, as well as punk acts Not Rebecca and Oblivion.

The infrastructure's sturdy; there's a wealth of little labels [some 75 independent labels, all told] in business. The num- ber of small studios has doubled. AfFiliate label Quarterstick is home to locals Pegboy and the Mckons some of whose members are still based in their native England. Touch And Go i: Chicago's most high-profile rock indie, and also one of its longest lived, with Rusk having relocated the label here from Michigan a decade ago.

Even longer on the Chicago scene is Pravda Rec- ords — at 12 years and counting — which recently was rated by an alternative weekly publication as Chicago's best label. Founder Kenn Goodman says diversifica- tion has been the key to survival for Pravda, whose artists include guitar-pop combo Wake Ooloo former members of the Feelies , Austin, Texas' Javelin Boot and hometown "idiotic rock" trio New Duncan Imperials. Pravda also distributes local labels Bloodshot, Hitlt!

As for the state of hxal music, Goodman says, "There's always been a music scene here. The hype has faded, because a lot of bands got signed and nothing happened. So people are back to square one. Despite any language barrier all songs are sung in Spanish , Latino and Anglo audiences alike are drawn to Ortega's passionate, original songs.

A decade later, his band Gadfly broke up after releasing several discs. A trip to his native Colombia several years ago convinced Ortega to explore his musical roots. When I returned to Chicago, I started playing in restaurants and clubs, and people were very receptive. By the end of the evening, Baran's playing and harmonies had won him a spotlighted role in the group.

And anyway, the year-old songwriter has no interest in ditching his country core, "My early songs combined country and rock 'n' roll, and I'm going back to that," he says. Fulks learned to play banjo and guitar growing up in Virginia and North Carolina and, in the early s, began a year teaching career at Chicago's legendary Old Town School Of Folk Music.

He joined premier bluegrass band Special Consensus and labored with minimal success in smalt clubs and songwriter showcases. Fulks then spent several years in Nash- ville, working as a commercial songwriter. It also allowed Fulks to return to Chicago, to be closer to his daughter. Caterer's bandmates include brothers Matt on bass and Eli on guitar, along with drummer Mike Felumlee. The Brothers Caterer moved to Chicago three years ago, while being signed in the feeding frenzy that followed the city's discovery as "the next big thing.

Caterer insists, "You can drive to it. You can work out to it. You can play it at parties. And you can still use it to help you sleep at night. After that, it took the other labels about three days to make their offers.

The Popes' original plan Continued on page 21 Alligator Records. Farmer, Train Black Vinyl Records. Angels, Riptones Cargo Records, W. Homer; artists: 16 Volt, Clay People, 13 mg. Randolph St. Records, N. Green St. Milwaukee Ave. Lake Shore Dr. Auditorium Theatre 50 E. Lawrence; rock Green Dolphin Street N.

Ashland; jazz House Of Blues N. Dearborn; eclectic The Vic Theatre N. Wabash; blues, the music fan's respite from sports bars Double Door N. Milwaukee; rock. Rolling Stones warmed up here with hundreds of fans left peering through the streetside windows. Kingston Mines N. Lincoln; jazz and eclectic The Green Mill N. Broadway; jazz Heartland Cafe N. Clark St. Morse; great sound system Park West W.

Armitage; pricey but still one of tbe city's most comfortable small stages Shubas Tavern N. South port; eclectic Fireside Bowl W. Fullerton; rock, punk and ska The Note N. Milwaukee; a forum for adventurous music Jazz Showcase 50 W. Indiana; jazz. Owner and tenor sax great Fred Anderson also performs. North Ave. Wabash Reckless Records N. Broadway and W. Rock Records W. Washington St. Vibes Music V Sheridan Road. Damen; industrial heaven Chicago Tribune N. Michigan Ave. Halsted St. Illinois St.

Polk St. Box ; local band profiles, organizes club showcases Velocity S. Jefferson; Editor Chauncey Hollingsworth helped found the late Subnation. Chicago Recording Company E. Recent proj- ects: R. Streeterville Studios E. Grand; recent projects: Common, Smashing Pumpkins, Fugees. Radio industry mergers have created a "classic rock" battleground here.

With two critically acclaimed Blue Note albums, the Chicago native has established his versatile singing style and dizzving poetry as among the most original the jazz world has seen in a generation. Elling started singing in college, introduced by a friend to the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Dexter Gordon and Herbie Hancock.

Intrigued by Mark Murphy's synthesis of iazz singing and beat poetry, Elling hooked up with sax legends Von Freeman and Ed Petersen and began performing his original "rants," grounding them in classic jazz instrumental solos and impro- visations. Elling continued working Chicago's jazz rooms, especially the famed Green Mill. You can make a difference. Call SSS The city is also home to a number of booking agencies that represent national acts on major labels some home- grown talent, some not.

The Billions Corp. In fact, he observes, "The major-label feeding frenzy was disruptive. But Neu- berger says the label furor had its benefits as well. CRC has seen much of the citv's big-label recording projects.

Southport Ave. Chicago, II pravoausa ool. They're THE retailer one-stop with competitive pricing, full-line video, accessories, a fair return policy and the best advertising support I've ever received. My business is customer-driven so to provide great service, we NEED great service. Our sales person actually listens to us and acts upon our needs.

It" anything, says Neuberger, Chicago "lacks enough superstars" to support the scene in grand style. Kelly's suc- cess, then we'd have a more stable situation [major-label-wise]," says Neuberger. They want to hear 'Sweet Home Chicago" in every set — thev want rock trying to pass as blues. But lesser-known blues artists are still coming up — like the Albert King-influenced guitarist Carl Weathersby.

He also is cheered by the resur- gence of local favorites Might oe Voung and Vanessa Davis. Jimmie Rogers and Eddy Clearwater have stayed true to their roots. Blues labels like. Certainly, the massive global success of guitarist Buddy- Guy, whose South Loop club, Legends, is one of Chicago's biggest draw s, is a testament to the universal appeal ol hu ago blues. Ml Make Sense," features an impressive array of guest stars. Common's positive, anti-gangs ta stance is winning critical and popular acclaim.

Bryant Chandler of Rockford, Clutch, says he's concentrating his pro- motional efforts in Chicago. That's one of the things that make this city great. JMA is a full-service music company that has been representing major and independent labels, publishing companies, and film and artist management companies for nearly 20 years. As inde- pendent consultants across the realm of the industry, JMA is a clear leader in successful artist promotion. The JMA team is comprised of 35 individuals with insider expertise in every aspect of the music and radio promotion fields.

JMA salutes all Chicago musical artists and record labels, espe- cially those we have promoted. Kelly and Crucial Conflict. JMA's team experience "crosses over" into all areas of Chicago's vibrant music business - artists, club owners, independent labels, radio stations, recording studios and concert promoters.

Our success within the music industry has enabled us to grow into larger guarters. We believe these combined talents will create a synergy for future development in the fields of artist management, record labels and publishing ventures. All of a sudden [everything that we were doing] didn't make any sense," says Dallas Austin, who discovered Joi and functioned as the primary producer for both albums.

Joi predated D'Angelo. EMI told us she needs to be more of a Mary J. Bligel to which I said. I wanted to get Joi out of the contract, but Davitt wouldn't let me do that. He said he was as much a fan of Joi as we were, and after that conver- sation I called Joi back and said, 'Look, Davitt is a little different than every- body else. He's checking for us in a dif- ferent way. Or Nancy Wil- son.

Or Gladys Knight. Anybody who had been in the industry plus years. We always make music for us and the peo- ple who love and embrace the theory. While Austin understood where Sigerson was com- ing from, Joi initially didn't. Now you're telling me you didn't really like it? Once we talked, I found out he was talking about me making simpler rec- ords, like those that were a little dif- ferent but crept out, like Prince's 'When Doves Cry' — not selling my soul.

But I was blocked. Every time I wrote something, it came out too Toni Mor- rison, intricate and complicated. I needed some Terry McMillan. Austin says, "That's when I came up with 'Ghetto Superstar. I'd never seen that road before, and I got excited. Let's make sure we find a coupla more ways to simplify it.

We next did 'It's Over. After playing it for Sigerson, he, too, was ecstatic. Plans to release the rec- ord were again put in place. Among the songs are "My Brother's Keeper," a bittersweet tune dedicated to the memory of Austin's deceased older brother; "Dirty Mind," a slinky creep through Joi's sensuality in which a battle rages between flesh and mind; and "Ghetto Superstar," the first video and radio release the track won't be commercially available.

BESI-A conventions, where the biggest industry dealmakers meet to hobnob, network, and relax in resort settings. The focused panel sessions, outreach and scholarship support for African -American law students, and career and spiritual motivation proved that BESLA is much more than just an exotic getaway.

This year's theme, "Global Merging Of Sports And Enter- tainment," was played out throughout the schedule, as attorneys, agents, managers, and record industry execs stressed the need to take advantage of the growing cross-marketing opportunities for athletes and entertainers in the worldwide market, as well as increasing opportuni- ties for athletes to become entertainers.

NBA player Shaquilte O'Neal — rapper, actor, Los Angeles Laker — represents a new ideal for sportsmen try- ing to diversify their public image as well as their assets; entertainers likewise can fare well by looking beyond national shores to opportunities in the global market.

The concept of getting cash today for tomorrow's value drew a strong turnout for the Nov. In the simplest terms, this is a way of getting cash today for the predictable future value of an asset those who need a detailed explanation, call your broker without assuming any future risk associated with the performance of that asset At the awards banquet, event co-chair and former NBA star Norm Nixon stressed the need for well- trained African-American.

Making a special appearance at the dinner celebrity attorney Johnnie L. The Refugee Project was founded in to link minority communities throughout the world by "instilling a sense of entitlement and responsibility to young people" throughout the African diaspora. Other programs will reg- ister voters and provide educational, arts, nutrition, and mentoring programs.

TY UMB A ARIAA certification tor shipment of 1 million units, with mulbptatinum titles indicated by a numeral following the symbol. Tape prices marked EQ. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week.

I Indicates past or present Heatseeker title. C The event pi-emiered the video for the first single, "Guess Who's Back. The gallery also showcased a variety of artwork inspired by Rakim's lyrics. Cannibus, who is Ra's labelmate, urged a humble Rakim to the micro- phone to give words of thanks to the crowd.

I think everybody had enough of that Plus I did that already. I smoked cigars in videos; talked about bandrtos, the jewelry, and dead presidents. So it's the last thing I wanted to do. What were you doing during the time that you were away? I was watching my family grow, teaching my family, taking advantage of the time off.

Then I was on tour for seven months, doing a show five days a week up until, like, '90, ' My former! I kind of took advantage of the setbacks that came my way. When I got to Universal, everything was smooth. Some tracks of yours showed up on a couple of mix tapes. What happened was, when MCA fired everybody, a lotta people had access to my demos. They started sell- ing 'em to mix shows and radio stations. That did it to me as far as putting chem- istry together and preparing the world for how I've grown since the last album.

All of my views and what I wanted to bring across got leaked out. So, when it came time to do the next project, it was like starting from nowhere and not knowing what the people heard. You always were a quiet person. Even when you were in a room filled with people you were off by yourself. I just imagine you writing in a room by yourself. That's basically it.

I go into the lab, lock the door. Have a nice, soft light be- cause I like to do most of the shining. I go beyond that. As long as the room is dim with a little mu- sic, I could go in there and do my thing. What happened between vou and Eric B.? We were never really friends. It seemed like you were two very different individuals. No doubt. We never shared a cent bag of potato chips back in the day.

We never went half on a soda. You know what I'm sayin'? When you're comin' up with kids in the neighborhood, you develop a special bond with them. But with me and him, it was straight-up business. He came around my way one day, and somebody introduced us. He said he was trying to make a recoi-d and that he knew Mister Magic and Maiiey Marl.

I guess we were two different people. Everyone connected to the hip-hop community has been eagerly await- ing a new Rakim record. Did you feel any pressure because of that? The biggest pressure that I felt was at the beginning, trying to figure out if the world will still embrace me.

Right now it's like no pressure, because up to this point in my life I could deal with anything that comes. As far as sitting down and rhyming, I wanted all the people who waited for Rakim to be sat- isfied. I'm a perfectionist, so I wanted to make sure everything was right. What's the first song you recorded for the new set? I answered all the questions peo- ple were asking: Where's Rakim?

When's the album coming out? What's up with you and Eric B.? You did a song on the soundtrack album ["Hoodlum" with Mobb Deep, but there are no guests on the album. What I wanted to do was rein- troduce myself to the world and not rely on anybody else. I wanted to come in like I came in before — solo. The record is very mystical, very cosmic. What I want people to realize as far as my lyrical skills go is that I'm more mature now. I'm taking it back where it used to be as far as rhyming.

I want [lis- teners] to pay attention to what I didn't do, and that will let them know what I stand for and what I agree and don't agree with. There are a couple of supremely romantic cuts, like "Show Me Love. I always try to get something to make instead of having them feel like every time a rapper sings something about a woman it's disrespectful. I want to show the world how I see a woman through my eyes.

The performer is recoi'ding tracks for it all over New York and says, "On my last album, things were real rushed. Half the stuff was old shit from when I was a shortie. With this new one. I just want to fuck people's heads up. I want to give 'em somethin" different every time I come, on every song. Thus far, guest vocals have been completed by Wu-Tang Clan mem- bers Ghostface Killah and Masta Kil- lah; outside the Clan, Meth has also tracked a tune with Redman, with whom he's developed a close relation- ship since the pair recorded a song, "Whateva Man," and a jingle for St.

Ides malt liquor. That all changes with "Soundbombing " a label compilation put together by DJ Evil Dee who, incidentally, is working on a new Black Moon release. Along with known joints by acts like Company Flow and Mos Def, the set also fea- tures a few unreleased tracks.

Assistance in pwparing this column urn provided by Shawnee Smtih. C Cassette singe avaiLabilrty. CO single availability. V vmyi single availability. X CO maxi-single availability, c Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed cross- referencing exact times of airplay with Aroitron Irstener data. YAH a. R't::' ira. El JAMI 33 a 3! MTAT J. Av ; UFIC at. LMI fji. HHal N Rufl.

FMI Apnl. Foretgp Imported. Dld Nigga Sointuals. ASaP,-9rown Qrt. Stevsn A. BMiflouig Beggati. Thts data is used in the Ho! I-- r. Ui 1M Show You. EMI Apnl. EMI Aprrl. BML'Janice Combs. BML Bobby R. BMlttrama Queen. W ASyP. Vason SettLB. JC " K'-. F :C 1" :c. E: i'. PiUP C. E '-' KEl. F : :IiC -. A'i A. G 'a'. F'F- AT.

F' FAFF '. A'A ,FRi iC! FAP- FF. B BOY, A. NCF'F ', F f :; :'. F faf. Fy "L'A FA. FF' 1-F P. ARIAA certification for sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol. Catalog number is for cassette single. C Cassette singte availability.

D CD single availability. T Vinyl mam-single availability V Vinyl single availability. IBG '98 brings you more than 16, listings including record labels, music publishers, wholesalers and distributors, manufac- turers, sen ice and supply companies, home video companies, public relations firms, schools, entertainment attorneys, tape duplicators, compact disc plants, and an audio books section that lias been doubled in size.

Plus, you'll find more than 50 pages of informative ads. With I IK. E-Mail addresses and websites of companies throughout the world. This is the kind of information that can put you at the top of the industry. Outside the U. Or fax your order to Box , Lakewood. NJ Please add appropriate sales tax in NY.

All sales are final. It began in earnest Oct. Joi, along with a live band that included Austin, performed on a float in the 24th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Later, the band played a short set at Fred's Beauty in Manhattan. In early November, Freeworld start- ed going after more grass-roots sup- port. On Nov. A drum'n'bass remix was also serviced.

She doesn't limit herself, and she continues to be progressive and hip on 'Ghetto Super- star. The clip attempts to redefine stereo- types about ghetto dwelling. Jess Boggs, a buyer at Tower in Atlanta, says, "A Freeworld rep was in here two weeks ago with a sampler that contained 'Ghetto Superstar. The new presidency of Michael Mauldin at Columbia's black music division and the recent appointment of George Jackson as Motown president should see more hits coming from the former and some stabilization, after an initial staff fallout, at the latter.

Kennard, whose appointment was confirmed bv the Senate Oct. For the first time, the commission's majority will be of African-American or Hispanic descent. Prodigy was initially going. They were known for their dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified in "Shook Ones. Mobb Deep. Featuring 50 Cent. Produced by Havoc. Album Blood Money. Creep Lyrics [Intro: Havoc] That's that creep, creep mode baby, we in creep mode Don't come around here baby, shining like that The duo is "one of the most critically acclaimed hard-core East Coast hip-hop groups.

Prodigy b. Albert Johnson and Havoc b. Kejuan Muchita began making music together, after meeting as teenagers, while attending the Graphic Arts High School in Manhattan. In the early s, they adopted the stage name Mobb Deep and released their debut album, "Juvenile Hell". Long considered New York's most rugged and hardcore rap group of the '90s to ever make it big, Mobb Deep finally soften up a bit on Infamy.

The album is a turning point for Prodigy and Havoc-- and a timely one indeed. View Mobb Deep song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 16 albums and song lyrics in our database. See All. Free shipping. I don't care if you think Tupac is better than Mobb Deep but just don't be an idiot who doesn't know anything about the group. The Infamous is a classic. Get a Mobb Deep mug for your coworker Paul.

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, Verified Purchase. I like this album. Read more. Comment Report abuse. Though Mobb Deep's "Infamous" is a relatively new album, some might consider it "oldschool" it came out in Despite this, however, it's extremely creative, catchy and, most important of all, interesting to listen to. If you could jump back in time to before the millennium flipped, when The Infamous was the platter that mattered, you'd swear Mobb Deep were going to last forever.

Things haven't been well for the Mobb since the calendar turned , but with Amerikaz Nightmare, things are getting better. Mobb Deep feat. Search People Popular social networks, phone numbers, criminal records and more.

Related searches Ghostface Killah. Search Username Uncover social media profiles and real people behind a username. Verified Accounts. Mobb Deep - mobbdeepqb. Mobb Deep - MobbDeep. Queens, New York. Happy 46th Birthday Mobb Deep's Prodigy. Benny the Butcher names his top five rap groups of all time. Queensbridge's Mobb Deep released 'The Infamous' 25 years ago.

Havoc keeps alive the legacy of late Mobb Deep partner Prodigy. Havoc of Mobb Deep. Mariah Carey, Elusive No More. The 12 Greatest Posthumous Rap Albums. This Weekend. Rap crooner Nate Dogg receives new gravestone. Havoc says a new Mobb Deep album is coming this year. Nas and Raekwon. Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy laid to rest as hip-hop world mourns.

Raekwon's most killer verses of all time. Who Is Better? New York legends Mobb Deep stay scowling. It's Paying Off. Show all results Havoc - mobbdeephavoc. Prodigy - prodigymobbdeep. Mobb Deep - ravaykin. Mobb Deep - mobbdeep. Mobb Deep - asamoa Mobb Deep 4 Life - prodigyofmobbdeep. Mobb Deep - mobb. Prodigy H. MOBB Deep - wsws Mobb Deep - chariri Mobb Deep - franco. Mobb Deep - lfryt MobbDeep - mobbdeepltd.

Mobb Deep Anonymous Inc. Mobbdeep - mobbdeep Mobb Deep - ogb4stard. Yola, Nigeria. Rock bottom. Mobb Deep Tape - Chol South Carolina, USA. Mobb Deep - Asamoah Humboldt Park. Shroom - Shroom QB candystore. Queenbridge 41st side, N.

Anthony Schiavo - MobbDeepTech. Havoc of Mobb Deep - mobbdeephavoc. Havoc Of Mobb Deep. Prodigy of Mobb Deep Community. Mobb Deep fan page. Bringing you latest news and videos the rap duo!! Mobb deep by havoc. Mobb deep. Prodigy MobbDeep. Mobb Deep BR.

Mobb Deep South Africa. Infamous DJ Mobb Deep. Mobb Deep - The Infamous Public Records. Background Check. Mobb Deep - Background Check. Mobb Deep - Topic. Progidy Of Mobb Deep. Marstradamus Corleone. Allentown, Pennsylvania. Charles Sanchis. Greater New York City. Steven Rifkind. Los Angeles Metropolitan. Lil Nino a. Greater Atlanta. Alfredo Littles Bryan. Todd A. Elliott, MSW. Washington DC-Baltimore. Samuel Thornhill. West Palm Beach, Florida. Niama Safia Sandy.

Nile "Maui" Adams. Sarah Bovard. Jamie Kinser-Knight. Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Kytia Webb. United States. Ryan Fleetwood. Fresno, California. Rob Epitome. The Frontrunnaz. Houston, Texas. Steve Sola. New York, New York. Davina Bussey. Greater Detroit. John Korkidis.

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Sport arbitrage betting software American Airlines. Although WMC registration was up this year, bringing the number of delegates over the, mark, the dodgy state of the economy was strongly felt. Caterer insists, "You can drive to it. Other recordings scheduled for March and April highlight the label's continuing stress on 0th century music, both early and recent. District Court in Brooklyn.
Racebets matched betting finder H 30 Rhythm Section: Mase jumps to No. Box, Malibu, Calif. Harry Kaneko, GM of corporate development for Pony Canyon, says the two companies have been talking since last fall. NJ Queens, New York. Foretgp Imported. London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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Apollon coming from a 1 - 4 away win and their last home game a 3 - 2 win. Nicosia coming from a 1 - 1 away draw and that is also their last away game. Apollon coming from 2 wins to teams below Omonia, conceding in each game and scoring multiple goals, increasing in goals scored and have the odds in their favor so will score and concede here.

Omonia Nicosia coming from a draw to a team above them and lower than Apollon so will want to score more goals and concede to lead to an over 2. In the last 20 head to head games Apollon has won 14 times, Omonia Nicosia has won 3 times and on 3 occasions it has ended in a draw. The highest scoring match had 4 goals and the lowest scoring match 0 goals. Apollon have scored an average of 1. In the last 20 games between Apollon vs Omonia Nicosia, there has been over 2.

In the last 20 games between Apollon vs Omonia Nicosia, there has been over 3. In Apollon's last 20 games there have been over 2. In Omonia Nicosia's last 20 games there have been over 2. Apollon has managed to score an average of 1. Apollon has also conceded an average of 0. The most goals Apollon has scored in a match is 5 with the least goals being 0.

Omonia Nicosia has managed to score an average of 1. Omonia Nicosia has also conceded an average of 0. The most goals Omonia Nicosia has scored in a match is 5 with the least goals being 0. Whilst playing at home, Apollon has won a total of 6 matches, lost a total of 2 and drawn 1 out of the last 9 fixtures. Whilst playing away, Omonia Nicosia has won a total of 5 matches, lost a total of 3 and drawn 2 out of the last 10 fixtures.

Nicosia on Live Streaming. Nicosia LIVE! Nicosia live coverage and video highlights if you are registered member of 1xBet, the leading online betting company that has streaming coverage of different sports and more than k live matches with live sports betting during the year, from football to tennis to esports Betting.

If this match is covered by 1xbet live you can watch this football match or any other game of Cyprus - First Division on any smartphone. Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Follow on medium. Nicosia is on Monday 28th December. AEL Limassol are currently in a better form than the away team - Ol. Nicosia is 1 with odds of 1.

Deportivo Armenio 1 - 2 Talleres Tips 28th December. Brasil de Pelotas 1 - 0 Confianca Tips 28th December. AEL Limassol 3 - 0 Ol. Nicosia Tips 28th December. Notts Co 0 - 1 Hartlepool Tips 28th December. Stockport 2 - 0 Wrexham Tips 28th December. Chelsea 1 - 1 Aston Villa Tips 28th December.

Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Leicester Tips 28th December. Everton - Manchester City Tips 28th December. Beitar Jerusalem 1 - 2 Ashdod Tips 28th December. Mjondalen 3 - 2 Sogndal Tips 28th December. Vilafranquense 2 - 0 Arouca Tips 28th December. Boavista 1 - 4 Braga Tips 28th December. Rio Ave 1 - 3 Maritimo Tips 28th December. Bursaspor 2 - 1 Eskisehirspor Tips 28th December.

Besiktas 3 - 0 Sivasspor Tips 28th December. Genclerbirligi 3 - 2 Kayserispor Tips 28th December. Facebook Telegram Twitter. All Sports Predictions. How to bet on Football matches submitted 10th April. How to calculate betting odds? Online sports betting strategy: How to increase the odds of winning submitted 20th May. Esports Betting Guide submitted 8th April. How to win sports betting?


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Mojoe Nicosia. See project External link Universe, The King (UTK). World renown lyricist, BET Music Matters Artist, Producer, Engineer from Leimert Park, Ca. General Discussion / bugged items csgo betting public betting nhl hockey mojoe nicosia betting. «on August 8th, , PM». live betting trends loutsios nicosia betting bet movies full ufc betting predictionsbetting-master. mojoe nicosia betting wits and.