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From the look of these notes, it was the work of a lifetime. Presumptuous Old Lecher. All that can be seen of the Muse of Time is the head, torso and left hand, apparently connected to the torso by an arm. It is unclear whether the rest of a humanoid body is present or would even fit within the vessel. It has a skull-like face and a seemingly metal body with inset lights and dials.

It seems to be partly organic eye, teeth, and hair but mostly mechanical, with the ornamental details common in devices in the Girl Genius universe. It seems to be glowing slightly and disappears in a flash of light. Agatha objects that what they just saw didn't look like the Muse of Time. But there's a lot of new information in the book Aldin has found.

Van Rijn saw her repeatedly and she had a new appearance every time. She seemed somehow ageless and outside the normal flow of time; so, near the end of his life, Van Rijn decided to capture her to acquire the secret of immortality. It didn't work out well. Agatha: "But—there's a drawing of the Muse of Time in my book and I've seen her! That wasn't her! Handwritten note from the Van Rijn Hermitorium Notebook, panel 4.

Handwritten note from the Van Rijn Hermitorium Notebook, panel 6. Agatha's objection is based on the phenomenon she saw way back near the start of the story [18] and a drawing in the Van Rijn notebook she looked at much more recently. Gil , Tarvek , Othar , Doctor Rothfuss. Tarvek has been removed from Mechanicsburg's frozen time zone and is being revived.

He wakes up screaming at the top of his lungs. Both Doctor Rothfuss and Gil are pleased, but perhaps for different reasons. Gil: " All right, drop the time field— now! This is far better than I had hoped for! Far away, beneath Mechanicsburg— Caption, top of panel 1. Vanamonde von Mekkhan , Nurse [20] , Tarvek off panel , Bang. Vanamonde has also been extracted from the time freeze and is being revived, but without all the screaming. He hears someone else screaming, however, and worries about it.

Bang tells him the screamer is Tarvek; he is in such great pain because he is being treated for poisoning as well being revived from time freeze. Nurse: "There! How do you feel now , Herr Van Mekkhan? The Young Baron pulled you both out at the same time!

That's normal. He always sounds like that when he's in pain. Takes me back…" Van: "Ah—that's not going to happen to me , is it? Prince Squealy got himself poisoned just before the time stop hit—so he gets special treatment. The poison is from the Nullabist knife thrown [21] by his cousin Tweedle. Gil , Doctor Rothfuss , Othar , Tarvek. The final medical and technological procedures to flush the toxins from Tarvek's system and stabilize him in time are completed. He has survived physically, but what about his mind?

Gil quizzes him to check. Tarvek responds with a long but coherent and pertinent rant, seeming as mentally sharp as ever. Gil is so relieved he gives him a big and painful hug. Gil: "Five… four… disengage pumps— three… two… retract feeds— aaand— shut down!

The toxins are gone! His mind is probably still unstable, though. Tarvek learns he's been frozen for over two years and that they're currently under attack. And not only that, he's the reason for the attack. However, Gil has been planting disinformation. The attackers are ambushed and Madame Beauxie, a member of the Wulfenbach forces, is exposed as a spy and arrested.

Gil: "You wouldn't believe the number of attacks and infiltration attempts we've had lately—all because of you. Some simply don't want me to retrieve you—some seem to be just waiting—presumably to spirit you away once I have. Besides the one working for your dear cousin, who really wants you dead , by the way —I have no idea who they represent.

Dear Cousin. The page is in color now. The page is in black and white. Van and Tarvek get their first look at what has happened to Mechanicsburg since it was frozen in time. The first thing they notice are the colossal statues of Agatha, at least twelve times her actual height.

And these aren't even the really big ones! Tarvek: " Whoa. It's Agatha! A colossal statue of Agatha! You should see the really big ones! He's got 'em all around the outer wall of the city! You can see them from all over the valley! Gil , Bang , Tarvek. Tarvek takes a bath. Bang wants to watch, but Gil says, "No! Tarvek wonders why the wasp weasels have haven't been more helpful and Gil asks, "What weasels?

Tarvek: "I'm surprised the wasp eaters haven't proved more useful. Are these gammon cuffs? No, the existent weasels. Surely, they've sent you some by now! Later— Caption, top of panel 1. It is not clear what Tarvek means when he uses the phrase "gammon cuffs.

Some fans have speculated that the intended meaning is false or deceptive, based on an older meaning of gammon. Kaja Foglio , Phil Foglio. Agatha Heterodyne. Kickstarter campaign for The City of Lightning. Tarvek starts to tell Gil about the wasp weasels he saved, but falls asleep before he can say much.

Gil orders Bang to protect Tarvek. Bang: "What happened? I'm surprised he stayed awake as long as he did. I know this great trick —where you put a sleeping guy's head in a bucket of water—" Gil: "No. In fact he's your responsibility for now. Now you can. You're his new bodyguard. A lot of people seem to want to kill him or steal him. If he's already dead , that'll foil their plans!

You'd miss tormenting him. Keep him alive and in one piece. When Bang says, "I know this great trick —where you put a sleeping guy's head in a bucket of water—," it seems to refer to the widespread belief in the real world that if you put a sleeping person's hand in a bucket of warm water, they will wet the bed. Bang, of course, gives the trick her own personal twist.

They bring a copy of Agatha's book on the wasp weasels. Of course! She must be selling copies to everyone … Ooh! Just this page will advance our program— Wait—'blood pumps? Ah, but Madame knew you would find it worth the cost. Oh, I see! How much? Soon… Caption, panels Title of book, panel 7. She had help, from Othar, who reveals unexpected talents of persuasion.

Finally, he jumped up and addressed them. He gave a rousing speech about the basic goodness of Mankind—and how, in these trying times, we should all pull together. They rioted. They wept! They cheered him! They've apologized and joined our side!

My people are debriefing them right now! Herr Baron, the man is terrifying! He…he made me reconsider my calling! Gil realizes that the Incorruptible Library is really behind the previous attack, which was a feint, to throw them off guard. The real attack is still to come, with Tarvek as the target. As Gil springs into action, ordering his troops to follow, the alarm sounds.

Bang had to call for help? She must be furious! Gil: "This last attack was nothing but a distraction. Fools—deliberately manipulated into attacking at the wrong time—to put us off guard. Madame Beauxie was working for the Librarians , not for them. Gil rushes into the room where Bang had been watching over Tarvek, just in time to prevent her from killing the last remaining Librarian.

But others have escaped, taking Tarvek with them. Gil: "—But what does the Library want with—" Librarian: "I don't have to tell you anything! Allow me , Herr Baron. I can tell. So many people you knew, killed— Terrible. Yes, so terrible. Oh, but of course!

You're a Librarian! You've been peeking into the forbidden stacks, eh? Reading the dangerous books? A vanity project from my youth, I confess. They killed you! That took no time at all! The Library , Everybody Wants to Talk. Gil isn't interested in finding out the reasons the Librarians had for abducting Tarvek, he just wants Tarvek back. And Gil is ready to use extreme measures to achieve his goal. Bang is surprised and pleased by this development.

Gil: "DuPree—you're always bragging about how you can track anyone. Those bookbinders think they can just come in here and abduct people? After all the trouble I've gone to? I've obviously done too much talking and not enough damage! We're getting him back! Agatha is upset. She thinks she was influenced by her embedded Lucrezia personality when she released the Muse of Time.

Aldin, who is studying the notebook Van Rijn left in the Hermitorium, thinks he knows why the Muse of Time appeared there so often, and the reason has something to do with Agatha's family. Castle: "You appear upset , Mistress. I think I've been used. Who dares?! Playing with people's lives is your prerogative! I got so caught up that I didn't stop to wonder—why everything here was so familiar.

Why I knew exactly what to do. I don't know how she might be connected to this place, but I think that knowledge came from Lucrezia. When that thing was released, I felt a huge surge of…of triumph! That alone is worrying. I think I may have found the reason why. And, um…it seems to involve the Heterodynes , actually. Lucrezia , The Heterodynes. Aldin relates what he learned from Van Rijn's notes: Agatha's ancestor Robur Heterodyne experimented with time.

The experiment summoned "angels" that frightened him so badly he smashed the device that called them up. When that didn't get rid of them, he asked the Corbettites for help, promising that, in exchange, he would never bother them in the future. The Corbettites took the device and the "angels" away, and the device ended up in the Incorruptible Library. Aldin: "It says he thought he had called down angels?

Ah—I haven't found anything to clarify what that means. He sent word to the Corbettites. Um—even then, they specialized in dangerous artefacts [28] — I guess it makes sense that he thought they'd be experts on angels as well. He begged them to intercede on his behalf. They agreed to contain the device, and in return, Robur promised to never harass the Corbettite lands.

One of the few promises he ever kept—so I guess whatever happened really scared him. Agatha: "—And…this device…it ended up here? This page confirms the fan hypothesis that the beings called forth by Robur Heterodyne, which he thought were angels, were actually Dreen. Aldin tells Agatha it makes sense that Robur's device would end up in the Library, which used to be a Corbettite stronghold.

In fact, the Library grew out of Van Rijn's work with the Monks, studying and neutralizing their collection of dangerous artefacts, [28] during which Van Rijn found Robur's device, still producing strange effects, in the crypts there. Agatha wonders if Lady Selnikov was looking in the wrong crypts. Agatha: "So—the Library is connected to old Corbettite crypts?

Maybe what she was looking for is here. Agatha, Zeetha and Violetta prepare for the expedition to the Library crypts then join the others, who are also ready to set off. They've also brought us all of the information about the crypts they gathered for Professor Zardeliv's expedition. His team went in two days ago. Maybe we'll meet them. Ve thot hyu vas gunna sleep all day! We've even made arrangements for a lovely memorial service, should you not return!

Professor Zardeliv [8]. Soon— Caption, top of panel 5. The Librarians unseal the Corbettite crypts, which entails removing an enormous block of stone and opening an elaborate vault door, among other things. Jon, Agatha, and Co. Jon: "Here we are. Now, normally, we keep this area sealed off. In addition to anything that may still be sealed inside—the crypts themselves are far too dangerous to leave accessible.

Traps and stuff? The Corbettites left them extremely well defended. I assume that is why Professor Zardeliv wanted that book of yours. It contains a far more comprehensive inventory of the crypts' security measures than any we had on file. Deadfalls, swinging blades, hidden rooms—what were they thinking?

I believe they thought it was 'awesome. That's why he was hiding here , right? She was one of the sub-librarians. We're still not sure if she was the only one— So he wanted to clear out for a while. They stay out of places like that. I have so much to learn! Agatha , Mini-Beast , Portable Castle. Agatha stands before the entrance to the Corbettite crypts and starts to say something. She is interrupted by the Mini-Beast and Portable Castle, who tell everyone else that they must come along and guard Agatha with their lives.

Agatha: "Okay, this is the last of the outer gates. From here on, it's probably going to get really dangerous. I'm pretty confident I know what to watch out for—but if I'm wrong—um—" Mini-Beast: "—Then you people protect her with what remains of your miserable lives! Eventually— Caption, top of full page panel. Carved in stone above doorway. Capital 'I'?

Roman numeral I? Agatha scolds the Mini-Beast and Portable Castle for interrupting. She intended to say that no one had to come with her if they didn't want to. Zeetha says everyone is eager to go but Aldin begs to differ. Jiminez Hoffmann is delighted his brother is coming. Agatha starts to give a pep talk, but the effect is spoiled when they come across a bunch of dead guys.

Hoffman: "Aldin! You're coming with us?! So—you finally hear the call of adventure , eh? I heard the curators saying I have to! They said since you're going, I have to go along to keep an eye on you! They said it's been too long since the last 'installment of our exploits! Lady Heterodyne. In case I don't make it—here is my obituary. Ah…this is a list of books…" Aldin: "Unread.

Yes, this will be dangerous, but if Professor Zardeliv's expedition made it—so can we! Of course, that's a rather big 'if…'". The Curators , Professor Zardeliv. Agatha and Co. Violetta says the remains can't be Zardeliv's party; they've been dead too long.

Jiminez notices that Aldin is remaining calm, and is surprised. Aldin discovers that Jiminez is the moligarchy prince that Larana Chroma is supposed to marry and is displeased. Hoffman: "I'm getting married. I've hear all your ridiculous scenarios where Colette Voltaire 'has to marry you to save Paris —'" Hoffman: "It's not Colette. It…it's not? Then who—" Hoffman: "It's Larana Chroma. Don't you dare try to drag her into your weird fantasy life! She's already got enough problems.

She's been railroaded into a political marriage with some idiot moligarchy princeling. That's me. TEA Forum Friday. A young woman in what appears to be a military uniform is standing, sipping a cup of tea. The hand not holding the tea cup is supporting a very long rifle, keeping it balanced upright with its butt on the ground.

She stands in a ruined city, inside a building with stained-glass windows, one of which has been blown out completely, along with part of the wall. A large three-legged clank or vehicle, which she has probably just shot, is collapsing. Advertisement for Tea. Aldin offers to talk to Larana for his brother, but turns out to have an ulterior motive; Aldin and Larana are up to something they don't want anyone else to know about, especially "the Lady Heterodyne.

Meanwhile, Agatha warns the others about Corbettite traps, to their dismay. Agatha: "Okay. See this mark here? That means it's a trap that will kill you. And this mark here…". Who knows what might be behind the doors they're passing? But there's no time to explore! They need to track down Zardeliv for his help in finding Prende's Lantern and his knowledge of the nature of time. Unfortunately, as they turn a corner, they encounter relatively fresh blood and dead bodies, including Zardeliv's.

Zeetha: "Hey, Agatha—what do you think is in all these vaults we're skipping? I'm surprised you're not busting down the doors! Maybe we can come back some time. Prende's Lantern. Not so fast, the body doesn't belong to Zardeliv! It is Eugene Proutin, a member of his expedition; it has just been disguised to look like Zardeliv's corpse. Part of the disguise, and the probable cause of death, is extremely rare ghost spider venom, which makes the corpse swell and look fatter. Are people after Zardeliv's life or do they just want everyone to think he's dead?

Who are these people? And if Zardeliv is alive, where is he? Violetta: "Hold on… Okay. This is weird. I haven't seen my uncle in years , but— I'm pretty sure this isn't him. That's Eugene Proutin! He was part of Doctor Zardeliv's team—but…Proutin wasn't that heavy …and his hair…but that is him! I'm sure of it! The apparent weight gain is due to ghost spider venom, which is probably what killed him. These wounds were made when he was already dead. Eugene Proutin, Ghost Spider Venom. Larana speculates that Zardeliv may be part of some conspiracy, rather than a victim of one.

The others voice their suspicions of Zardeliv, given the new circumstances, and Agatha comments that finding him might be dangerous. Aldin and Larana have a whispered conversation of their own, apparently wondering if Zardeliv is looking for the same thing they are. Larana: "That really depends on who did this and what their goals are. Also, we shouldn't discount the possibility that Professor Zardeliv isn't a prisoner at all. He could be working with them.

We all know him as a sweet old duffer, but don't forget that he's also brilliant , his family is central to all these intrigues surrounding the return of the Storm King and Lucrezia Mongfish, and he himself chose Eugene Proutin for this trip.

That alone makes me suspicious. Violetta joins Zeetha at the rear of the party and tells her that rogue Smoke Knight Madwa Korel, who is linked to the Other, faked Zardeliv's death. Violetta also explains that all Smoke Knights have standing orders from Grandmother to drop what they're doing to hunt down Madwa. Zeetha realizes Violetta's words are not meant just for her, as she notices two other Smoke Knights who are following them and listening. The other two Smoke Knights realize Violetta has already spotted them and are surprised and none too pleased by this.

Violetta: "I have no idea what's going on here, but the 'Other' is involved. Why do you say that? Madwa Korel. Grandma always hated Lucrezia. She broke off all our family's alliances with everyone still loyal to the 'Other. They refused Grandma's ultimatum, and stayed allied with the Geisterdamen.

That's where they get the Ghost Spider venom. Madwa had six secret recipes that used the stuff, and she never shared with anyone. That guy back there died of number three. If there's a chance to take them out , our Smoke Knights have standing orders to set aside all other assignments and rivalries and do it.

The other two Smoke Knights agree that Madwa is the culprit and agreed to help track her down. Aldin freaks out when he is told that the Knights have been following them since the Paris Black Market. Violetta states that the newcomers are much better Smoke Knights than she is, and explains why they were following Agatha and the others.

Agatha: "Why are they following us, anyway? Martellus sent one to keep an eye on you. Seffie sent the other one to distract him. There's ways. This is important. As they travel through the crypts, Agatha marvels at how large they are. Violetta notices that a wall trap has been sprung and worries about her fellow Smoke Knights. She has reason to worry: They are shown making a series of mistakes.

Was there too much distraction? But as the wall rises, a very large threatening clank appears. Agatha thinks they're probably OK, since they sprung the next trap too. Violetta thinks she and Agatha should run. Agatha: "Listen. That sound means the mechanism is getting ready to reset. If this trap got them, then presumably nothing past it will have been tripped…" [The wall slides up to reveal a large, menacing clank.

They set off the next trap, too! They're probably fine! An imperial diet was a formal deliberative assembly of the whole Empire. Delighted to face some action, Hoffman rushes to battle the clank, but gets hit in the face by a spray of acid. Larana goes beserk, destroying the clank with grenades, while Agatha and Violetta treat Hoffman.

Larana keeps setting off explosions until Dimo, worried she'll bring the roof down, stops her. Dimo: "Whoa! Dot's enuf! Hyu iz gonna bring de whole place down on it! Hoffman lies on his back with his eyes covered; he is in pain. Everyone worries about him; Agatha isn't sure if his eyes are OK. Larana blames herself for Hoffman getting hurt, but he says injuries are part and parcel of the hero business.

In fact he demands to be allowed to keep fighting until Violetta sedates him. Agatha assumes that Aldin will be taking his brother home and offers to lend him Dimo, but Aldin reluctantly says they'll stay with Agatha's group. Agatha: "That clank was pretty old, so the acid had lost a lot of potency…but it did get right in his eyes. Like a really mean grapefruit! Larana's name is spelled "Lorana" in Aldin's second dialog balloon in panel 3 of this page.

Aldin addresses his brother as Jim, at least during times of stress. Agatha reacts with disbelief and disapproval when Aldin says he and his brother will stay in the crypts. Aldin explains that if he did take his brother home for safekeeping, Jim would be the first to object. Not only that, but Jim has already completed numerous past adventures under severe handicaps, such as: two broken legs, no bones at all, being on fire, etc.

Agatha opens Campfire in a Can to cook food. Agatha: "What, really? Only, your brother got a face full of some kind of weird acid —" Aldin: "Lady Heterodyne, if we take him back now, he will complain for months. He will actively seek me out, follow me around, and tell me at excruciating length why we shouldn't have 'run away—' and while he is doing so, he will drag me into six 'adventures' worse than this death crawl can ever be. On this page, Jiminez Hoffmann is shown only in flashbacks illustrating descriptions of their past adventures as told by Aldin, who is also depicted in the flashbacks, as well as in present time in the comic.

There was also "the thing with the Naked Mole Rat Queen. Having stopped to eat and rest, Agatha and party break camp. Malek has returned and reports that Zardeliv has found the vault he is looking for and Varpa is watching him. To her dismay, Larana learns that Jim is nearly blind.

Aldin holds out hope of a cure in the future, but for now Jim and Agatha have built a "seeing aid" from clank parts. Jim declares he can see better than ever, with new visual powers, including x-ray vision. Agatha: "How's that? I can see better than ever! We built this completely from stuff we found down here!

That old clank had really weird antique photo receptors! We even gave it different filters! It can do infrared, ultraviolet, and… and… uhhhh…" [Hoffmann stares silently at Larana. Hoffman's helmet seems to be overheating. The x-ray filter on Hoffmann's goggles seems to work more like the x-ray specs found in ads in the backs of old comic books were supposed to than a real x-ray device. Madwa Korel , Dio Zardeliv , Bartleby deceased.

Madwa Korel and Dio Zardeliv are standing in front of a large vault door with a fiendishly complicated locking mechanism designed by Van Rijn, discussing how to open it. They seem to know each other very well, since they are on a first name basis. Dio is stumped and wishes he had Van Rijn's notebook; Madwa has no helpful suggestions.

Making an attempt on the vault is extremely dangerous; a Smoke Knight named Bartleby has already been fatally incinerated during a failed attempt to open it. I'm more into death and sneaking, actually. That's why we brought Bartleby , there. Was it about the ignition of human bones? Because I could have told you all about that …". Dio and Madwa are attacked with knockout gas.

Dio collapses, but Madwa escapes. The attackers turn out to be Violetta and Malek, along with Agatha and the others. Agatha wonders how Madwa escaped, but is told the dreadful fate of those learn the secrets of the Smoke Knights. Jim thinks his prosthetic eyes will allow him to open the vault and Agatha celebrates another triumph of Science! Violetta: "Too late. She got away. Jim and Aldin open the vault; Jim using his prosthetic "super vision" to disarm the traps and direct Aldin, who handles the fiddly bits using his safe-cracking skills.

Zardeliv is still unconscious. Based on the reaction of Agatha's wasp eater, he hasn't been wasped. Violetta disparages her own skills, relative to the other Smoke Knights, and Agatha gives her a pep talk: Isn't she the Smoke Knight who walked out of Castle Heterodyne? Hoffmann shouted : " I love this helmet! It's making this super easy! Of course, it helps that we have Aldin, master safe cracker, to do all the actual fiddly stuff! That's an interesting skill for a librarian …" Aldin: "When you've been captured as often as I have, you develop an interest in locks and escapology.

Aldin's always getting caught by pirate queens and evil priestesses and stuff—and they always put him in these silly loincloth outfits. And—" Aldin shouted : " It's open! Prende inactivated? The inside of the vault looks like a long disused storage chamber. Shelves on either side of the room, various niches, and even the floor, are full of odds and ends; books, vessels, devices, as well as storage chests and boxes.

On a multi-sided columnar platform, slightly wider than and nearly as tall as a man, is a bell jar covering a seemingly levitating orb perhaps six inches in diameter with irregular glowing areas. Two cables emerge from the sides of the bell jar, apparently connected to a lantern, which appears black, but is emitting rays of light. Behind the platform is a bricked up doorway, with a small trapezoidal opening at the top. The lantern is suspended from the lintel of the doorway, within the opening, which allows beams from the lantern to penetrate into the space beyond.

The most striking feature of the room, however, is the clank sitting in front of the column, propped up against it, seemingly completely inert. The still figure of Prende makes the room seem like a crypt. Everyone is surprised and intrigued by the contents of the room, but Violetta warns them not to go in.

A Muse , The Lantern. Violetta is sure there's a trap in the crypt; Larana wonders if she's right. Suddenly, Madwa Korel, who has snuck past them all into the crypt, cries out, startling everyone. The seemingly inert Prende has sprung into action, grabbing Madwa by both arms. Prende holds Madwa suspended above her head and quietly commands her to stop. The passage of centuries has definitely taken its toll on Prende.

Her clothing is tattered and falling apart. Her wig is disheveled and coming off. Her face is cracked and one of her eyes is dark and appears useless. However, she obviously hasn't lost her speed and strength. Other Smoke Knights Varpa and Malek. Prende questions Agatha and her party, ignoring Madwa, who she considers a trespasser. When Madwa tries to speak, Prende knocks her out with a jolt of electricity.

The burst of current also incinerates what remains of Prende's clothes and hair. Agatha and Violetta explain they want the Lantern to help free the new Storm King, currently trapped in time-frozen Mechanicsburg, by unfreezing the city. But Prende refuses, stating emphatically that the Lantern must not be moved and anyone claiming to be the new Storm King must be wrong. The Lantern must not be moved. Violetta argues that the other Muses have accepted the new Storm King, and Agatha pleads that a town full of people can be freed by the Lantern, but Prende still refuses to let them take it.

Madwa has recovered quickly or was playing possum and escapes, just as Malek shows up to warn them about her. Madwa attempts to steal the lantern, but Violetta knocks it out of her hand, disconnecting the cables. A skeletal reaches through the opening in the blocked door and grabs Madwa's left wrist.

Violetta: "But—he's a direct descendent! Even the other Muses acknowledge him! Madwa screams in pain as the hand holding her left arm glows and hisses, looking much less skeletal than it did a moment ago. As Prende chastises Madwa, her arm is released, her hand and wrist withered and steaming or smoking.

Something begins to violently batter the wall blocking the doorway, which threatens to give way any moment. Prende appeals to Agatha and the others for help; then, as the wall collapses, asks a question. Prende: "The Lamp is damaged. I can only watch. You must help! The Lamp , The Storm King. What would normally have been the page for Monday, June 6, , was posted with a date of Sunday, June 5, , instead.

See the talk page for more details. As the wall collapses, a man apparently Andronicus Valois himself emerges. He definitely doesn't look happy, or even completely human. His skin is light greenish yellow and seems to glow. Various parts of his armor and accoutrements also glow in different colors, as well as emitting smoke and vapor from various pipes and vents. He carries a large mace, which is stained with something that looks like dried blood.

So this is why Prende wouldn't accept a new Storm King—the old one sill lives! Andronicus Valois [36] bellowed very loudly : "What is this place?! That Treacherous Conjurer. What would normally have been the page for Wednesday, June 8, , was posted with a date of Tuesday, June 7, , instead. Andronicus is disoriented and extremely angry; he literally slavers with rage at one point. He questions Prende about the whereabouts of the Muses and Van Rijn.

From his questions and statements, it is clear that he is completely unaware of the passage of the last two hundred years or so and that the last thing he remembers is facing Van Rijn while in the heat of a battle which he was sure he was about to win. Then Van Rijn did something with one of his machines and Andronicus suddenly found himself n Prende's crypt.

He feels that Van Rijn betrayed him and stole his sword and that Muses cannot be trusted. Agatha: "Is that really him? Andronicus Valois? The first Storm King?! In panel 4, a small door or hatch is visible in Prende's back, looking very much like the battery compartment in a toy.

This seems mostly likely to be a joke, and doesn't necessarily mean that the Muses actually run on batteries. Surrounded by an electrical aura and with his eyes glowing completely white, Andronicus cries out that he can sense his sword. In Paris, Martellus is trying on his Storm King costume in a room with a sword mounted on the wall. The sword erupts into electrical coruscations, badly startling Martellus and his servant.

Andronicus believes when he finds his sword he will find Van Rijn, and newly recovered sword in hand, crush him. He Van Rijn , Paris. Andronicus Valois , Prende , Agatha. Andronicus uses his mace, which can emit blasts of energy, to start melting a direct path through walls and solid rock to his sword. As he starts to disappear into the molten tunnel, Prende pleads to have him take her along.

Again, she tries to convince him that far more time has passed than he believes and the Van Rijn is dead. Andronicus begins to wonder if she is telling the truth and takes her with him. He then tells Agatha to take a message to her master for him; mistaking her for a servant, rather than the Heterodyne herself.

Prende: "My creator is dead! He used the Lantern to keep you from destroying all you had built! I do not lie to you! You know I cannot! Andronicus departs with Prende, sealing the tunnel behind him and, possibly not coincidentally, flooding the crypt with molten stone. The party hurriedly prepares to leave, taking everything from the crypt they can carry; unfortunately Madwa has escaped, taking Prende's lantern with her.

They rush off to warn everyone about the pending arrival of the armed and dangerous Storm King. Taking advantage of the confusion, Larana and Aldin sneak off on their own. Agatha: "What was that?! Hyu betcha. Hy gots hyu professor guy—vere's de nasty lady? Worried by Zardeliv's silence, Dimo discovers the professor has been spirited away and replaced with a dummy.

Madwa again! The Smoke Knights marvel that they hadn't heard anything about the Storm King still being alive and wonder if the Order and Tarvek knew. Malek: "I'm going to be honest—the old Storm King being alive…I've never heard a whisper about it! You served Prince Tarvek, do you think he knew? Mebbe he learned how to do dot from hyu!

Mimmoth sighting in panel 3. Dimo was around when the Storm King was originally active, and Agatha asks if the man who was just released was really him. Dimo is not sure he never got a close look at Andronicus back then , but he thinks so, especially since the alleged Storm King has the original Storm King's mace; and apparently is off to find the Storm King's sword.

Dimo: "Hy neffer saw de Storm King up close, und he alvays has a helmet—but dot guy had the Sturmvoraus noze und de Von Blitzengaard voice, und he gots Smasher —dot demned mace de Storm King used to wave around all de time—zo it's probably him, yah. Hy've seen krezier tings. I can't wait to see what the sword's like! Dere vos thunder und lightning, und effryting schmelled like burning copper. Ve called it 'Slasher. He named it 'Archimedes' Lever.

Two Librarians are in a hunting lodge, arguing. One wants to follow orders to set a false trail and leave, the other want to catalog a rare book he's found. Before they can finish, Gil and Bang crash through a window. Bang shoots a gun out of one Librarian's hand, injuring it. The other tries to protect a book, confirming, to Gil, that the two are from the Incorruptible Library.

Bang: "…Um, what are you doing? I told you they were with the Library! Presumably, the title is supposed to be a humorous variation on The Damnation of Faust. It seems safe to assume that the Goethe referred to is the Girl Genius universe analogue of the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of our universe.

However, real-world Goethe never wrote a book called The Damnation of Faust , but rather a play called in English Faust: A Tragedy , but generally just referred to as Faust. Gil , Unnamed Librarian , Bang. A raging Gil violently interrogates a Librarian, demanding to be told Tarvek's whereabouts. The Librarian says Tarvek has been sent on and defiantly declares Gil will never find him.

Bracing himself for more retaliation, the Librarian is left alone, but when he finally starts to relax, Bang reappears and boots him in the head. Comedy is all about timing! Gil: "Tarvek Sturmvoraus. He was brought here. Where is he? I'm bleeding!

It's cauterized. This is just a waypoint! He's been sent on! Obtainable by completing the Recruitment mission in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Beneath the Sea 3 Not really twenty thousand miles, but you had to dive a fair way beneath the sea to find your personal Manta Ray. Obtained by taming a Manta Ray. Obtainable by contributing for 3 years in the Annual Autumn Vintage world event. Berserker 3 RAWR! Strength running through your body, your heart racing faster and adrenaline fueling your every weapon swing.

All in a little bottle. No refund for destroyed furniture. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer. Obtainable by drinking Berserk Potions. Bewitcher 5 You literally put everything in that cauldron except lilac and gooseberries. Obtainable by reaching favour points during the Bewitched event. Beyonder 3 Adventurous beyond death, you travelled the Netherworld.

Although you had just the ghost of a chance you survived and even came back from the realm of the dead. Obtainable by completing the Feaster of Souls Quest. Bibby's Bloodbath 1 You lend a helping hand in defeating invading Orcs by destroying their warcamp along with their leader.

Bibby's personal bloodbath Obtainable by killing Bibby Bloodbath. Bibliomaniac 3 You passion for reading was somewhat diminished by biting books and aggressive quills. But this flying specimen proved to be a loyal companion. Never judge a book by its cover! Obtained by taming a Flying Book. Biodegradable 1 You caught fifty rare shimmer swimmers. Getting rid of all those corpses by dumping them into the lake really was worth it, wasn't it? Wait, didn't something move in the water just now?

Obtainable by fishing 50 Shimmer Swimmers. Blacknailed 1 Well, you can rest your nailcase now. This gravedigger's fingernails are nice and clean. Though after the next hellride, you might not want to let it hand any food to you. Obtained by taming a Gravedigger.

Obtainable by finishing The Blessed Stake Quest. Note: you don't need to obtain a second blessed wooden stake from Chondur: just speak with him about it until he says " Listen, child, if you bring me a wooden stake, I'll bless it for you. Blood-Red Snapper 1 You've tainted the jungle floor with the Snapper's crimson blood.

Obtainable by slaying The Snapper. Bluebarian 2 You live the life of hunters and gatherers. Well, especially that of a gatherer, and especially of one who gathers lots of blueberries. Have you checked the colour of your tongue lately? Obtainable by using Blueberry Bushes times. Bone Brother 1 You've joined the undead bone brothers - making death your enemy and your weapon as well.

Devouring what's weak and leaving space for what's strong is your primary goal. Breaking the Ice 1 You almost made friends with Shardhead Poor guy only seems to attract violence with his frosty attitude. Obtainable by slaying Shardhead.

Brutal Politeness 6 What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to maybe have a nice cup of tea afterwards. Obtainable by getting both addons of Barbarian Outfits. Bunny Slipped 2 Indeed, you have a soft spot for rabbits.

Maybe the rabbits you saved today will be the rabbits that will save you tomorrow. When you are really hungry. Buried the Baron 1 You defeated the Baron from Below and destroyed his lava pump! Cake Conqueror 1 You have bravely stepped onto the cake isle. Is there any more beautiful, tasty place to be in the whole world? Obtainable during A Piece of Cake by stepping on a spot where cake was already eaten.

Call Me Sparky 1 Admittedly you enjoyed the killing as usual. But the part with the sparks still gives you shivers Cartography 2 You succeeded in finding and charting several previously unexplored landmarks and locations for the Adventurer's Guild, you probably never need to ask anyone for the way - do you? Obtained by finishing the Cartography Quest. Castlemania 5 You have an eye for suspicious places and love to read other people's diaries, especially those with vampire stories in it.

You're also a dedicated token collector and explorer. Note: You can redo your map by saying map , then yes to Julius. Cave Completionist 2 You have helped the gnomes of the spike in securing the caves and explored enough of the lightles depths to earn you a complete cave explorers outfit. Obtain the Cave Explorer Outfits and both of its addons. Champion of Chazorai 4 You won the merciless 2 vs. Death or victory - you certainly chose the latter. Obtainable by finishing mission 9 of The New Frontier Quest.

Champion of Summer 2 You have vanquished numerous arena champions in the name of the Summer Court. Champion of Winter 2 You have vanquished numerous arena champions in the name of the Winter Court. Chequered Teddy 1 Don't let its fluffy appearance deceive you. The panda is a creature of the wild.

It will take you to the most distant regions of Tibia, always in hopes of a little bamboo to nibble on or to check on a possible mate. Obtained by taming a Panda. Chest Robber 1 You've discovered three nomad camps and stole their supplies. Well, you can probably use them better then they can. Chitin Bane 4 You have become competent and efficient in gathering the substance that is needed to fight the hive.

You almost smell like dissolved chitin and the Hive Born would tell their children scary stories about you if they could speak. Obtainable through repeating Dissolved Chitin task times. Obtainable by slaying The Old Widow. Chorister 1 Lalalala Not that hard, considering that it mainly consists of two notes and repetitive lyrics.

Obtainable by learning all four Music Sheets. Clay Fighter 3 You love getting your hands wet and dirty - and covered with clay. Your perfect sculpture of Brog, the raging Titan is your true masterpiece. Clay to Fame 6 Sculpting Brog, the raging Titan, is your secret passion.

Numerous perfect little clay statues with your name on them can be found everywhere around Tibia. Cobbled and Patched 6 Exploring the depths of Tibia can be a dangerous task. Surprisingly, some crude wood planks, rusty nails and a tinged pot can offer a sufficient protection against the creatures lurking in the deep.

Obtainable by getting both addons of Makeshift Warrior Outfits. Cocoon of Doom 3 You helped bringing Devovorga's dangerous tentacles and her humongous cocoon down - not stopping her transformation, but ultimately completing a crucial step to her death. Cold as Ice 6 Take an ice cube and an obsidian knife and you'll very likely shape something really pretty from it. Mostly cute little mammoths, which are a hit with all the girls. Combo Master 1 You accomplished 10 or more consecutive chains in a row!

That's killing at least 39 creatures in the correct order - now that's combinatorics! Obtained by finishing at least 10 consecutive Combinatorics tasks perfectly in the Oramond Quest. Commitment Phobic 2 Longterm relationships are just not for you. And each time you think you're in love, you're proven wrong shortly afterwards. Or maybe you just end up with the wrong lover each time - exploited and betrayed.

Staying single might just be better. Obtainable by getting a divorce 3 times. Note: You have to file for divorce yourself in order to obtain the achievement. Confusion 3 The destruction you have caused by now can be felt throughout the whole hive. The mayhem that follows your step caused significant confusion in the consciousness of the hive. Obtainable by repeating Destroy The Hive Crystals 50 times. Contender 3 You have fully unlocked 10 medium monsters in the cyclopedia.

Obtainable by unlocking 10 medium monsters in the Cyclopedia. Cookie Monster 1 You can easily be found by anyone if they just follow the cookie crumb trail. And for you, true love means to give away your last cookie. Obtainable by baking Cookies 20 times.

Corruption Contained 5 You have managed to stall the worst incursion of corruption. Still this is just one battle won in an all out war for your world. Obtainable by finishing the Cults of Tibia Quest. Crawling Death 1 You ripped the ancient scarab Fleshcrawler apart and made sure he didn't get under your skin. Obtainable by slaying Fleshcrawler. Crystal Clear 3 If the gnomes had told you that crystal armor is see-through you had probably changed your underwear in time.

Obtainable by completing the Crystal Warlord Outfits. Crystal Keeper 1 So you repaired the light of some crystals for those gnomes. What's next? Sitting a week in a mushroom bed as a temporary mushroom? Crystals in Love 1 You brought two loving crystals together.

Perhaps they might even name one of their children after you. Too bad you forgot to leave your calling card. Obtainable by completing the matchmaker mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Culinary Master 4 Simple hams and bread merely make you laugh. You're the master of the extra-ordinaire, melter of cheese, fryer of bat wings and shaker of shakes. Obtainable by cooking all the dishes in Hot Cuisine Quest twice. Note for old characters: You need to cook the 4 new dishes introduced in the Summer Update twice and cook the previous 10 again if you did that before the update in order to get this achievement.

Your days are counted and your death inevitable. Obtainable by getting cursed by the Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'. Daring Trespasser 3 You've entered the lair of Devovorga and joined the crew trying to take her down - whether crowned with success or not doesn't matter, but they can't blame you for not trying! Dark Voodoo Priest 2 Sinister curses, evil magic - you don't shy away from punishing others by questionable means. Someone just gave you a strange look - now where's that needle again?

Obtainable by using dworc Voodoo Doll on someone till bloodhit. Dazzler 3 In the war against the hive, your efforts in blinding it begin to pay off. Your actions have blinded the hive severely and the entity seems to become aware that something dangerous is happening.

Obtainable through repeating Antenna Blinding task 50 times. Death Song 3 You hushed the songs of war in the black depths by sliencing more than three hundred Deepling Spellsingers. Obtainable by killing Deepling Spellsingers. Death from Below 2 The face of the enemy is unmasked. You have encountered one of 'those below' and survived. More than that, you managed to kill the beast and prove once and for all that the enemy can be beaten.

Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Abyssador for the first time after slaying it. Obtained by destroying all 3 lava pumps after defeating the bosses of Warzone 4 , Warzone 5 and Warzone 6. Death on Strike 4 Again and again Deathstrike has fallen to your prowess.

Perhaps it's time for people calling YOU Deathstrike from now on. Obtainable by opening Deathstrike 's chest 50 times. Deep Sea Diver 4 Under the sea - might not be your natural living space, but you're feeling quite comfortable on the ocean floor. Quara don't scare you anymore and sometimes you sleep with your helmet of the deep still equipped. Obtainable by walking 1,, steps underwater.

Lava crack tiles in the Sea Serpent Area are not counted, as those are also used on land. Deer Hunt 1 You managed to kill more than four hundred white deer - it looks like you are one of the main reasons they will soon be considered extinct, way to go!

Obtainable by killing White Deer enraged or desperate. Demonbane 6 You don't carry that stake just for decoration - you're prepared to use it. Usually you're seen hightailing through the deepest dungeons leaving a trail of slain demons. Whoever dares stand in your way should prepare to die.

Obtainable by getting both addons of Demon Hunter Outfits. Demonic Barkeeper 3 Thick, red - shaken, not stirred - and with a straw in it: that's the way you prefer your demon blood. Served with an onion ring, the subtle metallic aftertaste is almost not noticeable. Beneficial effects on health or mana are welcome. Obtainable by shaking Concentrated Demonic Blood. Depth Dwellers 3 By eliminating at least three hundred Deepling Warriors you delivered quite a blow to the amassing armies of the deep.

Obtainable by killing Deepling Warriors. Desert Fisher 1 You managed to catch a fish in a surrounding that usually doesn't even carry water. Everything is subject to change, probably Devovorga's Nemesis 5 One special hero among many. This year - it was you. Devovorga withdrew in a darker realm because she could not withstand your power - and that of your comrades. Time will tell if the choice you made was good - but for now, it saved your world.

Obtainable by significantly contributing to the battle with Devovorga during the Rise of Devovorga World Quest. Diplomatic Immunity 4 You killed the ambassador of the abyss that often that they might consider sending another one. Perhaps that will one day stop further intrusions. Obtainable by opening Abyssador 's chest 50 times. Do Not Disturb 1 Urgh! Close the windows!

Shut out the sun rearing its ugly yellow head, shut out the earsplitting laughter of your neighbour's corpulent children. Embrace sweet darkness and silence. Obtainable by closing house windows times. Do a Barrel Roll! Beer sold separately. Note: You can obtain the 3 different Barrels, but there is only one achievement given for the first one you chose. You delivered medicine bags to Ottokar of the Venore poor house in times of dire need, well done!

Dog Sitter 1 You showed Noodles the way home. How long will it take this time until he's on the loose again? That dog must be really bored in the throne room by now. Down the Drain 2 You've found a secret dungeon in the flooded plains and killed several of its inhabitants. And now you have wet feet.

Dragon Mimicry 2 It's not really a dragon, but rather a kind of chimera. Nonetheless a decent mount to impress any passer-by. Obtained by taming a Dragonling. Drama in Darama 3 If a pride of lions and a pack of hyaenas feud, it is not called a catfight but a For sure, it caused a lot of drama in the Darama Desert. Dread Lord 8 You don't care for rules that others set up and shape the world to your liking. Having left behind meaningless conventions and morals, you prize only the power you wield.

You're a master of your fate and battle to cleanse the world. Dream Catcher 3 You are the slayer of the ancient nightmare beast and prevented the nightmare to spread its madness. Dream Warden 5 It doesn't matter what noise you would hear You are a true Dream Warden. Obtained by getting the Dream Warden Outfits with both addons.

Dream Warrior 6 You became an acquaintance of the courts of dreams and acquired the right to display your new status and title of 'dream warrior'. Obtainable by receiving both addons of the Dream Warrior Outfits. Dream Wright 1 You have mended many a broken dream and so, the dream of Roshamuul is safely being told over and over again. Dream's Over 1 No more fear and bad dreams.

You stabbed Tormentor to death with its scythe leg. Obtainable by slaying Tormentor. Dungeon Cleaner 3 Seen it all. Done it all. Your unstoppable force swept through the dungeons and you vanquished their masters. Not to forget the precious loot you took! Now stop reading this and continue hunting! Time is money after all! Obtainable by clearing the first 3 Warzones. Dwarven Mines 1 Vast mines, an orc fortress and the magnificence of Kazordoon - you really know every corner of North-Eastern Mainland now.

Obtained by completely discovering Kazordoon including its surroundings as part of the Measuring Tibia Quest. Efreet Ally 3 Even though the Efreet welcomed you only reluctantly and viewed you as "only a human" for quite some time, you managed to impress Malor and gained his respect and trade options with the green djinns.

Elementary, My Dear 1 Through the spirit of science and exploration, you have discovered how to enter the secret hideout of the renowned Dr Merlay. Elite Hunter 5 You jump at every opportunity for a hunting challenge that's offered to you and carry out those tasks with deadly precision. Obtainable by getting the rank of Elite Hunter in the Killing in the Name of Quest , Paw and Fur Ranks.

Elven Woods 1 Tall trees, deep forests and and the beauty of Ab'Dendriel - you really know every corner of the elven lands now. Obtained by completely discovering Ab'Dendriel including its surroundings as part of the Measuring Tibia Quest. Ender of the End 5 You have entered the heart of destruction and valiantly defeated the world devourer. By your actions you have postponed the end of the world — at least for a while. Complete the Heart of Destruction Quest. Ending the Horror 2 You have cleansed the lands of many retching horrors.

You sure know how to end a bad dream: forcefully, that's how! Enter zze Draken! Obtainable by slaying Paiz the Pauperizer. Exalted Battle Mage 2 Not only did you master the battlefield as a mage, you were also induced to the most inner secrets of the art of magical warfare and prevailed.

Obtainable by getting both addons of Battle Mage Outfits. Exemplary Citizen 4 Every city should be proud to call someone like you its inhabitant. You're keeping the streets clean and help settling the usual disputes in front of the depot. Also, you probably own a cat and like hiking. Obtainable by getting both addons of Citizen Outfits. Explorer 4 You've been to places most people don't even know the names of.

Collecting botanic, zoologic and ectoplasmic samples is your daily business and you're always prepared to discover new horizons. Exquisite Taste 2 You love fish - but preferably those caught in the cold north. Even though they're hard to come by you never get tired of picking holes in ice sheets and hanging your fishing rod in.

Obtainable by catching fish through Ice Fishing. Exterminator 4 Efficient and lethal, you have gained significant experience in fighting the elite forces of the hive. Almost single-handed, you have slain the best of the Hive Born and live to tell the tale. Obtainable through repeating Kollos Killing task times Extreme Degustation 2 Almost all the plants you tested for Chartan in Zao where inedible - you tasted them all, yet you're still standing!

You should really get some fresh air now, though. Eye of the Deep 1 You didn't look into it - at least not for too long And you relieved him. Just don't tell his friend Dronk. Obtainable by helping to kill Groam. Fabled Construction 3 Finding all the pieces to this complicated vehicle was one kind of a challenge. However, what you built in the end is rather a fabled than a feeble construction. Obtained by building a Glooth Glider. Fairy Teasing 1 Teasing fairies is fun.

They leave behind such pretty clouds of glittering dust when chased. Just hope they don't get you back for it. Make Dancing Fairies disappear by using them Doooon't touch me! Falconer 2 A true beastmaster learns the language of his animal companions.

Now you as well can bolster your unique bond with nature and help preserve the balance of life as a proud falconer. Obtainable by getting the full Falconer Outfits. Fall of the Fallen 4 Have you ever wondered how he reappears again and again?

You only care for the loot, do you? Obtainable by opening Gnomevil 's reward chest 50 times. Fata Morgana 2 There are many delusions and phantasms in the desert. You saw a false oasis with fruit-bearing palm trees. Instead of water and refreshment, however, you found a dromedary in the end. What a useful Fata Morgana! Obtained by taming a Dromedary.

Fearless 1 You broke the jar of Horestis - fifty times. Either you know no fear or simply ignore it. Whatever the case, you are "fearless" indeed. Final Strike 2 The mighty Deathstrike is dead! One legend is dead and you're on your way to become one yourself. Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Deathstrike for the first time after slaying it.

Fire Devil 3 To keep the witches' fire burning, you trashed a lot of the wood the bane bringers animated. Some might find your fascination for fire Obtainable by using Dry Pieces of Wood on the slide of the Bewitched event. Note: you don't have to add your Dry Pieces of Wood during the event itself to gain the achievement. Fire Lighter 1 You have helped to keep the witches fire burning.

Just watch your fingers, it's hot! Obtainable by using one Dry Piece of Wood on the slide during the Bewitched event. Fire from the Earth 2 You've survived the Hellgorge eruption and found a way through the flames and lava. You've even managed to kill a few fireborn on the way. Obtainable for killing 50 fiery creatures in and on the Hellgore volcano during the Fire from the Earth Mini World Change.

Firefighter 2 You extinguished thornfires! You were there when the Firestarters took over Shadowthorn. You saved the day - and the home of some elves which will try to kill you nonetheless. Isn't it nice to see everything restored just as it was before..? Obtained by extinguishing fires during the Thornfire world change. Firewalker 4 Running barefoot across ember is not for you! You do it the elegant way. Yet, you're kind of drawn to fire and warm surroundings in general - you like it hot! This achievement can be gotten by walking 1,, tiles on fire while wearing Firewalker Boots.

Note that any type of fire field will work for this achievement even player-made ones as long as the fields inflict damage for the boots to block. Fireworks in the Sky 2 You love the moment right before your rocket takes off and explodes into beautiful colours - not only on new year's eve! Follower of Azerus 4 When you do something, you do it right.

You have an opinion and you stand by it - and no one will be able to convince you otherwise. On a sidenote, you're a bit on the brutal and war-oriented side, but that's not a bad thing, is it? Note: If you finish one or some missions by following Palimuth 's instructions you will get the Turncoat achievement instead. Follower of Palimuth 4 You're a peacekeeper and listen to what the small people have to say.

You've made up your mind and know who to help and for which reasons - and you do it consistently. Your war is fought with reason rather than weapons. Obtainable by completing mission 9 of In Service of Yalahar Quest when you follow all of Palimuth 's instructions. Note: If you finish one or some missions by following Yalahari NPC 's instructions you will get the Turncoat achievement instead.

Fool at Heart 3 And remember: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Obtainable by getting both addons of Jester Outfits. Forbidden Fruit 1 You could not resist the taste of the forbidden fruit. Since you don't feel changed at all, it couldn't have been that bad after all. Or could it? Obtained by eating a Forbidden Fruit. Forbidden Knowledge 1 Perhaps with so much acquired knowledge, never meant for you, you know even when to stop!

Time will tell whether this knowledge will do more harm or good. Obtained by using a Key to Knowledge on a Forbidden Tome. This won't work if you have never eaten a Forbidden Fruit. Fountain of Life 1 You found and took a sip from the Fountain of Life.

Thought it didn't grant you eternal life, you feel changed and somehow at peace. Obtainable by drinking from the fountain of life in pits of inferno 's entrance here. Free Items! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Who cares where all that stuff came from and if you had to crawl through garbage piles to get it? It's FREE! Obtainable after getting 50 items from Crates.

Fried Shrimp 2 This must be underwater love - this enormous crustacean now does thy bidding. Or maybe it's just in it for a little more of that shrimp barbecue, as that's a little hard to come by in the sea. Obtained by taming a Crustacea Gigantica. Friend of Elves 1 Kingly deer mostly prefer elves as friends and familiars.

This one, however, decided to favour you as a confidant and rider. Obtained by taming an Enraged White Deer. Friend of the Apes 4 You know Banuta like the back of your hand and are good at destroying caskets and urns. The sight of giant footprints doesn't keep you from exploring unknown areas either. Obtainable by finishing The Ape City Quest.

Funghitastic 3 Finally your dream to become a walking mushroom has come true No, wait a minute! Obtainable by completing the Soil Guardian Outfits. Gatherer 2 By killing creatures of the hive and gaining weapons for further missions, you started a quite effective way of war.

You gathered a lot of dissolved chitin to resupply the war effort. Obtainable through repeating Dissolved Chitin task 10 times. Gear Up 3 Installing that control unit was a no-brainer. Now you're in control to make it walk this way or that, or to change tack at any moment if required. Your faithful walker mount obeys your every command.

Obtained by taming a Walker. Gem Cutter 1 You cut your first gem - and it bears your own name! Now that would be a nice gift! This does not make it a "true" Heart of the Sea, however Despite the perils, you and your fellow crewmen have braved the challenge. Obtainable by finishing 1 journey in A Pirate's Death to Me. Ghostwhisperer 3 You don't hunt them, you talk to them. You know that ghosts might keep secrets that have been long lost among the living, and you're skilled at talking them into revealing them to you.

Glooth Engineer 5 Though you might have averted a dire threat for Rathleton, this relative peace may only hold for a while. At least you've scavenged an outfit from some of the poor fellows that have fallen prey to death priest Shagron. Obtained by getting the Glooth Engineer Outfits with both addons. Glooth Punk 1 Glooth is the substance that powers a whole continent and all its weird inhabitants, workshops and factories.

You travelled this strange smorgasbord of curiosities in its entirety - just in time for tea. Obtained by completely discovering Oramond including its surroundings as part of the Measuring Tibia Quest. Gnome Friend 2 The gnomes are warming up to you. One or two of them might actually bother to remember your name. You're allowed to access their gnomebase alpha. You are prepared to boldly put your big feet into areas few humans have walked before.

Gnome Little Helper 1 You think the gnomes start to like you. A little step for a Bigfoot but a big step for humanity. Obtainable by advancing to rank I in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Gnomebane's Bane 2 The fallen gnome is dead and justice served. But what was it that the gnome whispered with his last breath? He's your father??? Obtained after opening the treasure chest of Gnomevil for the first time after slaying him. Gnomelike 3 You have become a household name in gnomish society!

Your name is mentioned by gnomes more than once. Of course usually by gnomish mothers whose children refuse to eat their mushroom soup, but you are certainly making some tremendous progress. Gnomish Art Of War 3 You have unleashed your inner gnome and slain some of the most fearsome threats that gnomekind has ever faced.

Now you can come and go to the warzones as it pleases you. The enemies of gnomekind will never be safe again. Gaining permanent access to the warzones in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Go with da Lava Flow 1 You escaped the glowing hot lava death trap, Professor Maxxen has set for you - Captain Caveworm is indeed proud!

Godslayer 4 You have defeated the Snake God's incarnations and, with a final powerful swing of the snake sceptre, cut off his life force supply. The story of power, deceit and corruption has come to an end - or Obtainable by finishing the Wrath of the Emperor Quest. Gold Digger 4 Hidden treasures below the sand dunes of the desert - you have a nose for finding them and you know where to dig. They might not make you filthy rich, but they're shiny and pretty anyhow.

Obtainable by digging up scarab coins in the desert. There's a chance to dig up a scarab coin or scarab in Ankrahmun desert. For a map of exact digging squares view the Mapper near Ankrahmun and enable "high-resolution images" - grey dots usually indicate a scarab location. There is a 60 minute cooldown on each digging square.

Obtained by taming a Sandstone Scorpion. Goldhunter 2 If it wasn't for you, several banks in Tibia would've gotten bankrupt by now. Keep on chasing bank robbers and no one will have to worry about the Tibian economy! Golem in the Gears 4 You're an aspiring mago-mechanic. Science and magic work well together in your eyes - and even though you probably delivered countless wrong charges while working for Telas, you might just have enough knowledge to build your own golem now. Obtainable by completing Shadows of Yalahar Quest.

Goo Goo Dancer 1 Seeing a mucus plug makes your heart dance and you can't resist to see what it hides. Goo goo away! Obtainable by using Muck Removers on Mucus Plugs. Gravedigger 3 Assisting Omrabas' sick plan to resurrect made you dig your way through the blood-soaked halls of Drefia. Maybe better he failed! Obtained by finishing The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest.

Green Thumb 4 If someone gives you seeds, you usually grow a beautiful plant from it within a few days. You like your house green and decorated with flowers. Probably you also talk to them. Obtainable by growing fully developed flowers in Flower Pots. Tip: you can reuse pots by letting the flower in it wither to then finally water it again. The flower will return to stage 2 and can then be grown to stage 3 again. You're still a bit green behind the ears, but there's some great potential.

Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Arena Quest in the Greenhorn difficulty. Grinding Again 1 Burnt fingers and itching lungs are a small price for bringing those gnomes some lousy stone and getting almost killed! Your mother warned you to better become a farmer. Obtainable by completing the grindstone mission of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest. Gryphon Rider 3 Unmasking spies, killing demons, discovering omens, solving puzzles and fighting ogres, manticores and feral sphinxes.

Obtainable by taming a Gryphon. Guard Killer 2 You have proven that you can beat the best of the hive. You have caused first promising breaches in the defence of the hive Obtainable through repeating Kollos Killing task 10 times Guardian Downfall 4 You ended the life of over three hundred Deepling Guards. Not quite the guardian of the Deeplings, are you? Obtainable for killing Deepling Guards. Guinea Pig 2 True scientists know their equipment. Testing new inventions is essential daily work for any hard working researcher.

You showed no fear and took all the new equipment from Spectulus and Sinclair for a spin. Obtainable by making Research and Development Quest mission 2. Happy Farmer 1 Scythe swung over your shoulder, sun burning down on your back - you are a farmer at heart and love working in the fields.

Or then again maybe you just create fancy crop circles to scare your fellow men. Obtainable by cutting down wheat with a Scythe or Squeezing Gear of Girlpower. Hat Hunter 5 You sucessfully fought against all odds to protect your world from an ascending god! Complete the Ferumbras' Ascension Quest. Headache 2 Even in the deepest structures of the hive, you began to strike against the mighty foe.

Your actions probably already gave the hive a headache. Obtainable through repeating Destroy The Hive Crystals task 10 times. Heartbreaker 1 Trust? Antiquated sentiments. As long as you have fun, you do not mind stepping on lots of hearts. Preferably while wearing combat boots. While married, say marriage to one of the Marriage Officiant NPCs and tell them that your heart belongs to someone other than your marriage partner five times. Heartburn 3 Never-tiring, you attack the inner organs of the mighty hive.

Your attacks on the hive's digestion system begin to cause some trouble. Obtainable through repeating Disrupt The Hives Digestion task 50 times Herbicide 8 You're one of the brave heroes to face and defeat the mysterious demon oak and all the critters it threw in your face. Wielding your blessed axe no tree dares stand in your way - demonic or not. Obtainable by completing The Demon Oak Quest. Here, Fishy Fishy! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities.

For you, fishing is relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Obtainable by fishing Fish. Note: Ice Fishing doesn't count. Hickup 2 You have grown accustomed to frequenting the hive's stomach system. Your actions have caused the hive some first digestion problems. Obtainable through repeating Disrupt The Hives Digestion task 10 times. Hidden Powers 2 You've discovered the Ancients' hidden powers - from now on, they will aid you in your adventures. Obtainable by charging a Helmet of the Ancients with a small ruby.

High Inquisitor 5 You're the one who poses the questions around here, and you know how to get the answers you want to hear. Besides, you're a famous exorcist and slay a few vampires and demons here and there. You and your stake are a perfect team. Obtainable by finishing The Inquisition Quest. High and Dry 2 You asked Captain Charles to take a shortcut quite a few times.

Now you are all too familiar with desert islands all over Tibia. Obtainable by shipwrecking 30 times after asking for a shortcut to captain Charles you must wait 20 hours to ask for a shortcut again after shipwrecking. High-Flyer 4 The breeze in your hair, your fingers clutching the rim of your carpet - that's how you like to travel. And a looping every now and then.

Obtainable by travelling by Magic Carpet times. Tip: Edron - Darashia is the cheapest route: 40 gp per trip 30 gp if you have done the Postman Quest. Hippofoddermus 1 You did the hippo population of Kilmaresh a great favour. A well-fed hippo is a happy hippo. Obtainable by feeding Hippos with Reed Balls around Kilmaresh. His True Face 3 You're one of the few Tibians who Armenius chose to actually show his true face to - and he made you fight him.

Either that means you're very lucky or very unlucky, but one thing's for sure - it's extremely rare. There's a small chance of getting this achievement while talking to Armenius during mission 3 of the Blood Brothers Quest : if you're lucky, he teleports you to his basement.

This can also happen when entering the bar after completing the mission. Hissing Downfall 2 You've vansquished the Noxious Spawn and his serpentine heart. Obtainable by slaying The Noxious Spawn. Hive Blinder 4 You have put a lot of time and energy into keeping the hive unaware of what is happening on Quirefang. The hive learnt to fear your actions. It would surely crush you with all its might Obtainable through repeating Antenna Blinding task times. Hive Fighter 1 You have participated that much in the hive war, that you are able to create some makeshift armor from the remains of dead hive born that can be found in the major hive, to show of your skill.

Hive Infiltrator 3 The most powerful warriors of the hive were killed by you by the dozens. The hive is not safe anymore because of your actions. Obtainable through repeating Kollos Killing task 50 times. Hive War Veteran 1 Your invaluable experience in fighting the hive allows you to add another piece of armor to your chitin outfit to prove your dedication for the cause.

Hoard of the Dragon 1 Your adventurous way through countless dragon lairs earned you a pretty treasure - and surely the enmity of many a dragon. Homebrewed 1 Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum - homebrewed, of course, made from handpicked and personally harvested sugar cane plants. Now, let it age in an oak barrel and enjoy it in about 10 years.

Or for the impatient ones: Let's have a paaaarty right now! Honest Finder 1 You've stopped the bank robber and returned the bag full of gold. Good to know there are still lawful Tibians like you around. Honorary Barbarian 1 You've hugged bears, pushed mammoths and proved your drinking skills. And even though you have a slight hangover, a partially fractured rib and some greasy hair on your tongue, you're quite proud to call yourself a honorary barbarian from now on.

Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Test Quest. Honorary Gnome 4 You accomplished what few humans ever will: you truly impressed the gnomes. This might not change their outlook on humanity as a whole, but at least you can bathe in gnomish respect! And don't forget you're now allowed to enter the warzones!

Honorary Witch 4 Your efforts in fighting back the banebringers has not gone unnoticed. You are a legend amongst the witches and your name is whispered with awe and admiration. Obtainable by throwing ingredients into the witches cauldron during the Bewitched event. Howly Silence 1 You muted the everlasting howling of Hemming. Obtainable by killing Hemming. Hunting Permit 1 You have fully unlocked your very first monster in the cyclopedia.

Obtainable by fully unlocking any monster in the Cyclopedia. Hunting with Style 6 At daytime you can be found camouflaged in the woods laying traps or chasing big game, at night you're sitting by the campfire and sharing your hunting stories. You eat what you hunted and wear what you skinned. Life could go on like that forever. Obtainable by getting both addons of Hunter Outfits.

Huntsman 2 You're familiar with hunting tasks and have carried out quite a few already. Obtainable by getting the rank of Huntsman in the Killing in the Name of I Did My Part 2 Your world is lucky to have you! You don't hesitate to jump in and help when brave heroes are called to save the world.

Obtainable by taking part in a world quest. Rise of Devovorga : by entering portal to any sub-boss room. Lightbearer : by using the statue of Fafnar in the reward room.


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Топик моему betting calculator boxing это

Getting banned from soft bookmakers is going to happen whichever way you choose to make money from them. The popularity of matched betting has exploded in the last few years and with good reason. Matched betting is probably one the best and easiest ways to generate a good second income online. It involves taking advantage of bookmaker offers to guarantee a profit much like arbitrage. I have covered matched betting in a lot more detail in this article below. Bookmakers will stop giving you promotions eventually.

But as discussed before this is what happens when you become a profitable sports bettor. So there you have 3 proven betting systems that are currently working in Which should also prove be profitable in the long term. Each of these betting systems involve exploiting soft bookmakers. This is really the best way to start making money from the sports betting markets and allows you to build up a nice trading bankroll or good second income. One proven betting strategy that you might not know is reacting quickly to team news.

Odds can rapidly change on the basis of team news. If you have a good knowledge of the teams that are playing, t hen you will often be able to secure yourself a value bet. Here is a good example of how odds can change when a teams lineup is announced. In this example I have highlighted the point at which team news was announced. Arsenal announced a weaker side then expected, from this news the odds on Arsenal drifted quite significantly before the game started.

If you were familiar with the teams and reacted to the information you would have been able to secure yourself a value bet on Standard Liege. This is a really effective strategy and if you have access to betting exchanges you can secure yourself a profit before the game even starts. Here are two videos which explain this strategy in more detail. Which betting systems have you found to work best? Are there any that are missing from this list?

Let me know in the comments below. Does nost of your profit on Value betting come from odds monkey, manual value bets or Bookie bashing? Its a combination of all three. Usually try and get odds between 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Compare tennis with football data for a moment.

Even with only two players competing in tennis, a lot of you find it difficult to create a profitable tennis betting system. Football games would be 10 times harder to predict with now 22 players running up and down on the pitch. Who say that it is not valid for football predictions? Do you question its profitability? Since nobody, most probably, has done such a thing, who could be so sure as to reject a simple betting system like that?

The player buys a betting system online and simply follow the tips suggested by the system. Therefore, this betting system could not possibly be something so simple, like the system mentioned before, could it? For sure, the predictions must derive from a huge database with endless lines and columns in a spreadsheet. Their only goal: to update the database with the latest news. There comes a time though, that you need to build your own betting system. Less is more! Sign in. Log into your account.

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