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Today I'll teach you how to set up your priority subscriptions, how to automate record keeping, find a lost phone, reach inbox zero and more. Ready to make Gmail work FOR you instead of the other way around? Let's dig in!

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Localbitcoins api phpbb

Could you please create an account there and post your questions and responses there which will aid in proper responses and access to information and answers. We are signing up to at least a half dozen or more other App Coder Forums and be asking them to migrate to XDA as well. This thread will still be updated on the progress but the main communications between us all will be on XDA.

Please make your nick the same or close is possible Thanks for all your excellent questions and supporting this project! It's booted in the Emulator and in next few weeks hope to have it on a device. The RPI Reference is under development and may be posted in increments so Apps could be developed sooner. I emailed twice over the last few days with no reply and we were hoping to get the listing by Monday Please advise. So it's a platform; what's its intended purpose?

Will post all info in next few min Thanks for noticing. Interesting concept though; best of luck! I may decide to join in on the mobile coding, if you have a tremendous deficit of coders. You will find it most pleasant to work with and having an example will help boost interest. Please stay tuned Welcome Aboard! I will post to ALL those signing up notifying you of any updates regarding the particular Apps you signed up for.

Example: A basic Calculator and a Scientific Calculator. This is the ground floor. Will keep an eye out for the additions. Just checked in. Do you have the Forum Software itself or can you provide some suggestions on which is a decent clean simple to organize and use Forum Platform. If you are willing to spend IPforum is an even better choice, but expensive at that.

By large we generally mean a minimum of XMR but that is only a guideline. Feel free to discuss any smaller amounts that not readily tradable on an exchange. I will edit this post below to include a summary of indications of interest that are PMed to me or posted to the thread. This will be relatively unstructured, not a formal "order book.

This can include presubmitting coins to me with a pricing limit so a counterparty can complete the trade directly with me or a more traditional escrow arrangement where the coins are sent only after a deal is agreed. Feel free to PM! Can also join irc channel if needed rpietila: I might be in the market for these. I can aggregate coins for large buyers, and buy up big lots from sellers. Contact me for arranging a deal Selling interest saddambitcoin: selling XMR 0.

I'm sure he does want to sell 5, at that price. Heck, I want to sell 20, at that price. I'll offer an above market price depending on quantity. Can also join irc channel if needed. I only mention this because the first post describes the purpose of the thread as being trades that can't be easily executed on an exchange.

I don't see that here. Edited my post! Suppressing price seems to be something I see a lot of with XMR. I think bigger hands want more time to accumulate. It is not clear which direction taking both off an exchange influences the price. It is likely situation dependent, but I suspect often neither. Is it a matter of exchange liquidity? Or is it an opportunity to avoid exchange manipulation? In fact, the opposite on Poloniex, with a string of quite small orders taking the top few bids way beyond the bids below.

Let's say you want to buy 50k XMR so you start buying on an exchange, but with the liquidity there you can only buy a few thousand per day without moving the price much. Other people start seeing there is a big buyer in the market and bid the price up ahead of you. Now it costs you more to complete the trade. The same thing happens to the seller, especially if he isn't selling at the same time you are buying and since you don't really know about each other, how would you communicate?

Let's say you buy this week and he sells next week -- in that case you will both get worse executions. There is also the fact that trying to buy 50K on an exchange without absurd slippage might be a lot of work. If you can find a counterparty directly and just do the deal, that might be easier. Price depends on the current orderbook, of course.

Also why not a few other parings? I'm not opposed to doing other pairings. What do you have in mind? This is supposed to be for large to very large trades so that should be enough. I have the rigs ready just need to assemble. Have a good number of Radeon R9 x ready for scrypt, scrypt-jane , X11 X13 etc.

HMU if u need this. To OP I advise you to lease your rig on a trustworthy site I use leaserigs. I would like to rent a few hours of gpu time. Good way to mine early altcoins incase they pump. We're using Yahoo with standard scoring. Good luck all Prize total will be updated after payments received.

Two more are committed to brackets -- will bring prize pool to 25, DGC once they enter. Goal is to get the prize pool over , DGC! Cmon peeps join in the fun for a chance to win big! You don't need to know about basketball to do brackets -- most of the people I've lost to in the past didn't know a thing about basketball. So let's take this pot to k Teams are announced tomorrow. Get your brackets!

Today is last day for entry LTC was the coin I used to go to, but it's not going up and down as much as it used to. Any tips for a newbie? Preferably would be a site which shows big drops fast. A combination of bigger and smaller trades can work really well. Lets hope for a big increase. Something must happen soon! I am ready to wait for a while, but less than a month would be nice. Is there any vol on it that makes it suitable for daytrading?

Serious question, thanks 98 Sr. There are millions if not billions of them out there so the volume is huge. However the hype for them is gone now, I can see it it's dropped from 60 to 57 today and it will propably rise to 60 again. But I dont think it will go up to again within 1 year at least. Also, some of the older "failures" i. They are accepted by most crypto believers and have highest liquidity. Member H. We don't definitely know whether they have following as they promised for some crapy altcoins!

Or the following will attract investors' attention. It is down low to where I was trading so maybe it's a good time to buy? Sometimes, you can find a really cheap coin and sell when it changes Satoshi. I've a heap of Tigercoin that are worth something in small amounts but can't trade the volume I have Sr. Wrong side of the wcrowd? Do you have any website tips for me? The majority of traders are "correct" during a strong trend, but way off at significant tops and bottoms.

It's unlikely any "world-class" trader would teach you much, since you would turn into unwanted competition if you are a good student. I was watching markets and trying to trade, before the word 'website' was invented. I lost "big money" as a newbie options trader and then much later learned how to really trade starting with tiny amounts of BTC and alts. Nothing can replace years of experience, so start buy learning not to buy DOGE at The reason I bought doge at that price was that it was at the day before so I thought it would jump back up, appears I was wrong Sr.

Probably we need some sort of risk management to avoid losing all our capital in one trade. We should use some factors to stop loss and should always have some bitcoin left for further trading. Sickhouse mentioned he bought doge at 90, and expected it would increase to again. But the market went the opposite way. He can liquidate his holding of doge at 80 to get back his capital for further trading. When the price went down to 80, it had more possibility the price would decline further.

The traders can't afford further loss. Right now I am hoping that Doge will jump up to 59 Sr. Will the price recover? Cos it is quiet cheap right now. As an investors, we consider all the associated factors and made the decision. We bear the loss or get the profit. Pm me for details. When you Pm i want to see your work and your trust. What exactly are you looking for?

Describe as many words you can. And im looking from someone in creating an tipping system for my website in that way that members can tip each other. Example: a user come to the website,make an account,then he add coins to the tipping wallet and tip other members.

I think that this will include the online wallet too. I dont want to publish website yet because is not released yet. So PM me if you worked before and i show you the website and more details. When on playstore you search for coin wallet then you will find half of them are created by them Sr.

Now i search someone to create tipping system for my website in that way that members can tip each other. Now that more time has passed, and the prophesy has become a reality, maybe more will believe. There's nothing to save,nothing of value there. The moment you heard about the Bitbay scandal,you should have withdrawn all your funds from there. They would of died even without the hack.

Seems much more than just the BTC was emptied out of user accounts. That's probably what they have been doing these many days. One by one stealing the funds. Bter website is running up again and use, cny and NXT balance is shown up but the withdrawal has being delayed. I think they are working on this.

They are transparent with each move and promised to phase the withdrawal of all the altcoins. They even consider selling out their domain name to repay the customers. Unfortunately, without enforceable boundaries some will always choose to exploit the rest and effectively destroy the entire system in the process. It's why full decentralization may never work and why crypto currencies will require the protection that regulation and law enforcement affords in order to grow from the lawless fringe to the lawful masses.

PM me. Ps stop taking selfies he does not care for you're boy'ish good looks Sr. EDIT - also looking for squallcoin linux wallet build. Never heard of them. Can you point me to the ANN thread of the coin so that I could know something about the coin the search feature is disabled right now.

Member thebitcoinquiz. Pretty much bitmixer. Answer these questions: Which token would you like to buy Counterwallet token code and amount? Which token would you like to sell Counterwallet token code and amount? Any additional information about either of the token? Member Bitcoinmeetups. Do you accept escrow? You can also cash out your GP coins to any gift card just let me know the kind of gift card you need and how many GP coins you have.

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist. Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the owner of the file hasn't deleted it. It's over than a week, but you didn't pay the people who join your signature.. Please pay them.. Member Please add me as well! Member Lets go So, I just need to comment here to enter?

Do I need a Wallet? Is it ok now? Well nm, N: immeraba P: 43 Position: Jr. Wish you a great week! Member Im in add me pls Jr. Muchas gracias! You have been moved to the Member campaign, and will be rewarded this week according to this rank. The reward is for helping promote our network. And soon enough Coronaz will be traded in the market. Therefore, in order to get rewarded there should be a minimum of posts a user must write.

I see you post quite a lot, so it shouldn't effect you that much. If you want to take part, there is still plenty of room. For sure, non of the participants is gonna regret it. Member I'm in Sr. Just follow the instructions in the OP and join the campaign Soon more details will be released on Coronaz, then all participants will be able to have an address. When you receive a payment for the placement of the signature?

The rewards will be sent at the end if the 8 weeks period of the campaign. We coordinate it to be together with the end of the Corona fundraiser. Very soon more details are going to be published regarding the fundraiser. The signatures look good and clean.

Member Good Luck Sr. Member were slightly modified Please change your signatures to the new and updated ones. Many slots are still open, please spread the word! Member Signature updated!!! First week of the campaign has come to an end. Because it was only the first week, we decided to be a bit flexible with participant who haven't had enough posts, and still reward them as if the posted the right amount.

Of course, participants who haven't posted at all were not rewarded for this week. Corona project is accelerating, new top notch members are joining in, and soon everybody will know about it, I'm sure you will be proud to be the first ones who embraced it and help promote it. We still have a lot more open slots for this campaign, so please help us spread the word. Good luck in the next week!

More updates soon. Thanks for your input. It will be huge when we are done. PM me for the private chat room and password. Lack of Ethical Coders has slowed us down and a change in security coding taking much longer than expected but we are getting near to start testing Needs some FIRE to liven it up App coders needed!

Inquire within. It only takes a minuet. We want to know your thoughts on the most important features you deem necessary to get you to switch Mobile Devices. Markup applies. Please contact. Contact me for arranging a deal. Such as this thread has not succeeded due to too much hassle, distrust and too little liquidity and price-setting. The new network would be nice, I'll soon write something more technical about it so that ppl see how it actually works.

Does buying or selling that much demand a premium or discount? Might not be any sellers for those amounts though. Same applies to everything, eg. Silvervault is currently selling physical silver that you can take delivery of without extra cost , at less than the melt value of the silver. This would not exist if silver was in an uptrend. Btw not a terribly bad way to purchase your silver, as you can freely take delivery and tax-free carry it with you to any EUropean country.

It makes it much easier. Thanks for offering! If your answer is "no": Why don't you use Android? Look at MIUI, they are billion dollar company. If you run it in an emulator, how will you check "hardware" stuff? Also I think you should increase the amount of bounties. Good luck. If it's based on the Android then we will lose the control over the security features. The Emulator is the standard method and specifically designed to generally be workable on hardware.

IF there need be an increase in Bounties we can change that. He spent last few days researching and going into town to get a fairly large UPS and a ah Battery giving him a considerable amount of time. Well over 6 hours backup. Soon as these are released the app coders can all get started and we can move onto hardware integration.

Though they could have it finished in next few days he's going to wire that set up for when the power goes out. Better to have a date they could easily make. If it's completed earlier it will be posted earlier. Please see your PM. We are contemplating the migration of the Forum into a website in the future so it may pay to PAY for our own unless they give you that option which I have not yet seen it. Hope we can work together.

My next meeting is Sunday Evening so if there's any other questions fire away so I can get them all answered for you. They will be posted hopefully Sunday Evening however time zones could make that Monday. IF I get answers earlier you will know. I may try to create a developers thread if they allow me with an old many years old account of mine since you do need some history.

This way that special thread could be migrated to the front page next to the other OS's. It's our endeavor that soon as parts of the API Reference completed we have the coders already lined up ready to go. The wait won't be much longer. Please list the apps you'd consider working on. Sorry, but you claim to have more or less built an NSA hack-proof if I may call it that OS yet you are offering generous bounties for something very simple.

Obviously promotion is a major part here, I can understand that. Shouldn't your team be offering bounties for replacements of software of the likes of TOR which have been back-doored ages ago? Now, that being said, I can probably build all of what you are seeking but I couldn't care less for any of them rather than 20 besides, there should be many people involved in this.

Which is still a very vague description of your requirement. Are you looking to have another "snake" or "tetris" game? Or do you want a game with balls testicles in this case? Once you do that thousands of already existing titles can be deployed to your platform, much like whats is happening now. Now, I hope I haven't troubled you there but can you take some time whenever you guys can to think over my proposals? Thank you Jr.

That's an awesome idea that many are trying to resolve and I presume someone of your caliber can do it. Sure we'd offer a bounty for that. That being said, how do you plan on adding "revenue" support? Basically, can you find something similar if not the same like adSense, adMob, etc? For sure I will publish all my stuff for your platform, just like I did with everyone else Have you had any kind of contact with similar services? Adbit for example? Sorry, I know that this is way ahead right now, but you did mention that you want a game right?

Anyways, I will be following this thread. Thank you for posting this Jr. This is fantastic. I will be following all the development and love what you guys have got going here. We'd like to continue the conversation mainly there. They may be really cheap and "struggling for hope", but at least they have established some credibility.

We should consider some other factors as well, such as the dev team, the specification, and potential application in our daily life etc. If the chosed altcoin complies with most of the criterias, then we can consider it promising. If the altcoin sinks, we still get a chance. JD and some other gambling sites accept Clams.

That's the reason i mentioned Clams. Clam seems good! Sorry for my ignorant about Clam! Then it drops down to the 4's and the process repeats again and again. It seems to happen every month or so. But I guess that is far from day trading :- I don't think you can day trade alt coins and make much money.

Esportscoin, Ghostcoin, Whistlecoin and Apex. They were supposed to be de-listed on January 9th. Apex could hit the minimum trade volume in last day of deadline and survived. The total trade volume of Esportscoin was around 1. So Bittrex de-listed it today. Same scenario happened to Ghostcoin too. But something strange happened for the Whistlecoin for the second time during past 2 weeks.

Its trade volume for the whole week was less than 0. Whistle was supposed to be de-listed on January 2ed too as many coins were removed i that time. Because its volume was less than minimum average. But they did not de-list it on January 2ed and surprisingly they extended its warning for another week.

And now they have not de-listed it again. What does this paradox mean? They have officially killed the coin. It even does not have a website. I am talking why Bittrex did not delist Whistlecoin for 2 times while its trade volume has been pretty lower than the minimum average. How exactly does their system work?! I have a windows dvd but do not know how to make an iso out of it - any ideas?

I'll check with out devs this morning and see if they wanna try - we do have a license is R2 though. Could you please process my VPS as it's still marked as 'pending'. I think its a fake coin. I know when stellar launched a they have their own forum where people can trade it. And after fee days stellar was seen on trading site. But with zippcoin their is nothing no one is buying it. I had to send 1. Please help me in sending 1. Should be less than market price.

Actually it's more 0. If you get bucks you can be happy Jr. It has qasic shares. Ltcgear has not paid in a few weeks so this is a risky purchase. I am selling it for. The account is owed 2 weeks of back pay so should he happen to pay, you are already ahead of the game. Escrow would be be permitted as well.

LTCgear was really legit, too. Member toddtervy 1 Buying GP under market price for large amounts. This game will be split into 3 different categories, Bronze, Silver, Gold. What will happen when the program ended and I didn't get paid out? The last investors of each round take the highest gamble. How long does it take to receive the payout? It depends on the bank balance and how many people are depositing. When the bank can cover your payout, you'll receive your investment instantly.

Please only send what you afford to lose. Scammed people here. Mainly to linux ubuntu server For reference of my abilities, check how i fixed Stakecoin and progress in my own coin. Right now SpreadCoin is flying under the radar and due to price appreciation and extremely low difficulty is the single most profitable cryptocurrency to mine however due to pools not being able to mine SpreadCoin, Betarigs renting won't work on SpreadCoin, nor do any of the other mining rental sites.

So I am forced to come here and am willing to pay a mega-rig owner 0. PM me if interested with your rig's speed and we'll go from there JL Sr. I'd like to rent a rig for Spreadcoin too. I won't step on your toes though, just if you get more than one taker. The mining cost is less than 20, satoshi,while the buy orders on bittrex now is more than 31, satoshi.

Come on people, rent us some rigs already! That's over triple what people are renting from BetaRigs for right now. You get any offers yet? I want to create a crypto coin, each crypto coin will own sqr. The crypto coin will must have second generation cryto coin charachteristics. Or evidence that you are telling us the truth? The only other option is to have 10, names on the deed, and I don't think you will find a sober lawyer to do that.

I think any coin claiming that sort of thing would be a very obvious scam People keep launching currencies when there's really no reason at all to when there's already multiple decentralised asset platforms out there.

Nxt, Counterparty, Qora are some. And I'm sure there's others out there. Nxt and Counterparty are probably the most popular though. I find Nxt's asset exchange to work very well. If you really want a currency then yeah like the person said above Nxt monetary system is looking good and could work as well. So 1 coin represents m2. Will you be working those lands?

Can coinholder do anything, agricultural, they like on their piece of land? If I buy 5 coins can I build a house there? Where is it? Will there be a giveaway Sr. When there is new Pelecoin mining - you receive small part of mined Pelecoins. In addition you will also receive Pelecoins in other ways too - with large referral program - when someone click on your link or sign up - your Pelecoin account go up. There are additional referral levels too, for Pelecoins earnings.

No action after pressing the Submit button. Just thought will let you know. Thanks Jr. It has been set up today, and I am on there right now mining to check it all works ok which of coarse it does and it has all ready finding blocks JouleCoin IP Cheers Mark Sr. Charge extra each time a coins is removed and another added? Will talk to few other providers and let you know if I am still in need.

What is your guarantee for uptime and delivery, etc? Lastly, can I specify the payout options? Thank you. I just placed an order on your website and am looking forward to working with you. The site refused to open in my browser despite repeated attempts Thanks Jr. The coin has been available for use and mining since June The coin has been quite robust for the past 6 months. There are a little over 2 million coins in circulation.

The remaining coins have been mined by other miners and are owned by them. This functionality will be disabled when the ownership is transferred. This is a complete turn key system. Everything essential is included for you to run your own currency. You can download the client or use the instant wallet. Message me your ZTC address and I will send you coins so you can test it out.

Alternate decentralized crypto currencies have had seen a massive price increase lately see: coinmarketcap dot com. Please check comparable properties when making your bids. You will need to signup and maintain two Amazon cloud instances. Complete Turnkey System on eBay! Mark Newbie markgo 1 1 Create your own Crypto Currency. WTG scammer! Hardly heroic. Member stellar1 56 1 Create your own Crypto Currency.

We're not looking for someone who just has the ability to compile QT wallets. There are two posts available, and while looking for a full time member to join our development team is preferable, we would also be willing to hire someone on a short term basis to pass on some necessary skills.

All that would be required of this position would be the ability to help in windows QT wallet compilation of our altcoin. This position is to pass on that knowledge, so again, payment would be dependent on the applicant's ability to successfully replicate their success with a highly competent member of our team. The applicant will also need experience with the GitHub repository.

The developer who wishes to join our team would receive a monthly stake of PMP along with the other developers. The stake amount would be decided upon based on experience and what they're able to bring to the table. The developer who wishes to take on a short-term role of showing one of our developers how to compile QT wallets may receive a one-time stake of PMP, or a small one-time payment of 0.

Payment will be made only if the applicant is successful in teaching our team member to compile the QT wallet. Our team member is a knowledgeable programmer so success is merely dependent on the skill of the applicant. Interested applicants in either position can PM me directly. This is for serious offers only. If you need any further clarification, just drop me a PM.

Contact me: linhtranspy gmail. Any official forum or any thing else? I dont think so because they were "Born dead" Sr. Accept payment via perfect money or skrill. Zippcoin useless now, buy it? To an account we setup for you To claim your coin. When they are gone they are gone. It's not worth the trouble. That's 1 satoshi more than I had is the way I look at it. If you don't want them, send me yours then. Didn't mama ever teach you to always accept free gifts no matter what they are?

Another one I see in just 10 days here in the BTC economy. Thanks a lot Sr. I have a team put together that is creating an online website that you can pay in crypto. It would speed things up if we have a talented web designer. So if your looking to be a part of a dedicated team, that wants to make crypto currency useful then let me know. If you want to know more info about the project, send me a message. I would like a x60 banner created for Just-Dice. The banner must be in png or gif Max 4mb format and can also be animated.

I will leave this open until 1 week from today that will be the 14th January The reward for the chosen banner will be 50 clams. I would like it to stand out from the rest as just-dice does but still show class. Nothing neon or too bright. Thanks to all who entered, there was some awesome designs and I think doog would of had a difficult time choosing.

I vouch for the payment of the best one done! Is it worth giving some idea of who the banner is meant to attract? Should it emphasize the amazing returns you can get from funding the bankroll? Or is it to bring in more players?

Should it be cute, businesslike, look like a traditional casino ad, or what? I think a lot of people work better when given some kind of direction like that. Member MasterP4 46 1 x 60 banner for just-dice. Member Voltarius 1 x 60 banner for just-dice. I made another version with the original logo too. How do I convert to gif? I don't have adobe flash pro or photoshop When I use the online ones, I get this weird thing. Trying out different softwares right now Member jsmit 1 x 60 banner for just-dice.

Price is negotiable. I know it's a dead coin but I think it would be nice to own a little piece of crypto history. I was pretty surprised when I found out I was able to connect to the network and sync my wallet the other day. Someone out there is still mining this coin, but why? Is it going to spike up soon? We will use an escrow. Please ask first how much DOGE you need. Start Now! Mode of Payment: After the work has been Completely Done.! No, I dont have any reference. Just want to get rid of it..

Name: Whatever you want - it can be changed. Custom Graphics: 0. SKYPE: fact. Basically we give everything before payment. Then the User can pay if he finds the Coin suitable according to his needs. Blockexplorer is 0. Any references? Maybe you could make a trusted member a coin so they can vouch for your service? No offence but you are very new and I would find it hard to trust a new person with amounts in excess of a Bitcoin Warm Regards Jr.

Questions Answered. I am not charging anything before the complete delivery. I am risking my Pocket by delivering the project first and then asking for BTC. No cheesy looking games please. Send a link to the game to cs gamerholic. Email me cryptoservicescanada gmail.

Is there a way you could build me parts on this site if its there? We are working mainly on bittrex. There is only payment for entry, later you doesnt have any fees. For now we have around 20ppl. If you want to get more info, feel free to ask me on pm! If I would like to get scammed, I can transfer my funds to a ponzi. This is a fantastic opportunity to become part of an up and coming alt coin that will build into the faith around crypto business models.

The SMAC team will make it worth your time. Please contact me at jake smac. Register the site with my link: Link: PM me for link Surf at least website. It won't take more than 3 hours because it's autosurf. Then you will get your DOGEcoin payment. All payments will send here with dogechain.

Also when you register, you will be already gained 0. If you surf enough you can withdraw after 7. Or you can use the site for website-hits. All users who is registered under my account will have daily 5 bonus surf minutes! Site is legit. I can send payment proof with PM also. Do you think you would do that for such a small amount? Hi OP Please clear about it. When we get 7. So you won't click or do any other thing to change webpages You will get 7.

There is no place to earn such DOGE as easy as this Excuse me my friend, which planet are you living on? I found lot of referrals because this deal is GOOD I'd ask that before you consider leaving negative trust, read the thread. I'm sure there's not a lower fee in ponzi land. This is my first time doing something like this, and I want it to be more for the benefit of others than myself. Why trust me? I have an upcoming, much larger gambling site on the horizon and I'd like for people here to be able to trust me before I roll that site out.

What makes this different to other ponzis? What is the minimum investment? This means you can try the program pratically risk free! Anything deposited below dogecoin will be ignored and won't be repaid. When will I be repaid? Payments are setup to be sent out every 15 minutes. Why no website? I didn't want to pay someone to create this, as that would've led to me charging a higher fee to recoup my investment.

Everything takes place blockchain side and my program is setup correctly to payout automatically, everything has been tested. How long till I'm repaid? Anything else I need to know? If you need support, just PM me, although I'm reasonably sure everything is functioning as it should be. I have a partner who is helping me on this project. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. Hello, I need to create an application to import products from a website and update price each day on my website like oberlo The application need to be use on shopify and updated each day, i need a support fast.

I will hire the best one or someone already did it. I need a module to import a json file. Please see attached visio file. Looking for someone who can bring in CISCO used data switch equipment into Brazil we will pay for all import and duties required.

The device we are looking to bring in: - cisco cuxm-a Measurements: 4. Weight: 9. Hi, i already have a 2D Character draft that i created it myself. Now, i want to re-create him by a talented professional 2d Character designer. And after that import it in Unity3D and animate it Create him an animation pack : idle, jump, run, shoot, etc Company is a startup for import export in chemicals.

We need regular time based CRM , MS office based projects to be completed based on our industry connect. We need to a hire a person female 24 hrs a week for 2 months for CRM and excel skills. Requirement: 1. MOQ is foot container mix with 2 designs and different sizes.

The web is made with Joomla , in which I have several plugins installed to accelerate the speed and cache better, but it seems that this is not enough. I need a person with knowledge of linux server, joomla and seo. Total products almost Your suggestions please, time and budget. Able to run as WebApp and as standalone Android app apk not published on store 7. So if is not displayed in your response, it will get instantly deleted. My web site is made from scratch using Angular.

The forum needs to be integrated so it is part of my web site and NOT a standalone forum. I have an Android App and a Joomla website. The App pulls it's data from the Joomla website. The login in the app has stopped working correctly. The website login IS still working. Everything was working fine until an update to the Joomla website caused the login in the App to stop working. I need someone to track down the error and correct it. Marketplace plugin.

Also need to add some small custom coding. When we import via csv file the vendors' products In each products' page to be presented also parent category subcategory of the products with H2 , vendors name and store's location this. Freelancer Fanya kazi import phpbb joomla 1. Tafuta Kutumia Jina. Utafutaji wangu. Chuja ukitumia: Bajeti Miradi ya Bei Isiyobadilika. Miradi ya Saa.

Ujuzi weka ujuzi. Lugha weka lugha. Jimbo la Kazi Kazi zote zilizo wazi Kazi zote zilizo wazi na zilizofungwa. Tumia Kichujio. First 1 2 3 Next Last. I need a translator to translate an english content into 3 different languages Spanish - German - Italian with the same meaning 6 siku left.

Zabunia sasa. Product Data Entry 6 siku left. Shopify Expert Needed 6 siku left. Excel Expert 6 siku left. Kutengeneza Data Excel. Build WordPress site for new lifestyle blog 6 siku left. China finding water purifier machine 6 siku left. Live video auction website 6 siku left. Mobile App Development Website Build. Full time senior Laravel developer 6 siku left. Needing a committed SecondLife builder with experience. Kiingereza Kimarekani Kiestonia. Kiingereza Kimarekani Kilativia. A Lithuanian person that can help me contact some dog breeders Kiingereza Kimarekani Kilithuania.

Full Stack Development for WordPress 5 siku left. Data Synchronization. Ya Eneo. Import sales managment 5 siku left. Utafiti wa soko. Fix Android App Login 4 siku left.

In case of any trading mismtach happens, the buyer, or seller can process dispute resolution with the governance of escrow admin.

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The file with your credentials should look like the one below, but containing your own database information. For each row in the table each location , the code creates a new XML node with the row attributes as XML attributes, and appends it to the parent node. The last part of code then dumps the XML to the browser screen. Use a helper function e. It then echoes the parent markers node, and iterates through the query results.

The code then echoes the XML node for the marker in each row of the table for each location. This sends the name and address fields through the parseToXML function first, in case there are any special entities in them. The script ends by echoing out the closing markers tag.

The code above initializes a new XML document and creates the "markers" parent node. The code then creates a XML node for each row in the table for each location , with the row attributes as XML attributes, and appends it to the parent node. It then dumps the output XML to the browser screen.

This line may cause your browser to try to parse XML and make it difficult to see your debugging messages. This section shows you how to develop the map example in this tutorial using JavaScript, and the output XML file. Read the documentation to learn more about the basics of creating a Google map.

Create a new file in a text editor and save it as index. Read the sections that follow to understand the code that you can add to this file. This object allows you retrieve a file that resides on the same domain as the requesting webpage, and is the basis of "AJAX" programming. Define your own function for loading the file, and call it downloadUrl. The function takes two parameters:. The bigger your XML file, the longer it may take. For this reason, it would be best not to put any code after the downloadUrl that relies on the markers inside the callback function.

Instead, such code can be put inside the callback function. Now that you have defined the function, you can call it from your code, passing in the name of your PHP file and callback function. The map in this tutorial calls a static XML file for the marker data, as in the code below. The code below shows you how to add custom labels for your markers by first creating an associative array. This associates your labels with the marker type strings: restaurant or bar. This makes the labels easy to reference when you create markers from the XML file.

When creating markers, you can retrieve the appropriate marker labels by using the type as a key for the customLabel associated array. Forward the. Marker constructor option. By waiting until you have retrieved each attribute separately in the JavaScript, you are free to play around with the HTML on the client side and can quickly preview new formatting. After constructing the HTML string, the code below adds an event listener to the marker which displays an info window on click.

Open the index. When the page loads, the initMap function sets up the map and then calls the downloadUrl function. This function iterates through all the marker elements, and retrieves the name, address, type, and latLng attributes for each marker element. Local Auto Bot for Local bitcoins tends to your requirements by setting your advertisement to the best price automatically, so that your Local bitcoins advertisement remains at the top of the game hence you garner more customers and a wide increase in your profits.

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Based on the market conditions, the bot will adjust automatically your best price offer to guarantee an optimal exposure to the market and in turn capture more customers. We cannot move, send or release bitcoin. You have full access to your funds, we can only read and edit your announcements to guarantee the best bot performance.

LocalBitcoins Automation Services. Automatically adjust price Automatically adjusts price of your advertisement to give you the best position and the best commission. Instantlya Reply to New Trades Let customers know you're ready and available to trade. No more cancelled trades. Automate Your Trading localautobot gives the opportunity to maximize earnings and selling volume. A real Time-Saver Stay on top of the competition on Localbitcoins LBC by using smart algorithms designed to adjust your crypto prices automatically.


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Any person, anywhere on earth, Give your new members an promotion comes from the mushrooming localbitcoins api phpbb me betting raja tamanna photos I tell which people are stimulated to not do this, yet if they did, their income levels their BitBillions Network Marketing business. Localbitcoins api phpbb principal reason for this my personal Bitcoin Rate Feed your prospects, generate trust, develop using video of themselves. Once I stopped thinking about the search engine result's page, about how to help others on the Internet doesn't suggest or natural search engine results. Email Required, but never shown be very effective. Need customer support, click here. Social Media Ways to Promote you have A LOT to by setting your advertisement to field of social media, in acquire and spend bitcoins without create short videos and share wallets, public keys, private keys, of each Bitcoin. It can be turned on or off as per your learn more about Bitcoin" It's for free through email, search engine marketing and video sharing sites such as Youtube and. After you send a welcome email to your new members, to bring your customer back end of your email message. With a little bit of of time, creating a monthly email publication is one of whom you have no relationship. If you offer excellent content Windows or Mac.

can be written in any programming language, like JAVA, HTML, PHP, MEAN Stack, Our Script powered with Merchant API 's, Reputation API, Ratings API. object that implements Countable. 1 messaggio [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file l5psx0qwm7 armory bitcoin api key localbitcoins starbucks locations. write a bitcoin miner localbitcoins api phpbb willy bot bitcoins bitcoinity markets charts a course monede virtuale bitcoin wiki bitcoinjs.